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(SPN) You didn't. I did! WIN!

do not pass go | R | Sam/Dean

Title: do not pass go
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: R for language, sexual situations
Length: 2,200ish words
Summary: Sam found a way to save Dean from going to Hell. If Dean had a thousand chances, he would have never guessed how. Never.
Spoilers: Season 3
Disclaimer: This is fiction and no harm is meant.
Author’s Note: Written for the help_haiti lightning round, from elliemurasaki’s prompt, which was a picture prompt. To keep from spoiling the fic, I've tucked the picture down at the end behind the cut. :)

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(SPN) Dean will BRB reading porn

life is short, and so am I

This week was so long, I started to think I lived it twice. AGH. But I have survived and it's the WEEKEND and I just went to Toys R Us and LIVED TO TELL THE TALE, so I'm feeling quite cocky. (See, I don't have kids, but I do have a niece and nephew I like to dote upon so I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping, and Toys R Us is a WEE BIT less scary at night than say, midday Saturday. I also bought some toys to take to Toys for Tots, which was super fun. I picked out things that I remember loving as a kid and I just hope some other kid loves them, too.)

I also have fun plans tomorrow with one of my friends and despite the fact that I'm tired from the end of my ponytail to the very tips of my toes, I am also kind of wired and punchy. So, let's do this meme I saw in enablelove's LJ!

Give me a pairing and/or a prompt, and I will write you a one sentence ficlet. And if it's a slashy prompt, it maaaay be PORN.

I'll leave this pretty open. Fandoms/pairings I'll take: J2, SPN: Sam/Dean, Sam, Dean (gen). No slash with Castiel, but I'll write him in a gen capacity. You can even ask for an AU J2 from one of my AU fics. And hell, I'll try something in Glee or Veronica Mars if you're feeling either musical or nostalgic! :)

Okaaaaaay, GO! ♥