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Uneventful patrol. [17 Sep 2003|10:04am]
[ mood | blank ]

Patrol was uneventful last night. Killed a bunch of the Dark Ones.

Had a dream last night. I can't remember it quite well. I know there were colors and lines interweaving. Three were outside though. It felt like the universe, but not. Am confused. Going to bed.

Weather's getting cold. May start living INSIDE the Dalmations' House. Strangely enough, they like me.

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Continuation. [12 Sep 2003|03:30am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

That seems to be the theme in this town, doesn't it? I've been here for a little month, and people have been arriving after me. From what I hear, only those with "strong hearts" survive the onslaugh of their world. Lovely things, these heartless. *sigh* It's 3am. I can't think straight.

I've been trying to destress by fighting the Dark Ones, in the alleyways, trying to think things through.

They left, you know. The "veterans". This is either an amazing trap, or it'll be the beginning of the end. Or maybe neither.

These "children" are growing up too fast (and some too slowly). I hope Traverse will never have to endure the cycles of death Spira had to.

The rooftops and stars call. I'm off to sleep. Silver Hair, we need to talk.

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Idiots, cont'd [30 Aug 2003|02:09am]
[ mood | cranky ]

1) You do not keep someone who is prone to meddling in the dark about reality.
2) You do not pretend said person is brainless. Even if they are.
3) You do not keep said person in the dark about reality.
4) You tell reality to said person... and pray that they grow up.
5) You do not keep said person in the dark about reality.
6) You tell the whole goddamn truth to said person and deal with the consequences. These consequences will be better than the consequences that result from keeping said person in the dark.
7) You do not keep said person in the dark about reality.

This town is made up of idiots. The whole lot of them.

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This is getting ridiculous. [26 Aug 2003|11:17am]
[ mood | bored ]

I can't believe I haven't found a way out of here. *mini-scowl, which is more of an eye-twitch to those who see it* One can only meditate for so long before ... things get repetitive. I need a job again. However, working for the Evil Kitty (BIG KITTY) does not produce, in me, a favored response. >>;

The opening of the club was fascinating. I don't know these people too well, and my first impressions from before were most definitely not in their favor. However, it seems that certain people are not as clueless as they look. And some do. Is that bartender really that "blond"?

And I don't care that the Tiger is sleeping with the Cat (disgusting thought, by the way). He's still very gay. In a bad way. T_T The Cat is very straight. In a bad way.

[[btw, i'll be available... after 8pm on aim w/ 'siriusly folx' and on msn w/ "yin_taku @ hotmail.com". 8D

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heh [19 Aug 2003|10:54pm]
This town is worse than those religion groupies on Spira. That is all.
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*siiiiiigh* Training feels SO nice. [16 Aug 2003|07:06am]
[ mood | calm ]

I've been meditating and training this past week by myself, away from the other people around the town. I must say, I'm feeling much better. The Sword's shiny and sharp, my Mind is calm and clear, Sword Movements are fluid, proper, and quick... things are going quite well. The Heartless will regret the day they meet me. This rooftop is quite comfortable too - the stars are very clear at night. I'm worried though; sometimes a star disappears. It's ... very unsettling. Stars do not disappear. They go out with a bang. >.> Or my astronomy lessons have been for null.

On a very high note, I've found one of the spheres I've lost been forced to misplace. This gives me high hopes for the future. May be able to find the others.

Reminder to self: tonight, stay away from... what did the others call it? The Gizmo Shop? [[OOC: o_o what district is it again? Second?]] *twitches* I can tell there's going to be masses of people.

And I must say, this town has a lot of trouble drama. Should continue to stay away from these people. Would be nice to spar with someone else though. >.>;

[[OOC: MWAHAHAHHAA. yes, i'm back. :3 i should be online frequently from now on, except on mon and tues when i'll be leaving for college (but i LIKED being a slacker!). :3 Please, IM me people, RP IS GOOOOOOD. heheh. <3 and paine needs it. 8D *ducks from the GLARE-O-DEATH from paine. and new rp-ing sn: Siriusly Folx. cz i say it a lot and all that :3]]

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Room. Confused. [05 Aug 2003|05:54pm]
[ mood | confused ]

If all the rooms are taken, and there are only 4 rooms, what room am I in...? Because I happen to be living alone.



Oh by Spira. Please tell me it isn't the moogles.

[[ooc: this is brought to you by me COMPLETELY forgetting the layout of the hotel. har. go me. and have i said how much i hate this time zone thing? b/c yin is DYINGTORPWITHYOUPEOPLE. b/c she lurves j00. even if paine wants to strangle yin. har.]]

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End of the day [03 Aug 2003|07:46pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I've settled into the hotel now, and ... It's rather stuffed. I saw a lot of people on the way in. *blinks* It's been a fascinating day.

1) I ran into Heartless. Twice. Once at home (Whereever that may be now. Someone must know how I can get back.), and once here. First time I had my gang with me, the second time, I had Cloud (from here on forth known as Man-Who-Visually-Molested-My-Sword), Blond Male Extraordinaire.
2) Met Man-Who-Visually-Molested-My-Sword (I don't appreciate the visually molesting. I appreciate that he appreciates my sword. *pats sword*)
3) Stalked by Moogles (apparently the proper name for the talking dolls that I can turn into if i only had my SPHERES
4) Unamused by three little ducks that charge strange money (munny?) for items. I only have Gil, sorry ducks.
5) Eyed by a tiger. I think it thought I was food. Not nice.
6) Saw a giant Rat. Hm. Not as ugly as Sin, thank goodness. Then I'd have to whip out the ... oh, wait. I don't have my spheres. . . . . . . *sweatdrops*
7) I now have a journal that calls to me and makes me write in it. Not that I'm complaining. I find it nice to have a place to think things through. Not that I'd ever admit it if you ask me.
8) Saw drunk people. Interesting. Funnier than blitzball players drunk. Must keep in mind to keep eyes on drunk people to get some amusement. Temporarily.

This is more than I can take. Fighting idiots in Spira is one thing. Being harrassed by dolls is not. Tigers are unwelcome too.

People seem to be arriving on a regular basis. A little black mage fell on top of a roof (poor guy). Will look around after a good cleaning. Water seemed good. At least it won't be like when Rikku was 'comparing' us. Nightmare.

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This is unexpected [03 Aug 2003|11:21am]
[ mood | irate ]

I take care of myself pretty well, I'd say. However, I now have not only a headache but also no idea where I am. Sitting on a floor in a dark alleyway is not comfortable. Throw in a hovering journal ... that calls to me and begs to be written in is strange. *resists urge to scowl* Either Sin has come back (Unlikely. I trust my eyes and my friends that it was destroyed.) or those black ... things were not Sinspawn.

This does not bode well. At least my sword is still around. *pats sword*


My spheres are gone. That is not a good development.

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