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My thoughts on Victoria's Secret.

ABTF is usually not a fan of Victoria's Secret, and understandably so; their measurement guide is very wrong.
They take your band measurement by measuring ABOVE your bust. It's ludicrous! You don't wear the band of a bra above your bust, so why would you use that measurement?
If I use their calculator (above bust 37 rounded to 36, around bust 41), my size is a 36DD! The band is 4 inches too big, and 4 cup sizes too small.
If I put my correct measurements into their calculator, it says "we're having trouble finding your size". And I'm used to that. I'm used to having to shop at specialty boutiques or online, because the big brick and mortar stores carry limited size ranges.
If you are in Victoria's Secret size range, great! Have at it. They have cute stuff. But please don't get measured by them. It will be wrong, until they STOP measuring the band size above the bust.
80-90% of support comes from the band of the bra, and there is no way I could be supported wearing a band 4 inches too big.

It frustrates me that VS is trying to fit people into bras that don't fit, just to make a sale.
If you don't carry the customers size, just TELL THEM. Even better, direct them to a store that does have a larger size range.

I'm really not trying to shit all over VS. Like I said, if you're in their size range, that's great! I'm sized out of their bras, but I do buy their underwear.
My issue with them is their measurement method is wrong, and so many people are misinformed because of it. Shocking as it may sound, cups sizes do go above DDD!

Right, that's enough ranting for today. ;)


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