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The night air felt bitter around her as humans rushed past, the sounds of voices and low laughter hurrying past with them. It was unusually busy for that part of New York, the outskirts where one would never find any of the city's more upstanding residents. The faces that she watched pass where those of naive, stupid youth. Those who thought and pretended they knew of the underworld.

The area was dreadfully crowded. Trinity herself had already coaxed one unsuspecting victim from the throng of people who filtered past her, all seemingly on their way somewhere.

And after some time spent following the crowd of people encloaked in black, heavily done up with dark make-up, she found what was causing the excitement.

A party.

But not just any party. It was the sort that disgusted Trinity and tempted her to make a spectacle of what evil truly was. She doubted any of the people pushing their way into the rundown building even knew what it was that they worshiped so foolishly.

But it would seem that Trin wasn't the only true creature of the night whom had found their way to the mass gathering of fools.

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Trinity slinked through the door way feeling a bit edgy. She glanced around the apartment that she and Gabe had aquired for their use, sensing that her vampire lover was indeed close by.

In fact, he was just in the other room.

She felt a bit like a common, ordinary housewive, coming home from a busy night. The thought almost made her laugh. Almost.


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Julian hadn't lied. There was some one after vampires, some one who actually seemed to have an idea as to what they were doing.

Just minutes ago, she herself had watched a scene from the shadows. A figure in a long, dark coat had advanced on a feeding vampire and after a bit of a struggle, the vamp was no more. Trinity had gathered herself deep into the shadows as the slayer left, thankfully seeming to take no note of her. Unfortunately, the entire scene had happened too far from where she hid for her to tell just what the slayer was.

Now, she couldn't help but be wary as she walked the streets. It had been years since New York was home to an affective vampire killer. She had to see Magnus. He would know what to do.

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The Manhattan River was at times soothing, especially in the hazy moonlight and after a good feeding. The water was pitch black and splashed softly against the stone wall that Trinity stood upon, gazing down at the gentle ripples and crests on the water's surface.

It was a particularly chilly night, though she didn't mind it at all. The cool air only sharpened her senses, making her more alert.

It helped her to sense the being that began to near here well before they were close enough to see in the darkness.

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The vampire shifted uneasily before Trinity, not seeming able or willing to meet her cold stare. He was untrustworthy and she had been suspicious when the sorry excuse for a vampire stopped her in an alley way.

"What exactly did you see?" Trinity asked, her eyes narrowing and her arms folded over her chest. "Julian, what exactly happened?"

"I told you! I was walking through the big park a few blocks down and I see this vamp. He seemed pretty new at the gig and I was thinking about goin' over to help him out. But you know how some vamps don't like interference, you know? So I kinda watched him for a while and then, outta nowhere, there's this guy. He comes in an' just kills the guy. I was thinking how cruddy it was that he didn't even get to finish his meal...."

Trinity simply stared for a few moments, making the other vampire even more uneasy. She took a step toward him and watched as Julian looked around nervously. "Who was he, the one who attacked the vampire?"

"I dunno...It was dark, you know?"

"Julian, you're a vampire. Not only can you see in the dark, you can sense things. And you're telling me you don't know who he was because it was dark?"

Julian looked up at her, his face resembling that of a cornered rat. And in an instant, his expression changed to one sporting a sly smirk.

"Trin, babe, I was too busy thinking of you to even focus on what was going on."

Disgust shot through Trinity as she slammed the other vampire against one of the alley walls. He grunted and she saw what looked like fear flash through his eyes. It was quickly replaced by his pseudo-suaveness.

"Oh, I do like it rough," he tried to say confidently, though fear in his voice betrayed him.

Trinity held him pinned by the shoulders against the wall and had to try hard to resist the urge to slap him across the face. "You're a worthless piece of shit and should consider yourself lucky that I don't kill you right here and now. I want to know who it is that you saw and if there are others, you hear me?"

Julian nodded quickly. He was younger than Trinity and too careless and stupid for his own good.

"I don't want to see you again until you know. If I do see you and I find out you forgot or something else so convenient, I'll be sure to remind you so that you never forget." She pulled back, Julian collapsing to the ground. "I suggest you get to work."

With one last loathing glare, she turned and walked down the dark alley, leaving the other vampire to throw curses at her back.

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The suspended ceiling light flickered with the threat to cut out at any moment as Trinity stepped into the dingy room, greeted by am indifferent smell she had grown accustomed to. Magnus' so called laboratory seemed empty besides the specimens and experiments that were scattered about.

Taking a few cautious steps toward the belly of the room, Trin looked around for any sign of her fellow vampire. It had been quite awhile since the two had talked or seen the other, and Trinity thought that it was time to check in with her old...friend.

She had just picked up a jar that contained something completely foreign to her when she sensed the presence of Magnus behind her.

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The rain was pounding against Trinity's skin as she stood perfectly still, staring up at the building in front of her. For hours, she had felt a nagging feeling tugging at her mind until finally she gave in and left the dark, old building that she inhabited when she wasn't out. Letting her senses guide her, she wandered through the city until she reached the place her mind willed her to go.

Staring up at the brick building through the rain, Trin knew exactly where she was. It was where he was. If the vampire's heart was capable of beating, it surely would have been racing at that point.

Why she was there, she did not know. But Trinity wanted to find out. Why was it that she had let the boy live? Why hadn't she killed him and fed on him? It would have been easy enough. It wasn't as though she wouldn't have been able to get the human alone long enough to get what she wanted. But why hadn't she?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a movement - slight, but noticable enough.

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The air inside the club was hot and stuffy, much like the night air outside. The scent of bodies and pumping blood filled the air around Trinity as she made her way through the crowd, her eyes slowing trailing across bodies and faces as she went.

She was hungry and tonight, she was up for the hunt. It was never hard to lure someone into her grasp. People were so naive and gave in easily to persuasion.

And it suited her just fine.

Music pulsated in waves throughout the room, lights bounced off of the walls and illuminated the clubbers' skins. Trin ran her tongue over her fangs, her hunger growing as she watched the dancers, their bodies close together.

Despite the large number of people around her, no one in particular stood out or caught her interest. It was always the interesting ones who provided the most exciting kill.