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xxx. [07 Jan 2005|08:37pm]
you can find me here:
vintage rock

come and visit me!

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Christmas money, and skittles gum. [29 Dec 2004|01:49pm]
i just got back from blowing all of my christmas money on random things. i got a really awesome bright blue coat. and a new retro purse. and some skittles gum. a CD. a couple books. some shoe laces. and some jeans. i went to borders yesterday also and got a great and terrible beauty by libba bray. supposed to be pretty good.

hmm. i like skittles.

i have to babysit on new year's eve. how sucky is that?
but at least i get money!

whoooo! more money.
i really need a job.
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You drain me dry and make me wonder why I'm even here.. [26 Dec 2004|08:54pm]
well, i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas [or whatever you celebrate]. i did. i went up to my grandparents' house for christmas eve and day, then we left this morning. we opened presents from my grandparents and my aunts/uncles on christmas eve. when we got home this morning we opened the presents from my parents. i got some pretty awesome stuff.. including a new hair straightner [ceramic]. it works really well. i love it.

anyway, i got the star wars trilogy!
that is happiness.

i hope to post pictures tomorrow.
mostly of random-ness and presents.
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christmas eve eve. [23 Dec 2004|04:04pm]
it's official. my christmas shopping is finally over! hah. i am such a procrastinator. it is the day before christmas eve and i just finished my shopping. i had to go out and get my brothers something. so i ended up getting them king arthur because i wanted it too, so it's like a gift for me too. hah. so horrible i know. i don't know what they got me.. because i didn't tell them what i even wanted.

you know what i hate? when they don't show new episodes of tv shows during the holiday season. i mean, i don't want to watch re-runs just because it is in the middle of the holidays. geeze. that just errks me.

i love johnny depp.
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kayla's return. [22 Dec 2004|02:41pm]
so. i have decided to return to my livejournal once again. how long will i stay this time? it is way too soon to tell. anyway, i am horribly sorry that i stayed away that long! school and orchestra have pretty much taken over my life. not to mention christmas! i have started knitting, and i was knitting scarves and had absolutely no time at all. man. life has taken over.

well. i changed my icon and layout. i have fallen in love with yet another tv show. lost. it is the greatest. so, my icon reflects that.

guess what i got for christmas from my two great friends?! first.. my favourite movie: the princess bride, and second.. another wonderful movie: edward scissorhands! no wonder they are my friends. i love them to death for getting me those movies. i have been watching them over and over again since i got them last friday. i just watched edward scissorhands again this morning. never gets old. and johnny depp did an awesome job as edward.

anyway. i guess i will leave you. more later. i'm glad to be back, by the way.
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[16 Aug 2004|04:47pm]
new layout, new icon, new colors!

i have to start school on wednesday.
blech. i really don't want to go back. but, then i kinda do.
it's complicated.

i am in an icon-making mood.
so, i am off to do that.

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[16 Aug 2004|02:33pm]
hmm. maybe i should update?

later! i promise!

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[08 Aug 2004|01:11pm]
wow. sorry i have kinda been idle these last couple of days and i haven't had time to post since i got back from my grandparents'.

anyway, i had a pretty good time there. i really liked hanging out with my only girl cousin on that side of the family. she is my age, so we always have fun together. plus, we never get to see each other except in the summer because she lives in colorado and i live in kansas. but, we sometimes get to see each other for christmas and other holidays.. so it's cool. plus, we email each other back and fourth.

i went to a friend's house on friday night and stayed over. we went and saw little black book. it was a cute movie. funny at times, and then a little cheesy at others. but, all in all it was a pretty good movie. i liked it. after the movie, we drove to the gas station by my friend alli's house and loaded up on candy and pop. i stayed up the entire night, i could not fall asleep. we played mario party on alli's gamecube. then, watched save the last dance and the bourne identity. didn't get to finish the bourne identity though. it was four in the morning when we started watching it, and we figured we should actually try to go to sleep. i need to rent that movie, so i can go see the bourne supremecy

and then, yesterday my family and i went and saw the village for my brother's birthday. it was a pretty good movie. it started out really good but then the twist kinda made it a little weird. i really liked the love story between lucius hunt (joaquin phoenix) and ivy walker (bryce dallas howard). it was really cute.

