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My mind keeps wondering off to thoughts about him, I have to remind myself of the things he's done & how things despite being amazing were also shit. It hurts & I feel so lonely, but I can't go back there. I hate him for doing what he did, he's the reason why we're not together & I can't forgive him for that.

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I have a week till uni & I still haven't done my summer brief.
I can't believe how stuck I am on it. What the crap can I do for my 'perfect partner' I keep thinking a shopping partner, which I may just go with, but could sound extremely lame.

Any one feeling creative with ideas?

I tend to over think these things when I should really just get on with it with a straight forward approach.


I'm spending way too much money on health and beauty cosmetics. I can't help it anymore, there was once a time when I thought it was a waste of money, but now, my feet unconciously take me to Benefit and MAC counters and into Lush too many times.

Mind you... my hair is in need of a treat and my face is getting appauling, so that's my excuse.

Yesterday after work, I intended on meeting up with TJ, getting my mum a birthday present and heading off home, instead, whilst waiting for TJ to get to the metro centre I went into Lush, Boots (but resisted Benefit), and then House of Fraser, but didn't resist MAC.

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He went home 3 hours ago and I already miss him =( I fell straight to sleep with him again and didn't find myself waking up unable to go back to sleep, I love falling asleep with him, it's amazing. We got a little carried away, but I stopped both of us, I'm wanting to take this one slowly, I don't want to rush into anything, despite being unofficial for about a month and feeling like we've been together more than just two weeks, I really want to go slowly and let everything happen when it does.

He's so cute, and seems to be the boy I've always wrote about. He tells me he misses me, thinks about me, has surprises for me, gives me a Cruel Intentions soundtrack CD because I said I always loved the song at the end. Tells me I look beautiful/sexy, even when I've just woken up, asks me where it hurts when I'm ill and kisses me there, and makes me laugh, we act like such goofs at times.

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heh, he looks weird here.

the other day..richard and I keep having pic message wars...weird, I know
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Again nothing personal, just a bit of a spring winter cleaning:

__sourcurls & xox____o
_arcadefire & startheart - Amy I know that's no longer your lj,could you just take me off pls =)
fashionxsense - hun you don't seem to update anymore =\
maryhadalanb - I don't know who you are =\
kisskisssalute - Don't know who you are
lanternoriental - Again, don't know who you are.

Nella, Lea & Stacy could you take me off your older ones pls? =)

I think that's everything.
If you don't think you should be on the list then comment, I've mostly gone off people who didn't comment on the last entry.

Also does anyone know how the hell to get people you don't know and don't have added back off your lsit totally if they won't do it theirselves?


Although I've been busy and haven't commented a lot, I have tried to catch up with everyone's journals.

However, I know there's a few people on my list that don't seem to have any interest in me or mine what so ever. Sooo, if you want to stay on my list, please comment, if not I'll take you off. The obvious people are going to stay put forever =p but others, comment if you want to stay ljfriends with me, don't comment and I will delete you.

I'm just trying to organise stuff, nothing personal.