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(SPN) no one's looking KISS

7 x 04 ! Yes, REALLY!


First, this season is that perfect combination of heartbreaking and thrilling and crushing and amazing all at once. I know, I know. I love all the seasons of SPN, but I love them for different things, and despite this secret that now hangs between the boys (they always need at least one, don't they??), I feel like it's Sam and Dean against the World again, and THAT is my favorite thing about Supernatural at the end of the day. I want them to snark and annoy each other and drink beer and have heartfelt conversations that are a little awkward by the car and demonstrate through every action how much they need each other, would kill and die for each other, ETC. It's what makes this show the one show I cannot look away from, year after year.


That being said, let's talk about Collapse )

(SPN) no one&#39;s looking KISS

6x01 through 6 x03: the abridged version

Helloooooooo, f-list!

So. Here's the thing. I'm having a hard time adjusting to SPN on Friday night! It seems like a brilliant move in the sense that I don't have to get up early the next day, but it's just not working out. I think my brain is pre-programmed to CRASH on Friday night. I've always used Friday night as my night to recover from the long work week and gear up for fun on Saturday. So, the last three Fridays, I've watched the episode, had a gajillion things to say and...promptly fell asleep. LAMESAUCE.

It bugs me that I really haven't posted about the new season for several reasons, and one is that it might give you, lovely f-list, the idea that I:

1) have nothing to say about Season 6
2) don't like Season 6!


I'll be at Wincon for this upcoming episode, so I may or may not get a chance to say anything, but I am beyond excited for Jensen's directorial debut and the little video they released of him directing and stuff was freaking ADORABLE.

So, in the interest of clearing up any misconceptions and to get at least a couple of thoughts out there, come on in!

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that my journal is the House of Squee, and I really focus on what I LOVE and not what I don't. Please do the same in this journal. Thank youuuu! ♥

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PHEW. I can still talk about these boys, people! ♥
(SPN) no one&#39;s looking KISS

5 x 2 2

You ever have so much to say, you can't actually say ANYTHING?

Really? THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME. I know you are shooooocked.

(Also, partway through this post, I realized I was actually writing a coda fic instead of a reaction post, so I cut that part out, aaaaand now I seem to be writing a coda fic? Ooops?)

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(SPN) no one&#39;s looking KISS


SUPERNATURAL WILL BE BACK ON MY TV IN 44 MINUTES. I cannot currently textually render how excited I am about the boys coming back to my living room (SO TO SPEAK) but in a couple hours, I'll be giving it the old college try, as I always do.


(Also, I have not had a week that needed a new SPN more than this one in a LONG TIME. YES.)

I have realized I never posted a reaction post to the last episode before hiatus, though I did watch it again this week to bring myself up to full red-line squee level pre-tonight's episode.

I looked at my dorktastic notebook I write in during every SPN episode. I think rather than even attempt to write my normal (hah) post, I will directly quote a short passage from the notebook, as I think it does a pretty good job of summing up 5x14: My Bloody Valentine, even though I wrote it about halfway through the ep. Collapse )

OKAY, ALL READY NOW. Bring on the Winchesterssssssss! :D