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You can't fire me, I'm Vision-Girl.

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About The Character:

Cordelia Chase
Date of Birth: May 22nd
Primary Residence: Los Angeles
Hometown: Sunnydale

Brief History: Cordelia Chase is an agent of the Powers That Be. She attended Sunnydale High School as a teenager, where she was a popular cheerleader known for her standoffish "Queen C" personality and attitude. Since the school was situated on a Hellmouth, Cordelia also became familiar with demons and mystical occurrences, even helping to fight them (on occasion... and mostly? It was begrudged.)

After graduating high school, Cordelia moved to Los Angeles where she joined supernatural detective agency Angel Investigations and gained the power of the visions. These visions gave Cordelia great insight into the pain of others, stripping her of her selfishness and forging her into a dedicated and powerful warrior in the fight against evil.

Timeframe: This Cordelia can be played from any time-frame - be it BTVS, to ATS, to beyond (and yes, that's the real beyond. The--eek!--Dead Beyond. Mostly, she prefers to not be dead though. Contact Mun Lady for possible versions of Cordelia and we'll work something out. ;)
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Permissions Post

CHARACTER NAME: Cordelia Chase
CHARACTER SERIES: Angel the Series / Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Backtagging: Absolutely! :)
Threadhopping: Sure!
Fourthwalling: Uhm, nope.
Offensive subjects: I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to myself and Visiongal. However, if you think it's something I'm likely to have a problem with, feel free to message me and we'll talk! :)


Hugging this character: Sure, Cordelia likes hugs. Providing she knows you, of course. Otherwise, she might look at you a little weird.
Kissing this character: If you're planning on just planting one on her in the street? She's probably gonna sock you somewhere. And it'll hurt. If she knows you and there's been flirtage? She won't mind. ;)
Flirting with this character: Always. Cordelia is a natural born flirt.
Fighting with this character: If you must. Be warned, though, she's pretty sufficient in hand-to-hand combat and using a broadsword thanks to training with Angel.
Injuring this character: If the storyline calls for it then sure, she can be hurt. Nothing that scars or maims without the permission of the Mun though, k? ;)
Killing this character: A definite no-no. One death is enough for VisionGal, thank you very much.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Uh, sure. She might leave you with a headache though! *G*

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