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belle coeur

if only it would stop bleeding for you

13 June
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a static lullaby, accents, adam brody, alcohol, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, american history x, anti-flag, aqua teen hunger force, armor for sleep, atreyu, audioslave, autumn, blood brothers, bob dylan, brand new, c.s.i., camping, cheap jewelry, chinese food, cigarettes, coffee, coheed and cambria, cuddling, cursive, damian kulash, david bowie, dead poetic, desaparecidos, detroit, diy, dream theatre, emo, erotica, everquest, fahrenheit 451, fall out boy, family guy, films, final fantasy, flip flops, france, français, fugazi, glassjaw, good charlotte, graham norton effect, hellogoodbye, history class, hoodies, horror, horror films, hot hot heat, hugs, imagination, indie, ireland, jack johnson, jack off jill, jake gyllenhaal, jim morrison, kissing, less than jake, lip rings, local shows, long conversations, lord of the rings, love letters, lynard skynard, make believe, mars volta, mixed tapes, modest mouse, mountain dew, musicals, nintendo, norma jean, ok go, outkast, photography, pink, ps2, queen, rain, requiem for a dream, saves the day, sean astin, senses fail, seth cohen, sewing, sex, siouxsie & the banshees, ska, skanking, soundgarden, stickers, strike anywhere, sugarcult, sundays, sunny day real estate, swimming, talking, texas chainsaw massacre, the cure, the early november, the locust, the o.c., the pixies, the starting line, the talking heads, the velvet underground, the weakerthans, thrice, thrift stores, thunderstorms, thursday, tim burton, tsunami bomb, underoath, vampires, vintage, violent femmes, weezer, writing, writing letters, yellowcard, zao, ,