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Wow, I'm back! I was away for Thanksgiving and caught up in the whirlwind of my family, which is really fun but I always come home SO TIRED. And my driving trip each way to my brother's house SUCKED so hard. Massive traffic, fog, construction, bad weather. Thank god I had lots of happy music to keep me going through the houuuuuurs of driving. I got back Monday, and I think it all caught up with me yesterday. Went to work, went to the gym, came home, ate dinner, and just baaarely made it through So You Think You Can Dance before I dropped like a rock. THUNK. BUT NOW! Much better! I feel more awake and raring to go, and may not need to have coffee put into me through intravenous drip like yesterday! \o/

I have tried to catch up on LJ, but since I had not looked at it from Thursday until Monday night, it was not exactly...feasible. I tried, though! Let me know if there is something AWESOME I should know about? :D Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, if they celebrate it!

This looks fun! I'll reply to your threads when I get home from work. YAY! ♥ Since it's such a HUGE meme, it would be awesome if you would comment here with your thread link! I'll also read through my f-list tonight to find where you lovelies have given me links. THANKS! ♥

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all we need is loooooove

Oh man, I am so behind, you guys! I was away this weekend and it was so tiiiring, oh my god, and work is nuts and ETC ETC, whateverrrrr. I need to go back and reply to comments and all that, but who can resist a good love meme!? Go put your name in over there so I can love you all up, mmkay? Here's mine!

the /loves on meme

Hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend! ♥
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This is a quirky little meme, and man, I don't need to be envied, per se, but a few free 'these things are cool about you' comments never hurt! Today was a blur of a day at work and I am zonked and way too worn out for it being just Tuesday. Here's to making it through the week with sanity intact! :P

the i-envy-this-about-you meme
(link to my thread)

Now get in there and put your name in so I can tell you the things that make my green eyes go even greeeeener with envy of you. You're all awesome, so it's not hard! :D

(p.s. look at how WEE Jared is (well, relatively, he was still tall as a redwood) in my icon compared to those lickable photos posted of him today. UNF. How are both versions so HOT?!)