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Subterranean Hip
-This is a rating community that urges you to be yourself. Your REAL personality is key, and is the only way to get stamped.
-Our stamping process is based on your opinions. Likes and dislikes are another way to get a feel for you, but you will not be judged solely on your interests.
- We won't judge you on looks. You are not required to post a photo with your application.
- Join subterraneanhip today!


-add me
-My Space...hmm add me!
-proably won't add you

Promote your communities here. But read below first!
-Tell me why I should join.
-Tell me where you found me.
-DO NOT do it anonymously.
-If you promote your community once and I don't join, do not feel the need to promote again, because chances are I do not care.
-If you promote anywhere else in my journal I will delete it and mark it as spam.
-If your community is a stupid teen beauty rating community I will delete it and mark as spam.
-If I think your community is gross I'll delete the promotion and mark it as spam.
-And last and MOST IMPORTANT...make sure I can get in. Because if I can't I will mark this as spam.

So join it!