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[14 Sep 2007|10:06am]
ive been in choir or something close to it ever since i can remember...after i graduated i moved, and it was like my world fell apart. i was depressed for a good long while..but now im pulling myself back together. im taking a fitness and a music class at school and i always leave feeling so invigorated :D its like an old friend has returned, and in a way it has. im finally feeling like myself again. happy, busy, bubbly all of the things i once considered myself to be.

Thomas and i are saving and saving and saving to move back to Texas. i really really wish that my family still lived in san angelo. i miss it there so much. and id hate to move back to san angelo and then not even see my family!!! :( but i just hate the DFW area so much now lol

school and life has been pretty good. thomas and i have a roommate now, but hopefully she will be out and on her feet pretty soon. work is rockin- well..this week i had literally NO clientèle so far, but today and tomorrow should make up for that- at least a tiny bit.=(

credit cards suck, growing up sucks, but thomas's birthday is coming up and its going to ROCK! heather and katiek are coming down..WOO HOO!

maybe ill update later?
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well well well [18 Sep 2006|02:34pm]
my favorite season ive come to discover is fall :) i LOVE fall. i love the colors..the smells the weather..the PUMPKINS!!! :D

im SO EXCITED to experience fall in california..i hope it doesnt dissapoint me..
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[11 Sep 2006|04:56pm]
on this day 5 years ago i was in dance class..and i was COMPLETELY confused as to what had just happened..the whole school was kind of in shock..

ill never forget how weird it felt to watch what had happened on tv..

so yeah..

today i stayed home from school sick..i woke up this morning feeling like i was GOING TO DIE. my throat burned. my nose was stuffed up. and i was gagging every 10 minutes because i was going to throw up. gross much? yeah i think so.

thomas drugged me up pretty nice and i slept until 2:00 this afternoon.. woke up..coughed up a long and continued to have a popsicle to help my throat. and believe me.it did. i had a tiny fever this morning too. .but thats gone now, thank god :)

as the day goes on im feeling a little better. so school tomorrow is a must. i have a major test tomorrow..that im not really looking forward to but whatev.

so heathers moving out again, its weird for me..ive gotten used to her being here- but also because i guess i dont really understand it...i had chances to go back home to leave here and go back to the norm, the comfort zone---but i chose to stick with it, live without insurance, live without my family, and live without those litle things that i took for granted. its weird for me because i always concidered her to be so much stronger than me....

i dont know why im so upset about this..i knew it wasnt going to be a forever thing..but i guess i just feel kind of jipped..

i dont know..

life happens, and i support her. i just wish that i would have gotten more than a month and 4 days..or whatever it may be

8 monthes is a long time and im going to miss her..its gonna suck packing up all her stuff again. haha unfortunately its also going to be a day before and send it off thing again XD

lets face it. im bitter.

but you know, shes going to get to be with tyler and i know SO MUCH how important that is. im happy for her :)..even if it doesnt seem like it now :) she came- she experienced and she knows what she wants in life. thats what she came out here to discover and im glad that thomas and i could help her with that <3

and im even more happy that thomas and i were here to help her through a part of her life that im sure was very difficult for her.

i love my heather dawn johnson <3
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[24 Aug 2006|04:11pm]
OKAY so! usually i dont do this- but i figured what the hell right?..

first off- let me say that i LOVE school.
secondly- i wish like hell that i could WAKE UP FOR IT! but for some god damn reason that seems to be utterly impossible.


this morning was trying..started out with a late wake up(as most of the week has been) followed by a " I CANT EVEN FRIGGIN BELIEVE THIS!" moment in the middle of the cross walk by my school haha- for those of you that were there----aka---heather and thomas--- it was quite the hilarious scene..especially since i was late lol. really it was funny, very frustrating, but one of those things that should have been in americas funniest home videos.

