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(SPN) no one's looking KISS

7 x 04 ! Yes, REALLY!


First, this season is that perfect combination of heartbreaking and thrilling and crushing and amazing all at once. I know, I know. I love all the seasons of SPN, but I love them for different things, and despite this secret that now hangs between the boys (they always need at least one, don't they??), I feel like it's Sam and Dean against the World again, and THAT is my favorite thing about Supernatural at the end of the day. I want them to snark and annoy each other and drink beer and have heartfelt conversations that are a little awkward by the car and demonstrate through every action how much they need each other, would kill and die for each other, ETC. It's what makes this show the one show I cannot look away from, year after year.


That being said, let's talk about Collapse )