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let's live life suddenly without thinking [entries|friends|calendar]
victoria laine

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the it girl. [08 Aug 2007|03:34pm]
oh, lord. it's getting so close to my moving day and i am freeeaking out! i don't know where to start with packing. i've never moved before in my life! this will be a challenge.
it's going to be strange living with travis again. we haven't lived together in three years. it'll be weird seeing him everyday and not my mom and trevor. it's going to be exciting and nerve racking for a while, but it'll settle down.
i'm going to miss my outrageous allison and KTK. they've made my life a lot easier and way more awesome. i love them.
i'll be 18 next friday. wassup?
everyone wants me to photograph them lately.

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my mac shack. [16 Jul 2007|04:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so i've been here in orlando since wednesday night. orientation was way too long. two full days of bullshit. the only real important thing we did was register for classes. i am taking english 1101, human species, art history, and oral communication. sounds pretty easy to me...which is how i roll. i'm excited to move up here and have my apartment and everything...but i'm really sad to leave the mac shack. all my favorite people work there and i can't imagine working anywhere else. it truly breaks my heart to be leaving them. ima miss ktk, oa, joshy, sara, jose, etc. etc. my heart is broken. my last day at the mac shack will be the 15th of august. and i'm moving to orlando on the 17th...which is my bday. party in whorelando? i think so!

it's still upsetting to be embarking into this part of my life without my dad to be there to help me pack and walk around campus so proud that he now has two kids in college. i loved it when he was proud of me.

oh btw, i got a sweet new macbook. it's weird because i've only ever owned pc's. so it's gonna take me a bit to get used to.

these are pretty much the best party pix ever...not gonna lie.

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trip to the city. [06 Jul 2007|11:24am]
[ mood | hungry ]

i'm back home.  my trip was very awesome, but of course i became quite homesick.  we went to new york city five times out of the seven days we were there.  super cool.  we did a little shopping, went to strawberry fields, top of the empire state building, nbc studios, colbert report, and i photographed brianna in central park.  I FINALLY FOUND AMERICONE DREAM ICE CREAM AND IT WAS AMAHZING!!  pretty much.

oh, and i couldn't be anymore excited about the spice girl reunion. omg omg omg omg.  talk about dream come true! i must go to their show.  i HAVE to.  it just wouldn't be right.  ghrighreoiuaghrewaou!!!

i'm going to orientation in a week or so.  pretty excited.  i really don't want summer to end though.

i love my life.

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NBD!! [20 Jun 2007|01:42pm]
[ mood | fine ]

oh man, i love the summer time.  not for the rain and the heat, but for the good times.  damn right.  the past week has been nothing but bowling, parties, baking cookies, beer pong, bahama mama fights, drunken phone calls, more parties, and work.  pretty nice.  

keena and i leave for nyc in a week! SEVEN DAYS! man, i'm excited.  so many amazing photos will come from that trip.  mos def.  just something else to look forward to.  i leave south florida in two months and all i have to say is let the good times roooooooll.

we're the shit.

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it's heaven. [30 May 2007|10:08am]
[ mood | happy ]

i am a graduate.  about fucking time.  you couldn't wipe the smile off my face! adieu, northeast high school. adieu!  the only tear shed was for the fact that i had an extra ticket and my godmother was there instead of my father.  the man that drove me to all my swim meets and was there for my entire high school career, wasn't there for the day to celebrate.  cheers, dad! i'm done and am moving on to better things and times! hoorah for the summer time! let's party till the end!

brianna is in town and i couldn't be any happier.  she leaves tomorrow.  breaks my heart, but i shall see her for the fourth of july! party in nyc! fo sho.  this past week and a half has been full of good times.  dinners with my biffles from the mac shack, trip to key west, and gradu-fucking-ation.  

key west is the shit.

6 know>< tori rocks this shit

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