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Fic: Rain Check (Logan/Veronica) NC-17

I know. It's too weird, right? I'm posting ANOTHER fic. Two in two days (!) This is not going to happen a lot, but I really wanted to respond to this challenge, so I did it. Of course, since I was on a deadline, I wrote an 11 page fic. It was supposed to be a short one! *slaps forehead* Sometimes, I wonder about myself...

Anyhoo, before I get to the fic, THANK YOU to the kind, anonymous soul who gifted me with a pretty yellow rose today. I'm glad to know my fic cheers you up! Oh, and thanks for the great response to yesterday's birthday fic for deathisyourart. She really liked it and the fact that so many others did as well is just great!

Oh, and if you haven't already, get over to the fic_from_mars awards poll and vote for your favorite fics! Voting closes at the end of the day Feb. 15, so time is running out! :) Thanks!

So, it's way past my bedtime - but just one hour shy of the final deadline for this challenge, so I better get to it:

Title: Rain Check
Author: Tiana
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica
Word Count: 4,454
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Set two months after 2x13. Logan hasn’t forgotten what Veronica offered. A certain friend steps in to help make it happen.
Spoilers/Warnings: Season 2 up to 2x13.
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas lets me take them out of the box and play with them, but they go home with him at the end of the day. (Also, Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back are NOT my property. No suing, please!)
Note: Written for the Cupid Challenge at loveathons. This fic is dedicated to naty_, hellopoe, lapses and maybe a few others who decided a fic based on one part of the opening L/V scene in 2x13 was a GOOD idea. And that I should write it. I had to agree - and so this fic was born. :P
Words in italics are Veronica's thoughts. Words in bold italics are quoted from either Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back. (I know...Huh?)

“Is this seat free?”

Veronica answers automatically, the alarm bells in her head ringing a split second too late. “Sure, help yourse-”

“Thanks. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find a seat in here.”

Veronica sighs, glancing around at the more than half empty theater before finally looking at her new seatmate.

This is not happening. I am not sitting in a dark movie theater with...


“Good to see you’ve remembered my name. Being ‘that jerk’ was getting a little old.”

Veronica turns slightly in her seat, watching him settle down with his popcorn and drink. “What are you doing here?”

Logan holds up the popcorn bucket, gestures at the currently dark screen. “Pretty obvious, don’t you think?”

“I...” She gapes at him as the house lights go all the way down.

“Shhh....the movie’s starting.” He winks at her, before turning to the screen and taking a handful of popcorn.

Veronica watches Logan crunch noisily, and shakes her head when he holds the bucket towards her.

He glances over when she doesn’t reach in. “Come on, Mars. Extra butter and salt, just the way you like it.”

She bites her bottom lip, the tempting smell coming off the popcorn luring her in.

He remembers how I like my popcorn a year later. Not a big deal. Hardly worth mentioning.

Logan shakes the bucket a little as the previews continue onscreen. Kicking herself for this moment of weakness, Veronica takes a handful and the napkin that magically appears in Logan’s other hand.

Smiling happily despite the underlying shock at Logan’s sudden arrival, Veronica throws a few pieces in her mouth. The slick of butter-flavored oil coats her tongue as the salt makes her lips tingle. Veronica is in snack food heaven. She jumps when something cold brushes her arm. Glancing down, she sees a soda in her cup holder.

Before she can ask, Logan answers her unspoken question. “Root beer, extra ice.”

“What are you -”

Veronica’s words are cut off by the booming orchestral music resounding in the theater. Logan holds up a finger to his lips and then points at the screen. He turns to watch the familiar yellow words scroll upwards, leaving Veronica more than confused. She looks down at her handful of popcorn, the cold drink and Logan sprawled next to her.

What just happened? How did I just end up on a date with Logan?

Halfway through the movie, Veronica is awfully glad she’s seen Star Wars a hundred times because she’s barely heard a word of it. Even when he’s not talking, Logan’s presence is loud. He’s all long legs and movement, fingers flicking popcorn in his mouth, hand loosely holding a cup of Coke while he sucks on the straw. She can feel him looking at her periodically and she finds it difficult to keep her eyes focused on the screen for two hours.

“Want anything else, Veronica?” The sudden warmth of Logan’s breath against her ear and his low whisper make every hair on the back of Veronica’s neck come to attention. She comes this close to dropping her root beer.

“What? No!”

Nice, Veronica. Way to over-react.

She shakes her head imperceptibly, clearing it.

