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i thought it was in my link section, maybe it was taken out when i got downgraded to not paid user lol.
transfat-bitch & bi-inky (gamer/dragon age blog). yeah i always gotta be obsessed with something
hope to see ya there
lol i logged in for the first time in 10 years to get to my gifs and they arent here :) yay

Jan. 27th, 2006

Holy hell, have I been neglecting my caps. I didn't realize how much time has passed. Since JUNE!?! *facepalm*

So anyway.. in case anyone still has this on their friends list, wanted to tell ya I'm uploading.. FINALLY.. more caps. In zip form. No passwords or any of that shyt.

teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps teh_caps

Wam bam download ma'am. (or sir :o)

I had this name friends-protected for a long time, and I just deleted everyone from *this* friends list, I know. I'm quite the little procrastinator.

Anyhoo I've moved, and theres 95% less whining, so thats a plus for EVERYONE!

Everyone is invited!! :D

Good news!

I got my computer back, and they were actually listening when I said to save 2 partitions! So I got my caps back, and will be re-uploading them to teh_caps when I get the chance. Yay!
For anyone whose been to teh_caps recently, or has noticed that my caps arent up, I'm putting them on a webpage with zips, so I don't have to hear begging for zips anymore.

Theres just a few movies right now, but I am working on it. I'm debating if anyone really NEEDS 1400 caps of a single movie.

Anyway, heres the url. I know the webpage is kinda effed up. Oh well. :)

So umm, I hate doing this. I heart this lj name, and the fact that its paid for until my birthday, but I feel like I need a fresh start. I might post in here once in a while, but I've moved to a new name.

I know I know, I'm a asspain. Don't feel obligated to add me (but hey who doesnt like a big friends list? haha)

With my other new name, I promise not to squeal and carry on about work-related things. I'll be good :O

As for ye name and ye may receive ;)
Much workie.

Not much sleepy.

Not much onliney.

ifn' you wanna see what things I do at work, ask me for the new fabulouso lj username I made. (dont worry, no squealing or jumping up and down)

Must go eat dinner and pass out.


Blah blah blah kitchen floor blah blah blah blinds blah appliances blah blah home depot noidontwanttogotohomedepotsojuststfualready

I *twitch* want to *twich* WORK! Unemployment has been enjoyable, but damnit, I NEED TO LEARN! All I did today was learn that Auto Zone are tardo's who gave me the wrong part. And made me look stoopid in front of my teacher.

I think I'm falling in love with detoxcocktails, I love her icons, but also she kicks ass. by the way she posts, and some of her icons, its like, she stolded my brain. Which is good.. it would explain why it doesnt work most of the time.

I have a headache. Ohh.. yeah I've really been slacking with taking my pills. Its sucha long list. Multivitamins (flinstones!), calcium, vitamin c & iron, birth control, vitamin e, and for my old brain, ginko bal-whatever. (yea, its working great, haha). So yeah, I'm a total drug addict.

eljay is so effin' slow today.

Umm.. Riiiiight. Oh. Yeah, I uploaded 1600 caps of Pulp Fiction. go through the middleman first Why? Cuz.
Today was such a beautiful day. Real springtime, not too cold or hot, big blue sky, crystal clear. It was definitely a great day for a bike ride. It'll be nice the next... week it lasts.

I can't believe theres places in BAKERSFIELD that are that pretty, and that a cell phone took those pictures. *tosses digital camera out the window while doing 90mph on highway 99*

Argh, I set the wrong channel to record Desperate Housewives, anyone know of a working torrent site to download it?

(PS. I don't miss being a teenager anymore!)

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