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2x19 Folsom Prison Blues

Two friendly reminders for making Ti HAPPY. (I mean, you want that, right? RIGHT? Don't walk away!) You come to my LJ, you bring your SQUEE, people! PUT ON YOUR SQUEE PANTS AND COME ON DOWN. If you are not wearing squee pants, you might want to just keep on going. (And yes, I just MADE UP 'squee pants.' This is what happens to me post-SPN. Brain goes funny!)

AND TWO, and this one is a bit more important. I am spoiler free and looking to stay that way. I watch the episode previews and that's it. So, pleeeeease respect that here in my LJ. I do my best to avoid spoilers otherwise by filtering my f-list, and I try not to get all batshit about it, but OMG, do NOT bring spoilers in my house, mmkay? THANK YOU.

And to the business at hand!

[SPOILERS FOR 2x19 and the preview for 2x20 BEHIND THE CUT!]
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AND THAT was a lot of chatter. :)
(SPN) no one's looking KISS

2x16 Roadkilllllll

REMEMBER what I said a few weeks ago? This LJ is SQUEE-friendly! Also, there are spoilers for both the ep AND the preview behind the cut. NO SPOILERS for next week's ep, please! JUST the preview. :)

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ALSO, WOW. I got all BID ON for Sweet Charity already. MEEP. A lot more than I anticipated. THE PRESSURE'S ON! Once I converted it to American dollars, I kind of squeaked. Thank you, Anonymous for giving to such a great cause and wanting ME to write you a fic! Now, f-list, get in there and BID on some awesome folks with crazy talent. It's for a wonderful charity and you get STUFF! :D Bidding is open 'til March 24, I believe! GO go go! *cheers*
(SPN) You didn't. I did! WIN!

2x15 Tall Tales

So, y'all know me by now. TOTALLY MADE OF SQUEE (and caffeine). I had a rather crappy day at work, which damaged my enjoyment of the first viewing of the episode. HOWEVER, on a second watch, I have Collapse )

So, huh. Looks like I laughed WAY more than I thought. Second time was the CHARM, babies! SWEET.

And now...HIATUS. *cries self to sleep*
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2x14 Born Under A Bad Sign

*points and squeals and gibbers and FLAILS*


Question: How long can Ti go without breathing? Answer: Born Under a Bad Sign.

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I love my show and my boys and I need to collapse, I think.

p.s. If you want to participate in a really unique project thought up by my dear friend deathisyourart to show the CW and Kripke how much we love the show and want it to stick around, go here and read about: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting. THANKS!
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2x13 Houses of the Holy

Pull up a chair, y'all. Behind this cut, a little bit of everything. (Including SQUEE, as ALWAYS.)

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*deep breath*

So, I kind of have to cut myself off at this point. This ep was quietly powerful and I know when I re-watch it, it will only become moreso. The acting was FANTASTIC from both the boys, the writing was careful, the themes worked into the episode and very subtly into the overall arc of the season, too. This idea of destiny and good and being SAVED and just how much CAN Dean protect Sam, etc. It’s all going to come back. ALL OF IT.

AND I CAN’T WAIT. Every week, I’m not sure I could love this show more than I already do, people. And then each week they prove me wrong. \o/