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20 October
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i like cookies.snakes scare me.i love the color lime green.im a sucker for bad boys.when i fall for someone, i fall hard.i dont deal with anybodys bullshit.im a big bitch.i hate sluts."guess who" is my favorite movie.i like the used.i listen to country music. im up for anything. im a dare devil. ive been in love before. im addicted to AIM. i love the summer.i dont regret anything.i dont sugar coat anything.if i couldnt laugh, id die.i like american eagle.i wish i could skateboard.jessica simpson is my idol.i have more then 3 best friends.i miss my home town.screaming music scares me.i think it would be cool to be omish.i wanna be a teacher.i love my dad.i gossip.im not afaid to kick someones ass. i hate people that judge me.if you dont like what i do, then dont be my friend.i think honesty is most important.im crazy.i love food.i love it when its sunny outside.i hate chocolate. and last, no one can change me.