well.. i need to go to the video store to see if the bourne identity is in so i can finish it!
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[15 Jul 2004|09:09pm]
well. i am leaving on saturday for two weeks for my grandparent's house. so, don't miss me too much. this will probably be my last post before i leave because we are going to a movie tomorrow, and tomorrow night i have to watch the new disney channel original movie. (dork. = me.)

anyway, i have a really bad sunburn on my face.. also i just put up new icons on my icon journal. (_tornsweater)

and, that's about it!
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[12 Jul 2004|07:05pm]
got back from my friend alli's house yesterday. i went there on friday to help babysit one of our orchestra teacher's daughters. then, i spent the night at her house. i hadn't seen her since june something! so, i had a lot of fun. we stayed up practically all night. we watched the rest of dogma since i had started it at her house but we never got to finish it. then, we watched the lizzie mcguire movie and a whole bunch of full house episodes until we finally fell asleep.

then on saturday, was when she was going to have her birthday party so we hung out and went to king arthur until it was time. (i'll talk about king arthur and how good it was later..) for her birthday party we all went bowling which was a lot of fun because i hadn't been bowling in forever. then we came home and watched donnie darko.. which i just fell in love with.. hence the icon that i just made. anyway, i had tons of fun. =D

okay, so about king arthur. one word= lancelot. yep. throughout the entire movie, i was just falling in love with lancelot. <3

and, donnie darko.. everyone should see that movie. especially if you are a fan of jake gyllenhaal. yep. just lovely. =D
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[08 Jul 2004|05:40pm]
hey, can't really post right now.. have to go to a soccer game but i just wanted to let everyone know that i moved my icon journal to: _tornsweater!
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[06 Jul 2004|02:23pm]
well, i had an uneventful fourth of july. but, we did shoot off fireworks. i pretty much just did that and then watched the dead zone. it was fun, though! =D

also, i just opened an icon journal! go and visit: _tornsweaterx!
i just added three james dean icons..
i'm a little obsessed right at the moment.

just a little quote:
"dream as you'll live forever. live as you'll die today."

-james dean
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[04 Jul 2004|08:26pm]
well, as i am waiting for it to get dark outside so we can start lighting up our fireworks.. i guess i will post about my adventures.

adventures? yeah, right.

but, i did go out to pretty much every fireworks place out here just to find one that would take credit cards. it was an adventure. finally found one that took them. and, bought some fireworks for tonight.

i am also going to try and take pictures of some of the ones we shoot off and some of our neighbor's fireworks because, they always have some pretty cool ones.

oh yes, i also got a new icon thanks to (somethingwickd) nawal! and, i created a layout around it. isn't it the hotness? i am looking for a tobey mcguire one to complete my spiderman obsession right now... but until then, looking at daniel radcliffe won't be so bad. =D
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[03 Jul 2004|05:59pm]
well. i just got back from seeing a wonderful movie called... spiderman 2. i am sure that all of you have heard of it. well, go and see it! it absolutely amazing. way better than the first. =D go now! go on..!

i am doing amazingly better after my little "break-up". mostly because of all of my wonderful online friends. you guys are amazing. thanks! =D i love you guys. and, my best-offline friend got back in town last night and called me. we are going to do something soon, so that will definatly cheer me up. =D

well, until tomorrow.
hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of july!
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[02 Jul 2004|01:02pm]
changed the site around a tad. it took me forever to figure out how to make the border... =D

anyway, i have to get out of this house! i am going insane.
there is nothing to do.

my best guy friend that i was dating called last night, and told me that i could "see other people". isn't that great? i feel wonderful.

someone cheer me up.
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[30 Jun 2004|09:16am]
you know, i think i am addicted to that new show summerland. does anyone agree with me? i absolutely love it. anyway, that was totally random...

well, i had to use all day yesterday to search for a new host for my website because the one that i had got her account suspended. and, i figured it was time for a new host anyway because the one that i had never even recognized me as her hostee. i mean she never even put my url under her hostee page. bleh. anyway, i hope i found a new hostess.

