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I don't usually post such RANDOMNESS (or maybe I do?) but Y'ALLLL. I was re-watching Tall Tales and noticed THIS LITTLE DETAIL. Watch the clip, then look behind the LJ cut for DISCUSSION (i.e. me drooling). Obviously, this clip has spoilers for Tall Tales.

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I have no idea exactly why this is SO HOT TO ME, but Dean opens his beer bottle with his RING. I mean, that's SUCH a Dean thing and it's just...it's hot. I have no other explanation for why it makes me feel FUNNY in my PANTS. BWEE.

I think also I picture Jensen doing that, too? Since it's a ring he wears all the time? AND YEAH, that makes it doubly hot.


Um, let's see...other CONTENT for this post aside from my random flailing.... HMMM. *scratches head*

OH! EH, not really content, but I'm going to do a bunch of comment replying this weekend, so please be patient with my SLOW and LATE replies, okay? OKAY! Then, I'm going to write. I may put up a poll this weekend so you guys can help me with my long ass list of fic to write. I need to prioritize. GAH.

ETA: green_wing asked if I could upload the clip, so here ya go!
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