i was standing on the corner of the street and i had just thrown my big bag O SHIT over my shoulder because i was tired of it falling over every FIVE SECONDS...and then i think "i hope this doesnt fall.." and SURPRISE! the bottom ripped and everything went everywhere..FANTASTICO! as thomas would say in his best voice i finally get to class and HA! for once- and of course the day i was late- Ms.Marcia had actually started school ON TIME! OOOOOOOF COURSE SHE DID! haha

sooo..some time goes by and were in lecture learning about the gross ness that can happen to your nail and loudly and TRIUMPHENTLY the room is filled with sounds of "Come back to texas" which completely 1) shook me up because i thought i was going to get into some serious shit for my phone ringing 2) freaked me out because i could have SWORN i left my phone at home and 3)made me very frustrated at my father AND myself lol.

other than that things are okay..im worried about heather.. i wish there was a way i could make her feel better <3 make things a little bit easier- shes my best friend and my sister and i love her with all my heart..

my outlook on life is that dark clouds come in threes and then the sun steps in.

shes had her clouds and i hope that thomas and i can make some room for some light.

last night thomas and i went to nerd central and got dice for our nerdtastic game- myne are cool and RULE ALL! and thats that! i will hear nothing else on the matter.

annnd then we came home- watched a little sex and the city and proceeded with putting fat undies on our head/ being quail man. it was quite the site to be seen ;)

i think this is all for now..i have homework to do and a possible house cleansing. roberts tonight- hopefully heather can take the doseage with me thomas matt and steph there..plus i think scott might go! SWEEET.
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[11 Aug 2006|11:32am]
right now i should be getting dressed for such a busy day..and i am..im just not...make up-d yet haha :P

i felt sooooo loved last night. all these people i havent seen in FOREVER came to the dorm and they were SO excited to see me and we just had fun and i kept hearing things like
"god damn i forgot how funny you are.. i miss you so much" or "what are we getting ourselves into? we just got over you moving" and just man..it was nice. i wish my camera had been working but it didnt. :(

for ashleys birthday were doing things allllll day today and i would tell you what but i cant until after <3 because someone might be reading this ;)

i made this neat-o thing on ashleys wall for her birthday present, because lord knows that i have NO MONEY to spend on a present. its pretty cool, before i moved i gave her some of my purple string lights (i swear i thought i gave them to my sister) well ANYWAYS i took things and spelt her name out in the string lights above her bed..sounds easy? no. definately not. and it basically took me like an hour..but among the hitting my thumb with the hammer and falling off the in table it was a good time had for all :P

<3 <3 <3

i miss my roomies and i cant wait to get home. but i can honestly say that being here, in san angelo is so much more settling for me and relaxing then it was being in DFW. i know that when my famiyl drives in tonight---itll be even better :)

ps-im having lunch with the members of the elite eight today :) KIRSTEN INCLUDED!!! YAAAAY!!!
[sighs happily]
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[24 May 2006|09:25am]
alot of things have been happening lately..ive been too busy to really record most of them on journals or myspace.. lets see..

Ashley and i have kind of had a SERIOUS falling out. almost with Katy too..but she called and apologized to me and to thomas, which i truly respect and appreciate. so i forgave her for what they did to me. randomly one day they called and just attacked me. basically calling me a failure and that i didnt need to be out here with thomas and that if i stayed there i wouldnt be living my life. about how they didnt believe that i was happy. and that i was never going to college...more hurtful things that i cant remember/have blocked out were said.. basically it broke my heart that people i concidered my very close friends thought so little of me. i havent talked to Ashley since then, really. but only because shes done this before..with other things and i just forgave her..this time..i expect an apology.

Thomas and i are fine. but we had a little scare on friday. i took a pregnancy test and it came out false positive..so i took another one and it came out negative. soo...hopefully the second one is right.

this past weekend was fun :) Katiek came down here on friday!! just showed up at my work :D it made me so excited!!! :D but i had to clean when we came back to my house because, well..it was a mess and we were having our long overdue house warming party the next day. so we all watched movies and i did the dishes whilest doing so. and picked up a little bit here and there and then we just hung out until around midnight. then katie and jon left and went back to san francisco :(. i stayed up until like 2:30 cleaning..so we didnt have to the next morning :)

saturday was our house warming party and it was SO FUN :D lots of cute little things for the house .and a few gift cards here and there. after the party we went miniature golfing with steph and matt and then went to see the Da Vinci Code. OH. MY. GOSH it was amazing. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. i want to see it again.

