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Los Angeles, here I come!

Tomorrow I leave for L.A and will get to meet Jeff Branson (ex-Y&R/AMC/GL) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-YR/AMC) again. I'm SO excited! It will simply be the three of us this time so I get quality times with my faves. :D:D
tuva novotny ; aint no sunshine when she

Hi there *waves*

Hm I had forgotten that I could get a hold of songs on communities I'm a part of. Again, I am never on LJ anymore. But at least some use of my old account, right? ;)

Hope everybody is doing great! Miss talking to you all. ♥
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Oh my, just reread lots of posts I've made over the years. It's funny to see how far your opinions on things have changed or what I used to be so passionate about.
tuva novotny ; aint no sunshine when she

oh livejournal

I suppose when LJ is sending me "will delete journal for lack of activity", I better post something to not have that happen at least. :P

Still though, I'm at Twitter and Facebook now. I much prefer that to LJ now. Guess it goes with the times?
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it's been a while

Hey everyone :)
It's been a while since I've updated which sadly had its repercussions. Now I'm no longer a member of communities I always use, even though I post in those frequently, just not on my own page. Sigh. How typical!

TBH, I'm not sure who of you still use LJ. I'm a Twitter girl now and have been for the past couple of years. So if you want to talk, hit me up at @safeuphigh :D
ronan & chloe; you're coming back to me.


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Seriously EVERYONE who doesn't already follow this amazing man on Twitter, do so! Jeff Branson is incredible and been sooooo good to me! <3 Awwww I've gotten the most tweets from him than anyone & I've had them PERSONALIZED (he's thanked me by my NAME twice!) It's so nice to know that ALL the time I spend on campaigning for Ronan and Chlonan is appreciated by him. To know that he knows I'm a huge fan of his character and will love Ronan no matter what. <3

JEFF BRANSON IS A SWEETHEART <3333 Cannot say that enough!

And my followers have been so nice to me, saying I deserve that first tweet so much.
x "You totally deserve it. You are an awesome fan! :)"
x "Jeff recognizes & loves u as a fan! He personalized his tweets to U! That's great! You r in his head! Lol!"
x "that was awesome! As I was waiting in the middle of the street to get my car jumped started, I was like WHOA! JB loves Camilla!"
x "ummm that was like a REALLY PERSONAL TWEET TO YOU FROM JEFF BRANSON!! He said he loves you for being a true Ronan fan!!!!"

I love my followers so much for being so happy for me. I cannot get off this HIGH!

And Michelle's been telling me that JB knows I'm his biggest fan while I was saying "I think he categorizes me as the Swedish fan"
"still can't get over it - he loves you for loving the Ronan! he knows you bb. i told you he loves his #1 superfan!!!"
My best bud on Twitter <3 She was on a high WITH me.
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Jeff Branson is the most amazing man and actor ever.

OK, so everyone who follows me on Twitter (safeuphigh) knows I'm a HUGE Chlonan fan. Quite honestly, I WILL GO DOWN with this ship! It's a soap pairing so naturally things never go my way buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Jeff Branson (who plays Ronan in Chlonan) has just made shipping Ronan and Chloe + LOVING #SexyBeastRonan an absolute pleasure.

The fact that he knows my NAME + has tweeted me personally more than anybody else, makes me feel so special. <3333 *cough* I think I flood his TL more than anybody else with my Chlonan campaign & general Ronan support *cough* But I choose to think it as I'm "absolutely awesome" (JB's words!). <3



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He's such a Chlonan Fan and I LOVE it! And who can blame him - just look at their hotness together;
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Just a glance and they've got PLENTY of chemistry & now TPTB are screwing with us and DROPPING THEM AGAIN!