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You Drew a Moon

and now you missed the day

20 October
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Sometimes, I think people take me too seriously.

"Being a dad has kept me out of trouble and made me focus on the important things in life, which is of course my son. Henry has definately given me some perspective.."

"One thing a teacher did once -- I still have the drawing -- was sort of disturbing. It was an assignment to make a drawing with pencil and crayon and it was pretty complicated. It's in the woods and Little Red Riding Hood is meeting this wolf and there are flowers and different shades of green. ... And it has written on it in red ink, "Very poor." ... To judge any drawing by a kid and say that is not necessary. There are more constructive ways of making your point. Art is a very subjective thing. To deface the piece of work by writing on it is unforgivable."

"Those bonds of friendship will last forever. We spent a lot of time in New Zealand. It was tough. We got sick, we were tired. But we had each other to lean on. That's what it's all about."