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our wills and fates do so contrary run that our devices still are overthrown;

our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own.

these are the dustbowl days
31 August 1989
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Christ Wold, a farmer near Poskin Lake, committed suicide by deliberately blowing off his head with dynamite. He placed a quantity of the explosive in a hole in the ground, laid his head over it and touched the fuse, exclaiming,
"Here I go and the Lord go with me."

1984, 50%off all halloween items, 89 cent slushees, a clockwork orange, ab fab, accordions: fast-track to cool, airships that never arrive, annie leibovitz, anything overly dramatic, art (overrated or not), b-horror for five dollars, bailing out on plans, bands thatdon't really exist, bands with (possiblymultiple) banjos, barnes&noble's used section, being commonsense in acountrydress, bk toto, black and white photography, black books, blatant mismatching, botched sexual innuendos, bourgeoisie and the proletariats, brain damage films (isreallyawesomelybad), brave new world, cabaret, candide, constantly high-fiving everyone always, constantlywanting tokick myown ass, continuing to use cds, crab scrambly, cynicism, dandies, david bowie, david eugene edwards, die ponie party, doing everything in askirt, double tennatation, doublethink, dr.what dr.when dr.where dr.why, dreams mixed with nostalgia, dressing like a couch, dylan moran, dystopias, eating self-loathing for breakfast, edward gorey, emmet otter's jugband christmas, exploiting the masses, explosive miscarriage, failingat thecharleston butdoing itanyway, fear and loathing, from bauhaustobauhaus: a historyofgoth, fucking!at the fallout disco?, gaius baltar:math enthusiast/badass mc, god bless lili st.cyr, hamlet, hating tom from myspace, i ♥ andi sexgang, i feel sick, i hate john milton, i'm billhicks andi'm deadnow, in-the-closet nerdiness, it's always slushee season, jay munly, jesus christ superstar, jhonen vasquez, john lennon drowned kittens, johnny cash, johnny the homicidal maniac, jonathan richman, kafka kafé, kickingpeople inthehead fromatopmy pennyfarthing, laughably angstful teenage poetry, lemony snicket, les miserables, lolita, love blood and rhetoric, lucas lanthier, lux interior, memorizing songs really fast, mods and their vespas, movies withno production value, mr.sullivan's "advanced" "photography" "class", my soulmate (was aborted), myinability to be shocked, mystery science theater 3000, naming my friends' autobiographies, nick cave, not supporting local music, oldschool sesame street, optimistic pessimism, pacolopan, passionately hating ipods, patti smith, pg-13 "horror", photography, pippin, poetry, poop and existential poop, pop-culture, pseudo-intellectual sundays, ralph steadman, reading, really really bad movies, really really good movies, rik mayall, rosencrantz&guildenstern are dead, sally mann, saws as musical instruments, scifi knitters, scifi original movies, shakespeare, sharksvs.zombies in epic underwaterbattles, shows that don't suck, slowly downward, squee!, stanley donwood, starting/spreading international rumors, stereotypes, studded belt booths, sweeney todd, taking clue waytoo seriously, tangerine-flavored altoids, tastelessly gory horror flicks, terry gilliam, the bell jar, the glass is half-empty, the hunger, the inevitable zombie apocolypse, the little prince, the marquis de sade, the secret garden, the virgin suicides, the young ones, theearthisnotacolddeadplace, theworld is quiet here, thom yorke, titus, todd solondz, tommy, tv on the internet, two-tone ska goddammit, unauthorized autobiographies, unbearable lightness of being, upright citizens brigade, various southern accents, vintage pin-ups, vintagethings i can't afford, whisky and chairs, wildly inappropriate sarcasm, z?