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a theory of convergence | R | jared/jensen [master post]

title: a theory of convergence
author: __tiana__
characters: Jared/Jensen, Katie, Danneel, Misha
rating: R for language and sexual situations
length: 24,470ish words

Summary:AU. Jared grew up in Barnes, Texas, home of prestigious Wilson College. He knows everyone in town, and they know him. Jensen Ackles, star student of Wilson, is the name everyone knows, but the person nobody does. He's graduating at the top of the class and is leaving town in just twelve weeks for a research fellowship in California. After seeing Jensen around town for four years, Jared finally decides to bite the bullet and ask him out. Nobody is so sure this is a good idea, including Jared's best friends Katie and Danneel, and Jensen's roommate Misha and his brother Josh. Can a college brain and a townie who hasn't quite figured out his next steps fit together? The road is bumpy, but it might just be worth it. (Verrry loose adaptation of the movie Say Anything.)

Disclaimer: This is purely an act of fiction, and no harm is meant

Author’s Note: Written for spn_j2_bigbang Complete notes in the art, soundtrack & notes post!


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