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June 2006
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Reina Clarete. This journal used for angsting in personal entries, icon posts & fandom squeeling. Current Layout features Hayden Christensen with lyrics from Come Here Boy by Imogen Heap. Background by dorky_duck. All Icon Posts can be found listed in the memories.

MOVING LIVEJOURNAL. Simply because it's next year already. And I'm sick of this one.
Some people I'm adding automatically -- others who wish to stay please comment.

Goodbye everyone, I had fun with you all.

;; Why can't you just teach us History instead of always harping on the past?
History test was unbelievably easy. Shapiro loves me and thinks I'll conquer the world. He's a very smart man.


One down -- two to go. English Exam today. It was, as expected, easy and entirely pointless. The last part raised some serious WTF though with the question that was literally: Find two examples of an example of an example" . Confused the whole class and had us yelling at each other with two minutes to spare.

Studying for History now but out of my 10 billion pieces of notes -- I can't find the right one. Oh effing god.


Okay. I'm going to not be a lazy tart -- starting...now.

School has let out, finally. I just have my exams all next week. Anyway, it seems really strange that friends (or rather, school acquintances) seem to pop out at the end of the year when they left you alone mostly throughout the year. Anyway -- so I realized that I'm a really horrible and cruel person when I signed 98% of all yearbooks with an apology of some sort. It seems I've been cruel to everyone who even bothered to have me sign their yearbooks. I think I signed like three people's that I had nothing to apologize for. Anyway, I also wrote a slash fic for Danny in his about him and Shuichi from Gravitation. And he says he's not gay. He pestered me to fill up all the empty spaces so I had to write around several autographs from people. Much fun. He wants me to write some more for him. Ah, I love that kid. But why he just refuses to come out is beyond anyone. It's not as if no one doesn't know. Carla also got a much heavier lemony slash fic. Yes, that's what I did in my last period of History because our teacher said he was going to the washroom and never came back! Teacher's autographs on the yearbook was about their favourite things to do and his was not getting caught. Crazy, crazy man. Anyway -- fantastic, I'll be forever as the girl who wrote porn in people's yearbooks. Not that that is a bad way to remember someone.

I should so be studying but I'm not. I feel kind of lazy doing it cause I look at my notes and go -- "I know these things" -- and it feels like such a waste of time. I'll review Chemistry and Physics heavily but Biology and Weather I'm not going to bother. History I'll review settlement of the Canadian West but that is boring as hell. English...hmm...I think I'll read the notes he gave us on the two books and write out a comparison essay. That seems to be the only challenging part of the test. I'm pretty confident that I'll do fine in English and History since I've gotten top marks in those classes.

Plans for the summer. Write a lot. Icon a lot. Get high with Mike. He said we needed to chill in my yearbook and I wrote something about him promising to get me high one day. He's taught me everything he knows. Hah. Reina and drugs...probably not a very good combination since Reina doesn't need drugs to see warped things and giggle her ass off.

Icon post coming very very soon. I had a sudden bout of creativity last night and came up with a quite few nice ones. Over 70 so far. Some relatively good -- some very very bad. New layout hopefully coming very soon as well.

backbeatxrhythm -- you ought to be proud of yourself. You and your userinfo got me back into Hanson. *grumbles*
Howling: Hanson - In the City


Elaine Han!! What is this I hear about you dating Calvin Goss in Middle School? *dies* Explain yourself!

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