Sunday thomas and i bought plants for our backyard. :D yay for gardens!

so monday i decided to call the school and figure out how all of this stuff will work out for me come spring 2007. well. it turns out it wont if i dont take the pre-req. now! soooo guess what?! i start school on tuesday! lol wow good thing i called huh? because its basically now or never. but heres the problem with that.. come august my class with run from 8:00-2:50. i have to be at work at 1:30 so i dont know how thats going to work out...but i love this job SO MUCH so today im going to talkto her and see if i can come in at 4 come august..:/ hopefully she doesnt fire me..but if she does..i suppose ill find a way to deal

other than that. nothing else too terribly important is going on..

leave a comment or something
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[07 May 2006|10:20am]
Good Morning!!! got up at 7:30 and started getting ready for my busy FANTABULOUS day :D does everyone make this face when putting on mascara?

haha so around 9:30 we left to go where? ROSEVILLE! whats in roseville? CHIC FIL A! OH MY LOVE HOW I MISSED THEE! gimme a thumbs up for chic fil a thomas!

so were driving, chic fil a is about an hour away, just so you know. and i got kind of impatient..i hate waiting for things i want


doesnt it look FABULOUS?! i did a little dance inside and proceeded to walk into the amazingment that i have missed so much. now you quit making fun of me, YOU go without Chic Fil A, Sonic, Whataburger, CiCis Pizza, and basically everything else, and then YOU tell me how youd feel. pretty violated? yeah.. me too.

thats us waiting for our chicken biscuits! hmmmm NUMBER ONE HERE I COME!

:( that went by way to fast for words..BUT! its okay we got some o those Cinnamon Clusters. haha looks like thomas likes them...if this doesnt look like a money shot, i dont know what does XD

so after Chic Fil A we went to the mall..no i didnt really get to look around :( i went with boys, what do you expect. boys are stupid. they just wanna get in, and get out. -___-;;; first time to be in a real mall in FOREVER and they wont let me >( so we went to the discovery store and acted like tards

and bought things like trick magnets, and hermit crab homes, and this helocopter thingy...annnnnd an no fog mirror for the shower so thomas can shave, and unpopable bubbles and silly string XDalong with a few other things....for our um...baby cousins of course...not for us << >>

helicopter thingy ^

hermit crab home ^ (now we just need a hermit crab)

unpopable bubbles!
and ill show you the results of the silly string fight later. as long as you promise to not use it as black mail..i just cant wait to use it at thomas's parents house today XD
so we were leaving the store and i saw this game for little kids called:

WHAT?! what kind of game is that for you children?! here hunny! your going to be dead soon, why dont you look at things we can ever afford to show you anyways.silly game makers!
OH LOOK! ROBBY WITH HAIR!(haha actually i got one of those inside out balls and stuck it on his head XD haha made him quite embarassed)

so we left the mall after going to get mom some things for mothers day and getting me a pink gameboy for me to take to work XD annnnnnd other little things that werent very important.
and we went miniature golfing! my first time ever!!!! :Dwe went to the GolfCastle or whatever and look! its a castle!

i mean it was the prettiest miniature golf set up ive everseen..

and we played games! haha i got like..910 tickets at the arcade..which is why you should never take me GAMBLING ill spend all of your money so fast its RIDICULOUS

YAY for racing!
after golfing and racing and playing games we were HUNGRY! guess where we went?! thats right, Chic Fil A and on the way out we ordered one of those platters that have like..80 nuggets in it..oh man..it was amazing.

woo hoo for polynesian sauce!!
we came home, played with our new toys and i started feeling bad so i took a nap:) it help and when i got up thomas and i had a silly string fight. we asked me not to put the pictures of him up(because we were both in our underroos) but i dont mind the potential blackmail.so here :) just keep in mind that i just woke up. lol i was catching it on my hands so it wouldnt spray the rest of me. lol it was pretty rad if you ask me

welp thats all folks :)
good bye kisses :) aw hes sad that its over :(
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[05 May 2006|10:45pm]
ignore the fact that i look gross from no makeup and extreme lack of sleep. plus i have my moon time that started today..so that might have something to do with it. but no excuses right?

haha so i got batteries today so i could actually take pictures after work.today was pretty busy i hardly had time to change after working out and buying thombo a haircut.

