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(SPN) Dean & Sam ILU

I am the luckiest

YOU GUYS. My eyes are HEARTS. If you could see me now. It's just ♥__♥ all night. If my eyes don't go back to normal by tomorrow morning, I don't know what the people at work will think!

I had an AMAZING BIRTHDAY! Tons of great stuff in RL because my friends kick serious ass, and then I come home and find so many wonderful happy words and thoughts for me, and it's just...I AM THE LUCKIEST. I thought of that song, because that is how I feel. I'm lucky to have all of you in my life and I never would have thought I'd make such lovely friends and find myself a part of a community of such caring, good-hearted people, so I THANK YOU. For being you, and sharing that with ME. ♥

Thank you from the bottom of my love-filled heart for the adorable v-gifts, chaotic4life, missyjack, kultiras, wendy, boom_queen and afrocurl! In addition to my existing blizzard o'snowflakes, your lovely birthday gifts are making my profile a really happy place!

Thank you for the wonderful emails, private messages, texts, posts and comments wishing me a happy birthday to: lostt1 (♥!), fleshflutter, akintay, sloane_m, enablelove, silverweave, zimshan, havemy_heart, sugareey, iwillrememberu, sunshine95, random_serious, halfshellvenus, deirdre_c, and deathisyourart (THAT E-CARD WAS AWESOME, I can't wait for whatever you've cooked up for me!)

You all just gave me smile after smile today, and I'm so grateful!

deathisyourart and lostt1 have some things in the works for me, and I cannot WAIT to see what they are each up to. I'll be sure to tell you about it. :) I've got a few fics and drabbles coming, thanks to the lovely offers of estrella30, halfshellvenus and deathbymutation! BWEE!

Two of the sunshiniest (it's A WORD), happy, positive two ladies I've ever had the joy of knowing either on LJ or in RL wrote me fics today. You should check them out, too!

enablelove wrote I'm Glad You're IT, Because Baby You're It, an adorable J2 College!AU where the boys are geeky and unsure and did I mention ADORABLE?!

And deirdre_c wrote me a totally brain-melting drabble where Jared is NAUGHTY. I LIKE. (And so does Jensen!) you better watch out, I'm telling you why

Thank you so muuuuch, my dears! I cannot tell you the happiness I'm feeling right now, it's just GUSHING. Like me!

OKAY, SO. Tuesday night I opened my post for prompts, so I could write YOU guys some ficlets on my birthday. I think I got close to 20 prompts, which is...a LOT! At least it is for me, when my time is way too short. (I would give anything to not NEED SLEEP. I could get so much done!)

I thought I'd write wee little ficlets for each, but one prompt already got away from me, and turned into over 1,500 words. Oops? I'm going to post that one in a separate post. But here's another shorter one, from one of my previous fandoms, Veronica Mars.

From havemy_heart, the prompt was Logan/Veronica, Logan gets a tattoo. | PG-13 | 560 words

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More will be posted very sooooon! :)

Thanks again, everyone, and while I tried to keep track of all the lovely birthday wishes (and I will be replying to all of them individually), if I missed yours, please sing out!