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Welcome to the Genesis | NC-17 | Jared/Jensen

Title: Welcome to the Genesis
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen, implied Katie/Genevieve
Rating: NC-17 for language, sexual situations
Length: 4000ish words
Summary: Space!AU. Jensen is the new doctor on the Genesis. Jared is an Engineer, and does not date crew members. Can Jensen find the loophole to get what he wants?
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for salt_burn_porn for the prompt once bitten, twice shy.

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(J2) Jared in trailer

The Theory of Virginity | NC-17 | Jared/Jensen

Title: The Theory of Virginity
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Length: 10,600ish words
Summary: AU. "The money had made Jared's head spin, and he realized he did have a price. Or at least, his cherry did. And this Mr. Ackles was apparently willing to pay it."
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this act of fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for deirdre_c in reply to a filthy prompt she once gave me. I started this months ago, but am finishing it for her birthday! Happy b-day, D! <3

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If I survive a presentation at work today, I hope to frolic in this comment fic meme! There are already many brilliant prompts! Go forth and fic! :D
(SPN) inappropriate for your mom


This post is not my annual Big Bang Freakout - I think I'll save that one for tomorrow. (Spoiler: I haven't started yet!) THIS is my Holy Shit I've Been Working Too Much Post and Would Like to Do Something Fun post! (And I'm up at stupid o'clock on a Saturday because I am in fact going to work for another 8 hours or so. My job is a M-F job, so ugh.) The good news is that after work I'm going out for sangria and tapas with friends, so I will put this week in the rear view, big time!

That was a long intro into, HI, LET ME WRITE YOU SOME FICLETS!

I need to get the writing mojo back in my fingertips for the Big Bang Sprintathon, and writing little tidbit stories usually helps. And I think people need some smiles and maybe some porn, and I'm here to help!

Here's where YOU come in. :)

Your job:
1. Give me a pairing from this looooong line of choices: Jared/Jensen, Sam/Dean. (I'd also consider something in the Avengers or possibly LOTR. What, I just saw the Hobbit!)

2. Give me a line of dialogue. (Example, "Why are your hands so cold?!" "Pickles? OF COURSE." "I had nothing to do with the couch ending up on top of the garage, I swear." ETC)

My job:

Write you a ficlet of approximately 100-300 words. :D (I might even write it later tonight after going out, so drunken ficlets for everyone. wheeeeee!)

As my niece would say: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! And go! (Disclaimer: I can't promise to write all of them, if I happen to get a lot of prompts. LJ is so dead, I'm assuming I won't, but you never know!)

(SPN) Dean thinks you overshare

A List Where the Main Point is the LAST POINT.

Ladies and gents, I'm back again! Terribly erratic of me, isn't it? Disappear, post, disappear, write some fic, disappear...well, you get the idea. I'll go for a super quick recap before I jump into the main point of the post.

1. Life is NUTSO. Work is eating me alive and the endless unpacking and re-organizing at my new place is just that: ENDLESS. But the work thing is doing me in, I swear.

2. Supernatural and those darn BOYS fill me with such squealy glee on a daily basis, I basically don't know what to do with myself.

3. This week I was driving to the Metro and heard on NPR about the Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie. I grinned all the way to work, though the announcer's opinion that VM fans are called Marshmallows made me wrinkle my nose. Never been called that. Veronica Mars Season 1 is still my favorite year of a TV show ever. (And for those who stare and wonder at my ability to adore SPN all the way into Season 8 and wonder if I just NEVER leave any TV show behind? Let me assure you, I ditched VM in Season 3 out of sheer disgust after loving S1 THAT MUCH. I can be driven off. Same thing happened with Glee. Loved it, now I loathe it and won't watch. IT HAPPENS TO ME, TOO. :D Just not with those boys. We are OT3 until the end. (I think it helps that my ship on SPN cannot neither be fully severed or fully realized except through my fannish action. That pleases me.)
The point of the VM story was that right after I heard that bit on the news, I said to myself. "Huh. I should totally finish Holding the Curve." Finishing that fic probably ranked with the VM movie as highly unlikely things that might actually happen. And then someone commented on the last chapter of HTC and said the same thing. A SIGN? MAYBE. :D

4. After not finishing a single fic for about four months, I wrote 16,000 words in seven days and posted two fics. GO FIGURE. I'm also up to 11,000 words on a third fic that is 85% porn. Um. I blame deirdre_c for almost all of those words. In all three fics. Ain't she great??? I LOVE HER.

