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I'm really tired, yet I'm awake at the same time if that makes sence.... Tonight I went to Minaco with the football players for the game. It was the playoffs, and if we lost... not only would it be the last game for the seinors and for the season, but it would put everyone in a pissed off mood.Well.... we were losing and in the last 2 munites of the game, we scored a touchdown. So we went into overtime for literally an hour.... and the other team had the ball and they were passing it by the touchdown pole and J.c Percy from our team intercepted the ball and we won the game. Best/more intense game i've ever seen.

and most deff the most beautiful game. because in the end, i saw joel and i tapped him on the shoulder and told him congrats. (we don't talk anymore, he used to be a gooooood friend of mine... my moonlight) and he hugged me and i started crying and he started crying and it was one of the best moments of my life ever. it was like that broken past of ours became fixed. what a relief.

miria... i owe you so much girl!! thnkx for giving me the guts to do something i wouldnt have ever had the guts to do.... ever. you made my day...completly!!

lastnight i went to georges with ashlei, we all watched some stupid movie while george cleaned his room.

i have a lot of roadtrips coming up! on the 18th, brock and i are going to vegas. were going to stay with my aunt for a night and hopefully shema too. in may, whitleigh and i are going to california. and this summer, im going to France. im scared, but im sure it will be fun. im going to miss 2 weeks @ isu, but i talked to the pppl there and they want to get me started right away on the make up work.... my hell.... it isnt for 8 more months!!

anyway im going to bed now... goodnight you guys. and i just want you guys to know that i love you! serously, after whats been going on... i know u guys are special and im greatfuk to be a part of ur lives!
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tonight in the tv room there was this mouse and it ran across the floor, it was gross. so jim and adam caught it and jim let it free outside. hmm. interesting.

well this journal need to be said goodbye to pretty soon, so i will make a new one and let you know if you made "THE CUT", so you better be sucking up. i know that my entries mean "oh sooo much to all of you" because i am the ruler of the world and my words mean the world to all of you. notice the hint of sarcasm in this whole paragraph!!!! wahahahahaha. you will all get added. because i luvvvv you!

adrien hid my cup of noodleZ tonight. :(

i talked to cody on the phone tonight, he got a hob at the outback! wohoo congrats cody, now i can get free food there. IF HE WASNT SUCH AN ASS! lol. i think hes getting over a lot of things. thankfully, its about time he grew up!  hehe

the thunder is scary

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I think I overslept lastnight. Friday  I went to Jareds and stayed the night with all the girls. it was boring at first./ but then katy and ashley showed up n it was fun!! around 4am, we cruised the city... of BLACKFOOT> :( gay gay gay! then we went and woke nick up and he wasnt too happy, so we left and hung around joes for a while but all we did was watch movies and it was gay so i went to sleep.  around 6am and and on saturday i hung with mandy until about 6 then i went to see Kimmi, shes back from colorado. there was nothing to do in blackfoot so we went to idaho falls and met kayla at artic circle and cruised the streets of idaho falls in kimmis "hot" car. then i went to this guys house with "RILEY AND ALISHA" haha. then we went back to blackfoot and i went to bhed around 3am and woke up at 1:30, i FINALLY got some sleep! hahaha.

now i have loads of homework up the ass to do and im at isu. tomorrow were going to Lava, yay! and yeah thats all.

oh yeah i rode on a motorcycle with some guy named tyler around 11, it was fun.

ohh yeah and i got off the phone with michael about an hour ago, we talked for like an hour and a half. i like talking to him.

ohhhh yeah i MISS ryan and artic circle in blackfoot sucks.


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  • kayla u need to tell me what all Juan said to you!! they attacked me and took the computer. so i went to Subway.
  • when i went to Subway, the instant i walked into the door, hailey told me there was a bug in my hair
  • she woulndt get it off
  • so i was screaming and everyone was watching me.
  • oh the emberressment.....
  • so i finally get it out after jumping around and shaking my head
  • my new sunglasses broke.
  • then the subway  guy just happened to be matt, the guy who gave me his number a few weeks ago.
  • so hailey and i are going to sit down, and matts friend who also works at subway points at matt and goes "my friend likes you" and i was like "oh thanks thats cool" and he was like "well, and so do i" i just smiled and sat down
  • so matt cleans all the tables around me and finally talks to me and asks me out on Saturday night.
  • i said yes.
  • I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!! but i just couldnt say no!
  • so i dont know what to do.
  • anyway so a tomatoe gets stuck in my eye. (LONG STORY!) and mayonase is all in my hair and i felt like such a ditz
  • so matts friend comes over and is like
  • "so you like matt huh?" and i was like "i dunno, why?" and hes like
  • "well cuz i like you, so if i kicked his ass, will you go out with me instead?"
  • ahhhhhhhhhh!!
  • i was laughing, and i spill my pop ALL over the place,
  • then i go to clean it up and i fall in it cuz im laughing so hard!
  • ahhhhhhh.

so yes, that is my weird story. aghhhhh.

well after i went to Subway I went to Chads. i luvv him!

anyway im going to go find jim then go talk to todd, gosh this is confussng!!!!

there ar quite a few guys in my life, but theres only ONE i want to be with and im sure all of you know who that is.

i miss ryan!

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spank my ass and call me charly! i got an A!! on my geometry test.

who's your daddy now?

hmm well i have to go now. im going swimming.

things are okay i guess, i REALLY miss ryan though!

anyway much love! i MISS my gurls! where are you guys?! maybe ill take a quiz real quick! comment me!!! (ur not whores! lol chels i love ya!!!)


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kayla and chels i miss u so!! we need to get together we need eachother!

i guess you could say im hurt.
it would qualify for the understatement of the year,
but you could say it was so.
because i do hurt.
here i am in the middle of this circle
gaxing out and watching my world fall apart.
my friend who has always been so deat to me and true.
the light of my world,
the guy of my dreams.
they both feel so guilty.
and yet i do too.
because ii dont want him to hurt for
hurting me.
what kind of a love is that if we both get fucked over?
the thing that gets me so is this, they regret even doing a thing.
it "just happened"
so why should i bother over somehting that meant nothing?
i will take all the pain.
dont feel guilty.
it IS ur fault u 2 mingled but i
love u enough to do anything for you
maybe i should not have came here
i should have stayed home
it would have been safe for my heart
but now that it comes down to it,
it doesnt matter if my heart is safe because my heart is yours.

just know that your words are like a gun to me.
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i had the most wonerful weekend ever!!!! i got to see ACE! aww i love that boy more then anyperson on the planet!!!!!!!!!!! i was so happy to see him. he saw me and hes like "bailey!" and he smiles and he runs upto me and gave me the biggest hug ever . i have raied him since he was 2 weeks old! and i was so depressed i couldnt see hinm for a year. i would kill and die for him.

ryan you can fuck a donkey in the ass.

bye now.