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mon chou chou

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orange doll - 18 and broken lyrics [
2am on 8/22/05]
橘娃娃-> 成員:Bass/黃米柚(現在的Bass手是柚子) Drums/被他 Guitar&Vocal/哇嘛

曲:Wama | 詞:被他 | 編:
嘴巴叨著煙的十八碎 正走過人生的某個界線
煙燒盡燙到手的感覺 是怎麼痛到胸口裡面

我也不想要這麼狼狽 我脫離不了一大片疲倦
帶我飛向痛苦的邊緣 快樂的世界離我好遠




What happened to Orange Doll? They came out with this cute song and dissapeared. :(
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Chinese Indies and some good stuff! [
2am on 8/15/05]
I have compiled a big list of some of the songs I like from indie and less known artist/bands from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Many of the songs are pretty good and I really like them. The ones I picked are, I feel, the best songs from each of them. Please let me know what you think of them. I love discussions on stuff like this but I don't mind just seeing "thank yous" too. It lets me know you guys are interested in this kind of stuff. Anyways, engjoy!

run little rabbit run!Collapse )
Up until the files expires. Please comment if you download and please let me know what you think.
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lemongalaxy [
3pm on 7/2/05]
If you like the kind of music that I put up, also check out my friend's lj music journal: lemongalaxy.

She's also nicer than me so...go check her out! :P Please treat her good! <3

Also, I went to a used japanese book/music store yesterday and I got 20 CDs of j-music. Hopefully I will find some time to upload some tracks for you from the CDs. :D It's mostly old stuff but stuff I wanted to get when I was in Uni but couldn't afford because spending $33 on a CD was way beyond my budget. >_<

This song is dedicated to lemongalaxy because she is so awesome! <3

fufufufu~ <3

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Shortcut Miffy! - Nina


nina is coming back to me again
I've been waiting for you

the way you smile
the way you talk

I've been waiting for you
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