Happy =)

Friends Only!!

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( If you made this FOB, comment and I'll credit you.)

You know the drill...
Add me, then comment to be added and if I find you cool enough, I just may add you back.

To be added you must fit in at least three of the following (unless I already know you):
Be my friend.
Love MCR.
Love PJ.
Love Fall Out Boy.
Not be offended by some mild cursing. Not much but some. When I'm really pissed.
Love rock.
Hate rap/Hip Hop/R&B.
Hate Hilary Duff.
Not care if I talk obsessivly of Josh Bugbee, Gerard Way, Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam or MCR.
Not like preps (unless their name is Austin, Sarah or Kara).
Love God and Jesus.
Love Napolean Dynamite, School of Rock, and/or The Ring 1 and 2.
Love Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, Laguna Beach, American Idol and/or TRL.

'Kay bye.