“Sno-Caps?” She takes a breath, wishing she could tell Logan to stop breathing in her ear without him knowing how it’s affecting her. Even when he doesn’t touch her, she could swear he is.

Veronica shakes her head and Logan finally leans back into his own seat. She curses to herself because some Sno-Caps would be damn good right now.

So...what do you think of her, Han?

I'm trying not to, kid!


Still, she's got a lot of spirit. I don't know, what do you think? Do you think a princess and a guy like me...


Veronica holds her breath, feeling Logan’s eyes on her once again. She resolutely ignores any and all connections between the actions on the screen and the boy next to her.

Besides, I’m no princess.

Veronica reaches into the popcorn without looking, her fingers tangling with Logan near the bottom of the bucket. She pulls back as if stung and hears him laugh softly. Cheeks flaring with warmth, she grabs a handful quickly, ignoring the little tingles up her arm.

When the Death Star explodes, Veronica feels pretty close to it herself.

Was this movie always this long? Did they extend the extended version or what?

As the credits roll, Veronica stands up, earning an amused glance from Logan. He gets up too, stretching his arms above his head, cracking his neck side to side. His quick reflexes grab her jacket before it can slide down into the seat. Logan holds it up and shaking her head again, Veronica slides her arms in. His fingers brush her neck and trail through her hair as he helps her put it on.

This is not a date. I mean, dates are agreed upon beforehand. Times are set, people are picked up. This was just Logan ambushing me with my favorite snack products in a dark theater. Not a date.

She mutters thanks and turns to head down the aisle. Logan follows her, walking beside her when they hit the lobby, hands jammed in his jacket pockets. When he pushes the door open for her and gestures her through, Veronica finally loses her composure.

She stomps out of the theater and grabs Logan’s arm, yanking him to the side of the entrance.

“Whoa! It’s a first date, Veronica. Slow down!” He puts his hands up.

Eyes narrow, Veronica hisses, “This is not a date, Logan.”

Logan holds up a hand, starts ticking things off finger by finger. “Did I buy you popcorn and a drink?”

“Yes, but...”

“Did I sit next to you in the theater, thinking about how to get you to make out with me?”

“What?” Veronica can’t stop Logan’s breakneck flow of words, rushing over her too quickly.

“Help you put your jacket on, hold the door for you?”


Logan shrugs. “Sounds like a date to me, Veronica.” She blinks at him and when it looks like she will respond, starts talking again. “Well, it’s pretty late. How about we try this again on Saturday, 7ish? You busy?”

“No, but I’m not going to-“ Veronica tries to stop him. Tries to derail him. But he doesn’t hit the brakes.

“Good. I’ll pick you up.” He leans in, brushes a kiss across Veronica’s cheek before spinning on his heel and walking towards the parking lot.

“But...it’s not a date.” Veronica finishes weakly, wondering just where her quick response time went. Logan not only ambushed her in the theater, he continued the attack in the parking lot.

She fishes her keys out of her jacket pocket and starts to head for the parking lot and her car. The glare of a yellow Xterra across the lot smacks her in the face and the conversation runs by her one more time.

Do I have a date with Logan?

Saturday night, 7:02 p.m.

Veronica jumps at the knock on her door. She mutes the television and glances at the clock, butterflies thudding wildly in her chest.

It can’t be. He meant it?

Hesitating slightly, Veronica stands up and heads for the door. Hand on the knob, she straightens up, puts a stern look on her face before opening the door slightly.

“Ready?” Logan grins at her from the other side of the door.

“For what?” Keep it serious, Mars. Don’t play along.

“Our date, of course.”

She opens the door enough to put a hand on her hip, glaring up at him. Logan responds by grinning at her.

“We don’t have a date.”

“Sure we do. Remember, we made plans back on Friday at the revival house? Oh, and I have this.”

Logan digs a small piece of torn blue paper out of his back pocket and hands it to her. Frowning, Veronica studies it, turning it over once before looking up at him in confusion.

“It’s my rain check.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know, you offered me a hot date and I took a rain check. Well, I’m cashing it in.” He steps closer, but doesn’t enter the apartment. “Tonight.”

“What are you talking-“ Staring at the blue stub, she blinks rapidly. “This is your ticket to the Winter Carnival.”

“Well, yeah.”

Veronica suddenly remembers bantering with Logan at the sno cone booth. “I wasn’t serious.

“You were teasing me? Veronica, it’s not nice to toy with a boy’s heart.” Logan pretends to be shocked, eyes wide.