well while i was work using the bathroom someone walked in on me!!!! AH!i forgot to lock the door XD

so after work thombo picked me up and we went to this restuarant.if you can find whats wrong with this picture ill give you 3000 cool points.

i enjoyed a good conversation or two with the family :)

left and had a photo shoot with the fam outside the restaurant.

arnt we cute ^_^?

came home and saw this car parked in front of the house:

ive seen more people voice their opinions in different ways here in california then i ever have in my LIFE. its kind of weird, but more power to ya!

so i checked the mail, were box number 1 :)

and thomas got frustrated cuz i was taking to long to get in the house :P(as always)

so now im home. posting this.

so okay. todays wasnt very fun. BUT tomorrows will be, because were going to roseville! why is that so important you ask? oh. youll see ;)
until next time, peace bitches!

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[02 May 2006|10:59pm]
Thomas and i have decided to be Celibate. :)
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from yesterday and the day before [27 Apr 2006|09:33am]
so lets face it.. today and the day before were both pretty boring :) give or take a few situations so ill give you what i got from both :D
yesterday thomas and i woke up at:

for those of you who know. thomas has to be at work at 9:00..and he woke up with a stomach ache..=/

day went on and i left for work it was pretty outside :)

and i sat in my booth and i finished my book.

i all suggest you read it :D its SOOO GOOD!!! :D
then outta nowhere this guy flipping RUNS HIS BIKE INTO ONE OF THE ARMS AND DOES A FLIP OVER IT!!! I MEAN...are you KIDDING me? its an ARM. and theres a FLIPPIN sign that says "hey dont come over here. cars only"

i did NOT even try to hide my laughter when he did that. i mean WOW that deserves points.
THEN i had a relization and it was like..damn im a pimp. i mean P.I.M.P!

came home had burritos with thomas. end of day.

woke up. worked out hung out at thomas's office, where elisha tried to avoid her picture being taken. cant avoid the inevitable!

went to work and played some mario on the the Gameboy

came home and got some scratchers and won ten bucks! WOO HOO!YAY FOR MONEY! :D
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[25 Apr 2006|11:31am]

today is my first day to go to curves and im quite excited!!! :D see this HUGE ass, that double chin?
all the things that make me oh so sexy?
well they will be no more! :D YAY for even more sexiness :P
haha so i went to curves and i worked out..so heres my motivation. they measured me and stuff...my theigh..is 26 inches around. thats the size of a small tire A SMALL TIRE!!! and my body fat percentage? 50 %. yeah soooo talk about wanting to get on the ball after hearing that. so i worked out and i FELT GREAT! :D i go every mon, weds, fri from here on out. my goal is to lose 25 pounds by my birthday. so we'll see how that goes. anyways. i was walking home from curves and i relized that california really is beautiful. its not texas beauty..its a different kind of beauty and i really like it, now that im giving it a chance.
so i get home and reward myself with a snack ^_^
YAY FOR CRACKERS AND CHEESE AND LEMONADE!!! :D it makes me so HAPPY. haha and i make myself a motivation board on the fridge.
so i sit down at the computer and relize that people just make me SO ANGRY sometimes.
i mean...really..really...angry. little emo kids, hey guess what. life isnt that bad. your pants are too tight. your peircings are hideous and face it. your "statement" isnt a statement anymore. you look just like everyother emo tastic person in the world. be yourself. and if that TRULY is yourself, then more power to ya.
and these recent quack pots..that make me SO ANGRY and disgusted i dont even know what to say. its appalling. just absolutely disgusting that a group of people can do this on such a day of mourning. yeah. i dont agree with the war. but i support the troops that are giving their life for my freedom.

you can see what im talking about in my other bulletin.

i just dont understand it...but you know what..i guess i dont have to..anyways.
so we have this box in our living room right? well i decided i wanted to be smart and see if i could fit inside it. well...i fell right on my FACE

it made me laugh and then i got dressed and started walking to work. it made me sa though because it was SO PRETTY thsi morning and then out of nowhere it was so dark and cloudy :(
went to work and did the usual. you know, sat there haha. came home and found these!!! :D
!!! its the Jones Soda bottles we ordered :) on the back it says
"St.Patricks Day 06
Cim and Thomas

arnt they CUTE?! haha robert saw them and almost opened them XD silly rob. i would have killed him.