the summer is really starting to bore me. i have no friends in town. my friend alli is in kansas city having fun at world's of fun. my friend kaitlin is in cincinati (or however you spell it) with her sister having fun and doing tons of shopping because that is kaitlin. ben is god only knows where on vacation with his family and i have no idea when any of them are coming home. i am actually counting down the days until i go back to school and i can see all of my friends everyday. i love that. i mean, i hate the whole "school" thing but i love that i can see my friends every single day.

well, geeze. i am still in my pajamas and i need to eat breakfast. so i bid you farewell.. until.. well, until whenever i post again!
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[27 Jun 2004|07:43pm]
howdy! i'm back! i know, i didn't tell ya that i was going to be leaving for kansas city on friday... but, there ya go. i told you!

anyway, i got my haircut on wednesday. i will be sure to post pictures when i get them up on my computer.

well, i can talk long now.. my mom has movies that we are supposedly going to watch soon so i will post tomorrow.

until then..
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[22 Jun 2004|01:44pm]
stole this off of prec1ous_g0llum's site!

thirteen random things you like:
01) this stupid surveys
02) singing at the top of my lungs when no one is home
03) shopping for shoes
04) typing
05) taking pictures of random things
06) puppies
07) daniel radcliffe
08) aol instant messanger
09) Lord of the Rings
10) Harry Potter
11) watching "made-for-tv" movies
12) surfing the net
13) reading

twelve good movies:
1) All of Lord of the Rings
2) All Harry Potter films
3) X-Men movies
4) Moulin Rouge
5) Titanic
6) My Big Fat Greek Wedding
7) Secret Window
8) The Breakfast Club
9) Zoolander
10) Bridget Jones
11) Peter Pan
12) Chicago

eleven good bands/artists:
01) Dido
02) Alanis Morissette
03) Blink 182
04) The Eagles
05) Queen
07) The Strokes
08) The Sex Pistols
09) Maroon 5
10) Avril Lavigne
11) All-American Rejects

ten things about you ... physically:
01) I'm pretty short.
02) I have really curly hair.
03) I have small ears.
04) I have few freckles.
05) I have a little scar below my left eye.
06) I have blue eyes.
07) I have extremely short fingernails.. because I bite them.
08) I get a lot of bruises.
09) I have really skinny/long toes.
10) I have pierced ears.

nine things that annoy you:
01) Arwen!
02) My two younger brothers.
03) Really stupid commercials, including any car advertisement.
04) People who think they are better than everyone else.
05) Bratty children that I have to babysit for.
06) The violin.
07) Rudeness.
08) Britney Spears. Especially when they name her the #1 teen idol.
09) The cheerleaders at my school.

eight favorite foods/drinks:
01) Mashed potatoes.
02) Pancakes.
03) Chinese food.
04) Pizza, with tons of cheese.
05) Anything having to do with chocolate.
06) Mozzarella sticks.
07) Breadsticks.
08) Candy.

seven things you wear daily:
01) Underwear.
02) Shoes
03) Slippers, my purple ones.
04) Sometimes socks.
05) Pants.
06) Shirt.
07) My big white chunky ring.

six good friends:
01) Alli
02) Kaitlin
03) Ben
04) Lindsey
05) Amber
06) Aubrie

five things you touch everyday:
01) Toothbrush/Toothpaste
02) Hairbrush
03) Purse
04) Cell phone
05) Computer

four shows you watch:
01) Gilmore Girls
02) Everwood
03) Summerland
04) Will & Grace

three celebrities you have a crush on:
01) Elijah Wood
02) Daniel Radcliffe
03) Jake Gyllenhall

two people on lj that you have kissed:
01) None.
02) " "

one person you could spend the rest of your life with:
01) I couldn't say right now. Ask me later.
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long vacation.. [21 Jun 2004|07:20pm]
blah. lost intrest in livejournal there for a while. i'm back.

i got a horrible sunburn today on my back from swimming without putting on sunscreen. yep, who's the smart one? that would be me. i also have a little red on my face now too.

every sunburn as a child increases her chances of getting skin cancer as an adult.


well, at least i actually learn something from those commercials.

better get going. i'll post tomorrow.
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secret window. [26 Mar 2004|04:22pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

okay, so i have opened a new graphix journal! please go (check) it out!

well, in a few minuets i will be leaving for the secret window, with my friend alli!

more later.

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