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(SPN) no one's looking KISS

4 x 17 plus OTHER shenanigans

Y'know, sometimes I just like an excuse to use the word shenanigans. It's such a FUN WORD. And yes, I'm that dorky. Don't act like you didn't know!

This post-ep squee is belated, but I promise it is just as freaking spazzy (and even a bit thinky) as usual, so I'll hope you'll jump on in at the deep end.

~Before I do that, though, I have to say WOW to whatever anonymous person jumped in at the last minute and won me at Sweet Charity. Very generous! I know that I'll be told fairly soon who the winning bidder is, but I'm DYING OF CURIOSITY. If you're on my f-list, pleeeeeeeease TELL ME WHO YOU ARE. And what you want me to write of my two offerings. You don't want me to die of curiosity before I can write it, do you? :P You can email if you prefer! tiana 123 at gmail dot com

~In other awesome news, Friday Night Lights got a 26 episode (2 seasons on DirecTV) renewal and I am ridiculously excited, because that show.... It leaves me speechless and weeping pretty much every week, and that's the kind of show that deserves to keep on going. I am super excited about MORE FNL! \o/

~The veritable FLOOD of more pics from the con and reports and general fannish glee over the weekend con have made me very happy. I know there were various incidents of wank and I am just NOT going there. There is ALWAYS a bit of douchebaggery, and that is unfortunate, but overall, I'm loving that the VAST majority of fandom behaved itself.

~Mel is one of the most awesome people I have ever met. EVER. Yep. ♥

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PHEW. That was a lot of Winchester looooove. Way past my bedtime, too! OOPS.

Oh, and now that the finale has been shot, I live in mortal FEAR of spoilers. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, guys! I'm not sure I've made it through any finales without someone spoiling me, and I'm hoping this will be the first time! Fingers crossed!
(SPN) Sam upgraded angst

4 x 1 2

No, that's not a typo. I'm JUST getting around to making a post about last week's ep! BAH. This is what always happens when I don't get it written up the night it's on! I won't make that mistake again tonight. And without mentioning any spoilers (and please don't mention them in comments), I could not be more excited to see tonight's episode if I tried. I am VIBRATING in anticipation. Expect a verbal EXPLOSION of glee post-ep tonight. Brace yourselves now! (I don't even know that much about the ep - but I know enough from the preview last week to know I'll love it. Besides, I LOVE almost EVERYTHING.)

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HAPPY SPN DAY, y'all! ♥
(SPN) no one's looking KISS

4 x 10, the ACTUAL reaction post!

Wow, the best laid plans and all that. I meant to write this on Thursday night, and then I dropped in exhaustion (um, after chatting with Diya for three hourrrrrs after the ep. *koff*). And THEN I said I was going to post on Friday night, and again...victim of my 11 hour workday. And the weekend has been busy, and fun, and I had no time to properly re-watch and coo over my boys and my show and how much I ♥ it.

I have now remedied that and I have MUCH to say. SPOILER ALERT: LOVED 4x10. If you didn't, there may be nothing to see here, but I'd invite you in all the same. I do some thinky thinking, too, between the squeals. :) Just keep it positive, if ya please! <3 (p.s. This is LONG.)

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PHEW. I'm TIRED NOW. Those boys just WEAR ME OUT. Heh.