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(SPN) inappropriate for your mom


This post is not my annual Big Bang Freakout - I think I'll save that one for tomorrow. (Spoiler: I haven't started yet!) THIS is my Holy Shit I've Been Working Too Much Post and Would Like to Do Something Fun post! (And I'm up at stupid o'clock on a Saturday because I am in fact going to work for another 8 hours or so. My job is a M-F job, so ugh.) The good news is that after work I'm going out for sangria and tapas with friends, so I will put this week in the rear view, big time!

That was a long intro into, HI, LET ME WRITE YOU SOME FICLETS!

I need to get the writing mojo back in my fingertips for the Big Bang Sprintathon, and writing little tidbit stories usually helps. And I think people need some smiles and maybe some porn, and I'm here to help!

Here's where YOU come in. :)

Your job:
1. Give me a pairing from this looooong line of choices: Jared/Jensen, Sam/Dean. (I'd also consider something in the Avengers or possibly LOTR. What, I just saw the Hobbit!)

2. Give me a line of dialogue. (Example, "Why are your hands so cold?!" "Pickles? OF COURSE." "I had nothing to do with the couch ending up on top of the garage, I swear." ETC)

My job:

Write you a ficlet of approximately 100-300 words. :D (I might even write it later tonight after going out, so drunken ficlets for everyone. wheeeeee!)

As my niece would say: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! And go! (Disclaimer: I can't promise to write all of them, if I happen to get a lot of prompts. LJ is so dead, I'm assuming I won't, but you never know!)

(SPN) Sam dare you to resist

ask me a question and I'll tell you a story

I had a lot of fun doing my little homemade meme the other night, so I'm going to keep doing it. I'm finding lately that the more I write, the more I want to write, the more I CAN write. When I get stressed, I sometimes don't write, and I will not let that happen! I AM DETERMINED. So, here we go again:

Here's how you play!

1. Ask me a question!
2. Give me a prompt, with pairing (or characters, if gen)!

I will:

1. Answer your question!
2. Write you 100 words or SO from your prompt RIGHT NOW and/or tomorrow.

Since it's getting late, I may ponder your prompts and post them tomorrow night. To be fair, if you prompted me in this post, please refrain from prompting again. I want to spread the looooove. Where loooooove equals dirty, dirty porn. UM, I mean, FICTION. Riiiight.

Bring it on! ♥

ETA: I'll take a few more, so don't be shy.
ETA2: That's it for tonight, dears. Thanks for playing! :)
(SPN) no one's looking KISS

Birthday Ficlet-a-thon!

You know what would be awesome? If LJ would fix its COMMENT NOTIFICATIONS. Yes. That would be super.

In other news, I have a NEW PLAN for my birthday, which is Thursday. I had planned to write a sequel to life is just one cup of coffee after another, and I am GOING TO DO THAT (sometime), but I honestly just don't have time at the moment. I'm working some long hours, the holidays are always a CRAZY CRAZY time for me, but in the crazy FUN and time-consuming way, and I really want to do a good job on that sequel, so it's going to have to wait a little while. I'm sorry! Plus, I've got a couple other fics in the works I need to focus on at the moment.

HOWEVER, I have an alternate offer! Because I really want to GIVE something on my birthday, I'm going to do a little ficlet-a-thon.

Here's where you come in! I'll take prompts for the next hour or so (depending on how many I get), and then I'll write some ficlets. I can't promise I'll write EVERY prompt, but I'll do what I can. Some prompts might get a one-sentence ficlet and others might get 500 words. OR MORE. I don't know, my brain is funny that way!

I'll need a pairing and a prompt. I will write: Sam, Dean (gen), Sam/Dean (Wincest), J2, any pairing in Glee (I have no OTP in that fandom!), and hell, even Veronica Mars, preferably L/V.

I'll post what I write on my birthday Thursday, and I hope you enjoy! Now, goooooo! ♥

ETA: I'm going to bed, but I'll leave this post open for more prompts, and I'll see how many I can get to by Thursday. Go crazy! :D
(SPN) Dean will BRB reading porn

life is short, and so am I

This week was so long, I started to think I lived it twice. AGH. But I have survived and it's the WEEKEND and I just went to Toys R Us and LIVED TO TELL THE TALE, so I'm feeling quite cocky. (See, I don't have kids, but I do have a niece and nephew I like to dote upon so I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping, and Toys R Us is a WEE BIT less scary at night than say, midday Saturday. I also bought some toys to take to Toys for Tots, which was super fun. I picked out things that I remember loving as a kid and I just hope some other kid loves them, too.)

I also have fun plans tomorrow with one of my friends and despite the fact that I'm tired from the end of my ponytail to the very tips of my toes, I am also kind of wired and punchy. So, let's do this meme I saw in enablelove's LJ!

Give me a pairing and/or a prompt, and I will write you a one sentence ficlet. And if it's a slashy prompt, it maaaay be PORN.

I'll leave this pretty open. Fandoms/pairings I'll take: J2, SPN: Sam/Dean, Sam, Dean (gen). No slash with Castiel, but I'll write him in a gen capacity. You can even ask for an AU J2 from one of my AU fics. And hell, I'll try something in Glee or Veronica Mars if you're feeling either musical or nostalgic! :)

Okaaaaaay, GO! ♥