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Lisa Turpin
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Full Name: Lisa Marie Turpin
Birthdate: August 6, 1980
House: Ravenclaw Alumni
Pet: Tag (rat)
Physical Description: Lisa was short. It was a fact that there was no use getting around, she was short with a lithe figure that appeared graceful to a stranger’s eye. Unfortunately, for all her physical appearances of a graceful young woman, Lisa was probably one of the most clumsy creatures ever to walk to the face of the earth. It was not uncommon to see scrapes and bruises on knees and elbows, or even a strange looking bump in the center of the forehead; if there was a way to have an accident, no matter how strange it might be, Lisa would find it.

Another thing about the awkward girl was her facial features. Nothing really that interesting, though some might say she looked sort of lovely when looking at her a certain way. Her hair was naturally a dark brown colour, but she often dyed it to a more honey-ish hue, for that hair colour seemed to suit her more than her natural colouring.

Personality: The former Ravenclaw was quiet around those she didn’t know and quiet around though she did, Lisa was hardly ever relaxed enough to enjoy herself among company, and because of this she often seemed cold and distant. It was hard to get to understand the workings in her mind, unless one knew of a subject she was passionate about. Once Lisa got to speaking on a particular subject (the war, ruins) it was hard to make her shut her mouth once again! She enjoyed debating against the war, best, however. Arguing with others over whether or not war was needed was something she enjoyed deeply.

Bloodline: Half Blood
Background / Family History: She grew up slightly different than the usual child; as her parents were a muggle and a wizard, she learned to love muggle things as well a wizard things. She had always been an avid reader and from the books she read she learned how to outwit most others her age. It was no surprise when she received her letter from Hogwarts and even less of a surprise to find Lisa put into Ravenclaw.

Interests / Hobbies: Ancient runes, tea compounds, attempting to become more graceful
Strengths and weaknesses: Her wit and knowledge served as a strength, however, her clumsiness and her habit of holding grudges held her back.

[Unless you're a complete idiot, I'm hoping you relise that this is an roleplay journal. If not, then you certainly know now! Icon person = Ayumi Hamasaki. Obey!]