It's just another story,

just another drug.

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writing, reading beat poetry on roof tops, contemplating jazz, making music, drawing, painting, knitting, saying inappropriate things loudly, music, bass, guitar, coffee, cigarettes, vampires, Finland, Finnish boys, Finnish bands, Finnish boys in Finnish bands, writing, drawing, mosh pits, and open-minded people.

Music is everything to me.
I have the best friends in the world.
I wish I was a Beat poet.
I have a love affair with bubble gum and aviators.
Some people call me a writer, but I don't think I've earned the title yet.
Coffee and cigarettes were made for each other.
I'm not much of an artist but I try.
I want to live in the ocean.
When I love, I love.
Nothing is coincidence.

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I love new people, so don't be shy.


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