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Rainbow Skies

you'll always be beautiful in my eyes

22 May
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♥ Cordelia Chase ♥
23 | Vision-Gal | Dead

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Formerly of Sunnydale, California, Cordelia was rich, popular and shallow, Queen of Her Domain and Ruler of All Things Sunnydale High-ish until the day she realized vampires were real and geeks were, apparently, marginally cooler than they'd ever been before.

For three years Cordelia fought alongside Buffy Summers (okay, sometimes reluctantly but who's keeping score?) and her rag-tag bunch of tweako-friends, occasionally stepping in and breaking a nail to save the day...

Fast forward to Los Angeles where Cordelia is now Vision-Girl, a Champion in her own right and fighter of all things evilish alongside her vampire best friend and boss, Angel. Hey, who says life is easy?


My Cordelia can be found in a variety of sadly dead games below. *woe!* I just recently got back into playing my snark-filled, vision-having, favourite-character ever...

I am open to pretty much most ships and can be hit up via PM if you'd like to pursue a storyline with the fair Cordelia.

My Cordelia is Canon up until the end of Angel S5. I have not read the comics, nor do I pretend to know what happened there, though I will play Cordelia at most any point up to that.

Mun and Muse are both over 18. =)