.. I'd rather have lilies on my table than diamonds on my neck ..

20 June
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i cry easily &i love midnight drives. i love my bestest friend in the whole wide world! jess my second lover i can't get enough. BF4L! i'm 'daddys little girl'. i worry a lot &&sometimes i don't speak my mind. i can be shy, but than once you get to know me its a bit different. i believe in second chances &&forgiving but not forgetting. music is my antidrug, michelle aslyn &&lindsay get me through life. i love ice cream &&chinese food, i hate trying new things. working at the disney store &&kohls. currently not in school but my heart is set on endicott college.

I have ambitions to be a famous singer, &&dazzle the world with my extraordinary vocal talents. I love Harry Potter to the point it makes me cry cuz i have read all the books like 20 times. I have this insane addiction for magic, hence the harry potter &&loving charmed. I'm totally obsessed with coffee &&chai, the only things that will help me see colors. I am in love with love. I love psychological movies, i have insomnia. I don't think before I act or speak, yet who does?

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the bonds we have are everlasting
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