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BOOMSHAKALAKA. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Sunday, May 23rd, 2004 12:33pm]


if you're on my friends list & you want to be added to my new journal comment on THIS entry & i'll add you on my other journal.
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[Sunday, May 23rd, 2004 11:26am]
[ mood | tubular ]

all she wants to do is dance. & make romance.Collapse )


[Saturday, May 22nd, 2004 6:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hard lovin', straight thugin'..Collapse )

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[Saturday, May 22nd, 2004 10:51am]
[ mood | blah ]

wow. it's kind of early to be up. i woke up from a SCARY ZOMBIE DREAM & i couldn't fall back asleep.
no one's going to read this.Collapse )

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[Friday, May 21st, 2004 5:29pm]
fucking a. i'm happy.
i have no plans for the whole summer.
i'll be really lonely.
therefore, call me. 232-5967.

you're so vain.Collapse )
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AHHHH. [Thursday, May 20th, 2004 7:53pm]
[ mood | FUCK THA POLICE. ]

k. so my brother's watching MTV down here right now. & it's a show called "Prime Time Players"; guess who came on? MODEST FUCKING MOUSE. holy shit. now everyone's going to love them. & talk about a "new band called modest mouse." except they've been around since they early 90s. don't get me wrong, i still like them quite a bit.

but motherfuck. i don't think people understand how much i hate mtv.

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[Thursday, May 20th, 2004 5:38pm]
i want someone to sleep with.
i mean, not to have sex with.
just someone to fall alseep with.



this is one of those boring "what i did today" entries. [Thursday, May 20th, 2004 4:11pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

today was okay good. we didn't do anything in band except i got a letter for my nonexistent letter jacket. which is neat. today was also the last seminar EVER. it really sucks that they're taking it away next year. so, emma, mallory & i were determined not to attend. therefore, we searched franticly for a while to find someone to take us anywhere. that was unsuccessful, so we walked to wendy's, ate frosties; then went & sat under a tree by the church near school. since t-high's kind of in the hood a lot of strange people walked by. it was entertaining.

today i also noticed how much of a people watcher i am. i observe people a lot because the way people act/move interests me. *shrug*

so tonight mallory's spending the night because we don't have to go to school until 9:30ish. we also get out at 1:30 which is neat.

i have a strong feeling this is going to be the best summer ever. it better be.


[Wednesday, May 19th, 2004 5:29pm]
[ mood | i have a headache. bleh. ]

have you ever wondered how stupid people would think you are if they could read your mind? i was contemplating this today. because i know i sure do think a lot of very stupid things.

haha. that was one of the many vapid things i thought about today.

tell me one of yours.


[Wednesday, May 19th, 2004 4:04pm]
Gay or Not Gay?
by tashay17
LJ Name
Favorite Color
Gay or Not Gay?In denial. So come out already!
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

hey guys. i'm gay.

[Tuesday, May 18th, 2004 5:11pm]
[ mood | gldksja;gljkabuiaopuwtpiewa! ]

today was my algebra final. i just guessed on most of it. but as long as i have a C or higher, things will be a-okay. i need to study for my earth science final. haha. flunking that class is not an option.

also today, i threw a burrito at a squirrel & mallory & i frolicked in the rain.

there are a TON of pictures behind the cut. so beware, nucca.

yes. okay.Collapse )

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[Monday, May 17th, 2004 9:08pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i'm beginning to think these things about high school guys
+high school has nothing but guys who only want some ass.
+relationships are hard to come by.
+hardly anyone has morals what so ever. i mean, i'm definatly not a prude or anything. but the whole friends with benefits isn't my cup of tea.
+even the nice ones who i actually like what little or nothing to do with me.
+this just doesn't go just for guys. but control your hormones, please. : )

therefore, i'm screwed. BUT if you are a male who lives near me & doesn't just want to fuck all the time & is decent please holla.


[Monday, May 17th, 2004 5:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Take the What's Your Song? quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.


Take the Date quiz, and visit Castle Diqueria.

haha. yes. i must brush dem fellas off.

i have a lot of pictures to post. that requires work. well kind of. INSTEAD, i'll rant. because i know you really care.
ffffuck.Collapse )

[Sunday, May 16th, 2004 8:13pm]

i have some stuff to say & some pictures to post.
but i'm watching HELTER SKELTER.
yes, the charles manson movie.
he was hot in a let's-have-sex-then-kill-people type of way. the actor who plays him is even hotter. & he was such a psyco it's fucking HOTTTTT.

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[Saturday, May 15th, 2004 12:22pm]

THE MISSION: steal a sign from mennigers.
PEOPLE INVOLVED: mallory, josh mabry, adam ingersol, chris rodenheffer, jason, & i.
EQUIPMENT USED: three CV radios, two radar detectors, two cars, one truck.
THE PLAN [as drawn out by josh]: adam & chris will be stationed at two different locations to check for traffic. josh, mallory, & i will go off-roading to get to the sign & put it in the back of josh's truck.

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: we get up there & we realize there's a lot of traffic because the designer showhouse is near. the gates are open for parking. therefore, we get to take the easy way. the sign ended up being too big for his truck. we listened to songs from classic disney animated movies such as beauty & the beast, mulan, & hercules. josh, mallory, & i had "girl talk." we went to chris's house & sat for a 1 and 1/2 hours trying to find something else to do.

OVERALL: 'twas a good night. despite the fact the mission was unsuccessful.


[Friday, May 14th, 2004 5:20pm]
[ mood | content ]


someone want to do something tonight?


[Thursday, May 13th, 2004 9:23pm]
i think i just realized how cock hungry most of my friends are.
i'm not necessarily saying it's a bad thing.
i just makes me feel like a prude.
kind of.

[Thursday, May 13th, 2004 4:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]

okay. so i'm in love; tightpants. tight pants definatly make me want to hump something. *SWOON*

today meg told mr. chittenden that i have family issues that we need to discuss in private so we could go out in the hallway 5 minutes before the bell rung. then he opened the door to check on us, & meg said something like, "a dad shouldn't do that under any circumstances." so now he probably thinks my dad rapes me. thanks, meg. hahahaha.

one week left, nucca! i think this summer's gonna rrrrock.

yeeeah!Collapse )


[Wednesday, May 12th, 2004 7:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]

so. george doubleya bush, john kerry, & OPRAH are going to be in town on monday. fuck bush & kerry. i want to meet oprah.!!

today my mom took mallory & i out of fifth hour to go eat chinese food. & it was good.

blegh. i feel like i've been bi-polar these last few weeks. i'm sorry if i've been bitchy or just flat out ignoring you lately.

i'm listening to a cd from a while ago that has dashboard [before they turned stupid], jimmy eat world, & ben folds on it. & it's good. [shut up.] so it made me depressed because they were all sad songs. but then the last two songs are "magic carpet ride" by steppenwolf & "the joker" by steve miller band. & i <333 both of those songs. so that sure made me happy. tehe.

roy dyed my hair this evenin'. thank you, roy. i'd post pictures but my camera is currently batteryless.

...Collapse )

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[Tuesday, May 11th, 2004 7:59pm]
[ mood | bored as a muthafucka. ]



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