But the posted fics were:

Second Star to the Right | R | Jared/Jensen, which was my fic for j2_everafter. An adaptation of Peter Pan, and I've wanted to write a J2 AU of Peter Pan for years, and never snagged it in the challenge, so this one HAD TO HAPPEN. ♥

Extra Credit | R | Jared/Jensen, which was my fic for my favorite filthy challenge, salt_burn_porn. If SBP was going perpetually (I know, totally unreasonable demand!), I would ALWAYS SIGN UP. In fact, I'd probably sign up twice, under assumed names just so I could write MORE.

5. AND NOW, the main reason I've called you all here. I've done it again: signed up for Big Bang with no fucking CLUE what to write. The options for me for Sam/Dean and Jared/Jensen AU or non-AU. No other pairings, no gen. Aside from those parameters, I'm at a loss, ONCE AGAIN.

This is where I plead with you for a suggestion, an idea, a whisper of a plot! Maybe there's something you've always wanted me to write? Or something you can't get enough of in fandom? It can be really simple or incredibly OUT THERE. I'm open to allllll suggestions! :D

HELP ME, F-LIST. All I have to offer in return is my undying gratitude and possibly the very fic you suggest in 20,000 word form! ♥!

ETA: J2AU: Undercover agents who hate each other over a previous stint gone bad or some such thing, who have to pretend to be a couple?! OR where one has a crush on the other, but can't admit it? (Thanks to mekina for mentioning one of my favorite tropes: pretend couple! Even if she wanted it Sam/Dean. I'm totally seeing this as J2!AU. HMM!)
(J2) Boys in loooove

Second Star to the Right | R | Jared/Jensen [part 1 of 2, complete]

Title: Second Star to the Right
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Katie, Danneel
Rating: R for language, sexual situations
Length: 10000ish words
Summary: Peter Pan AU. Lost Boy Jensen, formerly Tootles, left Neverland ten years ago to finally grow up. Peter Pan had been killed by Hook, or so they all thought, and he saw no point in staying. Not long after a shocking visit from Tinker Bell, a stranger named Jared walks through the door of Neverland Candy and Coffee, and changes everything.
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this act of fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for j2_everafter. This fic would not have happened without the brainstorming, the encouragement and the pure amazingness that is deirdre_c! Thank you! Huge, huge thanks to ignited for making awesome art for the fic - all on a very short deadline and without even having the fic draft in hand. ♥! And as always, thank you to the mods for running this challenge. I have really loved it!

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Part Two
(J2) He grabbed my ass

Extra Credit | R | Jared/Jensen

Title: Extra Credit
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R for language, sexual situations
Length: 5700ish words
Summary: College AU. Jared has terrible ideas. Suggesting he and best friend Jensen sign up for a sex study to earn extra cash? One of his worst...and best.
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this act of fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for salt_burn_porn for chemm80’s prompt ‘It’s not my fault’. Thank you thank you thank you to deirdre_c for the inspiration for the fic. She is a superstar and kept me going as I wrote a ridiculous amount of fic for this time-restricted challenge.

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(In other news, my LIFE is full of too much...fullness! Mostly good! But tonight at 9:00 pm EST, it all stops. BECAUSE THE BOYS ARE BACK. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!)
(J2) Jensen wants to do Jared

A Matter of Trust | NC-17 | Jared/Jensen

Title: A Matter of Trust
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 for language, sexual situations
Length: 2700ish words
Summary: non-AU. Jensen learns a secret about Jared in bed, and decides to try something new. If Jared trusts him, that is.
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for salt_burn_porn for the prompt Not what I was expecting..

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