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(SPN) inappropriate for your mom


This post is not my annual Big Bang Freakout - I think I'll save that one for tomorrow. (Spoiler: I haven't started yet!) THIS is my Holy Shit I've Been Working Too Much Post and Would Like to Do Something Fun post! (And I'm up at stupid o'clock on a Saturday because I am in fact going to work for another 8 hours or so. My job is a M-F job, so ugh.) The good news is that after work I'm going out for sangria and tapas with friends, so I will put this week in the rear view, big time!

That was a long intro into, HI, LET ME WRITE YOU SOME FICLETS!

I need to get the writing mojo back in my fingertips for the Big Bang Sprintathon, and writing little tidbit stories usually helps. And I think people need some smiles and maybe some porn, and I'm here to help!

Here's where YOU come in. :)

Your job:
1. Give me a pairing from this looooong line of choices: Jared/Jensen, Sam/Dean. (I'd also consider something in the Avengers or possibly LOTR. What, I just saw the Hobbit!)

2. Give me a line of dialogue. (Example, "Why are your hands so cold?!" "Pickles? OF COURSE." "I had nothing to do with the couch ending up on top of the garage, I swear." ETC)

My job:

Write you a ficlet of approximately 100-300 words. :D (I might even write it later tonight after going out, so drunken ficlets for everyone. wheeeeee!)

As my niece would say: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! And go! (Disclaimer: I can't promise to write all of them, if I happen to get a lot of prompts. LJ is so dead, I'm assuming I won't, but you never know!)