THEN we went to Takas and GOT SUSHI!!!!


and finally took some sleepy pills and went to bed. after, of course, being naughty and having some ice cream :)

and now i leave you with some of the many faces of thomas

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[23 Apr 2006|11:06am]
Picture my Day-yesterday
good morning sunshine :)
awww so ANGRY when he sleeps :P
well as usual got ready. blow drying the hair! today should be a good day :) were planning on going shopping with thombos mom:D
so thomas had a WONDERFUL idea that we should drive to roseville and get chick fil a! we got real excited about that...until we talked to thomas mom and she said that she was too tired and didnt want to waste that much gas :( it made us very sad.
so while were waiting for thomas's mom to show up we watch thomas play video games(tons O fun, let me tell you. at this point inthe day i was getting VERY cranky due to hunger)
so FINALLY (around 3:30) Bonnie shows up! YAY!!!time to go! :D
so we go to Old sac to eat at Joes Crab SHACK! :D
YAY FOR JOES! and on the way there i saw this AWESOME taxi cab! (this is in old sacramento by the way)
i mean really, you know that guy is a bad ass. how cool of a taxi can you REALLY be? pretty cool apparently.
so were waiting...
and waiting. and finally we eat! i had a buffalo chicken salad and it was DELECTABLE!!! :D :D :D so after we eat we go to macys..let me just tell you, i really dont understand what the big deal about that place is..check this one out. normal pair of pants right?
NO! apparently these are MAGICAL pants. that can make you fly. i mean. theyd have to. look at the FLIPPIN price tag!!!!</b>
i mean JESUS CHRIST. thats ONE of my paychecks. and even if you COULD afford these MAGICAL pants, why would you buy them? when you could afford a small dog at that price, atleast a dog would play with you or something. unless these pants have a magical pocket that gives me my greatest desires.
im having NONE of it.


anyways. end of soap box. we left macys and went to sassys and i got the CUTEST outfit and some SHOES!

im thick. and thats okay. you know why? because i start Curves on Monday!!! :D my goal is to lose 25 pounds by my birthday :) so wish me luck. and my ULTIMATE goal is to look AMAZING by the time i go back to texas in November. HOT DAMN!

Well guys. have a FABULOUS day :D more updates later!! in the mean time leave me some Lovins. via-comments
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[21 Apr 2006|12:39pm]
Paranoid Disorder:Low
Schizoid Disorder:Low
Schizotypal Disorder:Moderate
Antisocial Disorder:Low
Borderline Disorder:Low
Histrionic Disorder:High
Narcissistic Disorder:Low
Avoidant Disorder:Low
Dependent Disorder:High
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Moderate

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --
-- Personality Disorders --

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[19 Apr 2006|10:26pm]
hey guys. heres another, "picture my day" update :P

so as always i woke up and wanted to hit myself in the head for waking up so eeaarrrlllllyyy but instead i decided to feed the fish and look what i found!!!!

see those little blobs?! those little black blobs are baby fishies! :D :D awww yay!
babies!! :D
after that WONDERMOUS excitement faded away i decided to get ready for work :)

arnt i pretty? i decided to go with pig tails today because..well lets me be honest. im lazy and pig tails are simple simple simple :) i sat around the house for a while after that because i didnt think thomas was coming home for lunch. but he surprised me :D and it made me quite excited

we hung out for a little bit and then he took me to work.which was nice because usaually i walk there. oh! this is my work by the way :)

 this is my tiny little 1-8 monday through friday booth :) it keeps me warm when its cold and heats up food for me. it also apparently gives me the powers to know EVERYTHING about the parking garage. and about how the key cards work for the monthlys. however...i dont think that power is working very well for me :)

so i was at working..sitting there..thinking, this is my thinking face

anyways. i was thinking about how lucky i am to have the friends that i do. to have the people in my life that i have and to have a family like myne. im EXTREMELY lucky and thankful for everyone because without them i dont even WANT to know where id be today. or how i would have turned out. most likey bare foot and pregnant in the place of alicia heartline..<< >> but theres nothing wrong with that right?..XD just. wasnt right for me. well anyways. i love my friends and family very much :) end of though process

