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I'm Uh-May-Zing

&&You're Jealous

L to the A R S
12 May
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  • LARS12117

Hello. My name is Lizz aka Lars.

{I hate a lot of people but for the most part I'm easy to get along with//My dream is to be a broadway star or lawyer and my favorite country is Italy//I quite a random person and apperently I'm really funny//I'm crazily obsessed with American Idol and Laguna Beach//I'm in love with my two bestest friends forever, Kari Marie Back (aka Schnookums) and Angela Nicole Diaz (aka Angelo)//My favorite person in the world is Edward Louis Severson III better known as Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam: The Greatest Band EVER//Yes, I am a Christian; I do believe in God; I do believe that Jesus was the savior and if you a problem then maybe you shouldn't add me//My life is just about living it up and having a great time while I do that//I think that skaters and punks are hot and I think that guys who wear chick pants are hot with a capital H-A-W-T!//My favorite bands are AFI, Alexisonfire, and My Chemical Romance//Music is my everything and people who don't appreciate that should poke themselves with sporks (which, by the by, are extremely underrated)//I don't like people who are really preppy or people who are bitches//My friends that I am the closest to are Austin Lindsey Davis, Haleigh Alexandria Stong, Alexis Nichole Girou (aka Palo) and Kacie Stewart; I love them all muchly//I hate Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Mariah Carey, and Emory Russell, with a passion//I think America is retarded and I hate it//I think Joshua Marvin Bugbee is the hottest pothead in the world//Lime green is my favorite colour//I pretty much enjoy screamo music a lot//My biggest pet peeve is loud noises//My favorite word is "rad" and the funniest words ever are Man and Face//Palo and I have a fat monkey and there's a man in our room//My favorite stores in the mall are Hot Topic, Pac~Sun, and F.Y.E.//My biggest fear is needles//I have two huge secrets that only a few people know about//I like cookies and I'm a 463 pound person trapped in a 108-pound person's body//I'm in dance//I can relate to Napolean Dynamite because I'm almost exactly like him//Don't hate me because I'm awesome}

If you want to, add me and I’ll probably add you back, that's just the way I roll.


IM me on AIM @ L A R S 12117 or HelloHowRU32


El.to the Ay.Are.Es!

P.S. Prizes to those who read the whole thing

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♥ MCR is the
Best Band in the WORLD Love ♥
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♥ Boys Wearing Eyeliner are Sexy Love ♥
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♥ Jesus is Love ♥
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Always remember to...
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