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Fate . . . Destiny . . . Val . . . - __wolverine__

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September 24th, 2004

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04:02 am - Fate . . . Destiny . . . Val . . .
LA Weekly: Page 42. Turn to it. It's brief but worth it; and may just allay your fears that Mr. Kilmer has gone off the deep end ;-). At any rate, there are a couple of perceptive gems in this interview, including this, at the close:

"So as recently as last year, having been in Baghdad, you're reading the Bible, which our government is constantly invoking...

"I'm not surprised by our government, which had a dubious beginning, starting with whether or not he was really elected president... Not to be self-serving, I think why The Ten Commandments is so valuable is that everyone knows, deep in their heart, knows that we need to obey the law, and the law is protection, and all these geniuses [the Founding Fathers] designed laws to apply reason and conscience to protect us from ourselves – those guys were rich too, they owned 70 percent of the country, but they devised this set of laws...And now there's a responsibility we have, because of our power, we should be more cautious...I kind of feel sorry for George. He really just wants to be commissioner of baseball, poor guy, and they keep asking him all these difficult questions. I get this very strong sense that it's a very tight ship and that the president is the spokesperson for the few people who are running the thing. That's no secret."

Ah, the smell of intelligence in the morning...
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