lunch time rolled around and i popped in the frozen quiche i decided id bring with me for lunch today, in the microwave. well...basically it tasted like shit

and made me throw up in my mouth a little bit, not to mention it ruined my good looks and made me look like THAT ^ for a good 10 minutes im sure, if only faces really COULD freeze, eh? man im a beauty.
so i decided. HEY! screw this! and went to panda express for lunch and it made me happy

yay for orange chicken, chow mein and white rice mmmm mmm mmm! :D TASTY!
so then theres this guy:

im not really sure of his name. but hes really nice and everyday he plays "guess that tune" with me. haha he plays whats on in his car for me and i have to guess what it is. and honestly. its probably the highlight of my day! today it was the Doors  horrah for fun name that tune guys!

nothing else truly exciting happened. i got off work, got thomas lost in my work building, and watched Bones and American Idol. THANK GOD ACE IS GONE. what a little FAIRY BOY! ive been trying to vote him off for who knows how long. [does a little dance] but basically my camera died before i could get off work. so i leave you with this picture of thomas :)

hes angry at me for geting him lost.

comments are appreciated but not needed :) have a splendid day everyone!</lj-cut>
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[19 Apr 2006|12:04pm]

for the sake of your friends page.
so yesterday was pretty simple i woke up:
never said i was EXCITED about it. and like a good little myspace addict i went straight to the computer after telling thomas to have a good day at work!and of course, feeding the fish.
and i called heather.HELLO!! :D
at around 10:09i decided to start my day :D lazy cim!
and i ate the breakfast of fatties! champions got NOTHIN on me :P
and made the bed:
i then proceeded to my daily ritual of showering.
hello shower!
got dressed, and took the light rail to work
and then i continued to walk the rest of the way:
.. were walking...were walking...and BAM!
so i did what i always do...i sit...and wait...and be bored
until, OMG! i relized i have an ipod. and it saved my life of a slow day at the work place :) we love you ipod!
for lunch i had carls jr. and talked to heather on the phone a little bit more. and then i talked to katiek on the phone for THREE HOURS! :D i know, sounds like a long time...but we didnt even notice until we looked at our phone timers.
so thomas came and picked me up and we went to jim boys.

and as always it made me sick. :) the rest of my night was pretty boring, and i ran out of pictures cuuuuuuuuuuuz my internal memory on my camera sucks, basically. so yeah. that was all for yesterday :) i hope you all have a wonderful day today :D :D :D</lj-cut>

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[17 Apr 2006|09:13am]
They're complicated people
leading complicated lives,
and she complicates their problems
by telling complicated lies.

sometimes all you need is a summary.

but other than that. easter was fantabulous :) no baseball like im used to..but it was fun none the less. i miss my family. but that puppy is making me fall in love iwth him. </3 darnit. better update when i have time, i think.
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[12 Apr 2006|11:48am]
-if your real naive about things, you may not want to read this-
i was looking through this get to know your body, book from bb's in the american girl section and i was just thinking...no EFFING wonder girls have to go to so many of those..little..session type things. i mean think about it. we go from having no hair(down there) and no smell[B.O], no discharge no anything. to out of nowhere our boobs are growing, we have hair in places we didntk now were possible, our armpits start stinking and our insides are falling out of us once a month
thats a VERY tough thing to deal with. and i never even relized it.
guys like..their voice changes, and their peiner gets hard, basically.
-end of thought process-

 things have been, well...busy lately.  working 2 jobs and im not home until atleast 8:30-9:00. sometimes it just sucks because when thomas's family want s to go out and do anything on the weekdays they have to wait for me =/ kinda sucks. but speaking of work..yesterday was horrible. why is it that people thik they are high and mighty? why is it that people think theyre god? jeeze i just dont even feel like getting into it right now. maybe later i will.

oh how about i saw my first rally the other day. im sure you heard about it on the news, not even kidding you: 10,000 hispanics blocking off the roads of downtown sacramento(and my way to work) shouting liberty over and over again. my only thing is this..if you want to be an american so bad, why are you flying your mexico flag? if you want liberty and you want to be an american, why arnt you flying the red white and blue huh? if you want to be an american, why dont you come over legally?

can someone answer that for me?

oh p.s- you know the rain ive been bitching about...well..its defin. pretty much flooded all of sacramento and im pretty sure that my area is gonna be next...

have i ever told you i hate the rain?

oh yeah..do any of you know how bad it sucks to be in debt? i found out this morning that i went negative in my bank account..[sigh] good thing i have two jobs huh? live and learn <3
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[09 Apr 2006|09:48am]
hm so about time for an update. alot has been happening lately. and i think ill make a protected post about some of it. so just to sum some of the good things up im going to make a yay-for board.

YaY Board:
yay for days to yourself! yay for tex mex! yay for tarot! yay for haircuts! yay for makeup! yay for best friends! yay for being the "go to girl"! yay for birthday parties! yay for buyers remorse! yay for having fun! yay for sunshine(finally)! yay for finally getting my sailor moon set, only to have to send it back! yay for passionate endings!yay for friends marathons! yay for people FINALLY proving their feelings! yay for borders! yay for semi cleaning! yay for yays! and yay for yay boards!
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[04 Apr 2006|10:56am]
so i dont know about yall...but im tired of rain. sick and FLIPPIN tired of rain and cold...this is what..the 30th day of rain? weve broken the state Effing record for days of rain in a row.. but its okay i remind my self every morning that April Showers bring May Flowers..i never got that saying at ALL until i moved here. i didnt understand why they would say that when it didnt really rain all that much..well, april. CONGRATULATIONS! you have now become my most HATED month of the year. 

but summers almost here!yay for flip flops and popsicles!Swimming and Tans!

and along with summer comes my birthday.. im a crab :) yay for being a cancer. i was thinking about it. so cancer lovers...what shall i do for my birthday? i know july is far far away..but i was thinking about it..and i think i want to go to san diego. see the zoo annnnnnd go to Wicked <3 aw yes. nerdy qualities rejoice! itll be quite the expensive trip...so maybe i should start saving now..? i mean and im not sure on weither i want to fly or drive there...Heather: maybe you could join? it wouldnt be until the end of the month of july. so we'll talk about it.

in closing:

*I hate the rain
*I love summer
*Im a Crab
*my birthdays coming up. july 1st sukkas.
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[03 Apr 2006|09:16am]
So i called into bbs. told her the sitch. she sounded really pissed..and when i told her i worked 11-2 she said "ew..talk to you later" and hung up :( so now..because im a puss and i feel bad about everything. i feel even more like shit..=/ poop. oh well i guess. ill just build up my energy for my new job. suck it up and show up at bb's on weds. no problem right?..i hope so...=/

also. ive just decided that i think im going to go completely protected. only a few of you actually read this anyways...if you want to be on my protected postings list. let me know in this entry.

::End Edit::

Saturday was so much fun :) Thomas and i went down to the plaza and then to old sac and walked around and had a good time. he did get a little frustrated with me though...because i got a phone call from katiek and picked it up..

he says that everytime were together im on the phone somehow.and i can understand how that would be frustrating. but i take what i can when i can.. haha he said "well..now i know what your friends felt like" so i guess ill just be a little more aware of it. when were actually OUT of the house. its not like he gets frustrated EVERYTIME i use the phone. just when were out on date type things. so yeah.. anyways. we had quiznos for dinner, came home, read magazines, i talked on the phone a little bit, and watched robots <333

Sunday was fun. thomas and i had a good day playing around..and then we left to go to thomas's parents house for dinner. well on the way there i got sick to my stomach..REALLY bad..it sucked. cuz when your stomach is sick and your in a car..it just makes it worse. or atleast it does for me..well...i ended up missing my floorset at bb's = / so now i pretty much feel like shit because i have to call in this morning because i STILL feel like shit..

im pretty sure im gonna get fired.=( its okay though..i mean i have A REALLY good job right now with the parking garage..bath and body works almost isnt worth it. except that im pretty sure that i know myself. and i know that if i get fired ill feel like i cant ever go in there for anything..and lord knows i love that store. =/

so im pretty sure im gonna call in really soon. and sleep and get my rest until i have to leave for my other job..

ps-i have a SUPER short private update imgonna do right after this.. :P
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