“I wasn’t toying with your -“

Logan’s eyebrows lift.

“-anything. It was a joke.”

“Ouch. That hurts, Veronica.” He puts his hand over his heart.

“Logan!” Veronica feels a surge of frustration coupled with rising amusement, as she realizes she has no control over the direction of this conversation and possibly this evening. It’s not a feeling she is used to and usually not one she secretly enjoys. Logan’s successful unbalancing of her once again surprises her, but it’s not a completely bad surprise, it turns out.

His smirk fades slightly, his brown eyes softening. “Would it be so bad, Veronica?”

She wants to say yes, it would be absolutely awful if she let Logan take her on a date. But she can’t lie. They’ve been getting along a lot better in the two months since the Winter Carnival.

Since Duncan left.

It’s no coincidence that they started talking more after Duncan took off. It started with Veronica agreeing, reluctantly at first, to help Logan prove his innocence in Felix’s murder. After observing the skills of Weevil and Logan as private detectives, she felt compelled to step in before one of them got killed. When she quizzed them about what had gone on in the ‘investigation,’ she remembers the queasy feeling in her stomach as Logan described the game of Russian roulette Weevil had designed to test him. She looked between the two of them and thought if they could work together after that she could probably find a way.

And in the time since she solved the case and got him exonerated, they’ve been exchanging more than a few weighted looks, more than a few light, playful words.

There may have been flirting.

Veronica snaps out of her thoughts to find Logan leaning against the doorframe, studying her. She grows embarrassed, wondering how long she had been standing there without answering.

“I’m not dressed to go anywhere, Logan.”

He smiles broadly at Veronica’s unspoken agreement to the evening. He glances down over her warm-up pants and top with appraising eyes. “That’s okay, I didn’t really want to go anywhere. I brought this.” He slides a hand into his jacket’s inner pocket and pulls out a DVD. Veronica smiles despite her reservations.

“Ah, the best of the - ”

“Best of the trilogy - ”

They both stop, grinning. Logan regroups, “Girl after my own heart.” He starts to come into the apartment, but pauses. “May I?”

Veronica steps back, sweeping him in to the apartment, taken off-guard once again.

Logan takes a few steps in and pauses. “Your Dad here?”

She frowns, a little line forming between her brows. “No. Why?”

“Just wanted to thank him.”

Veronica freezes, hand clutching the edge of the door. “For what?”

He tugs his jacket off, throws it over the nearest chair before heading to the DVD player. He doesn’t look at her when he answers. “I’ve had my fill of close encounters with a handgun this year, so I figured it would be good to ask him if I was allowed back within fifty yards of your apartment before I approached.”

“You didn’t...” She closes the door and comes over to stand next to Logan. The thought of Logan calling her Dad makes her head spin.

“He’s very protective, your Dad.”

“But...you...what?” If there’s one thing Veronica prides herself on, it’s her ability to roll with the punches. But Logan is throwing them too fast and in the most surprising places.

“I’ll tell you what, though.. he was almost easy compared to Wallace. That guy put me through my paces.” Logan looks away, loads the disk into the player and closes it. Kicking his shoes off, he sprawls onto the couch like he lives there.

Veronica stands there like she’s been slapped. She manages to stutter out, “Wallace?”

“Your best friend?” Logan tilts his head at her, studying her like she’s gone off the deep end.

She stares at him.

Logan sits up slightly, holding his hands up. “Now, before you get apoplectic, we all know you can take care of yourself. I mean, believe me, we all know.” He looks at the floor, before lifting his eyes back to meet hers. “He just told me you probably wouldn’t have me locked up if I tried to see you. Outside of school. That’s all.” He pauses, a little smile on his face. “And he told me where I could find you last Friday.”

“That little...he ditched me that night, after promising to indulge my Star Wars obsession. I wanted to... and he was telling you...”

Note to self: Kill Wallace. Slowly.

“Logan, please excuse me.” Not waiting for an answer, Veronica turns on her heel and flies into her bedroom. Snatching the phone, she speed dials and taps her foot.


“Wallace Fennel, you set me up!”

“Good evening to you too, Veronica.”

“AH! I’m talking. Logan? You set me up with Logan?”


“Oh.” Veronica is taken aback at Wallace’s ready agreement.

“Listen, girl. I have been watching you moon over him for the last six weeks at lunch. I was starting to lose my appetite.”

“I do not moon over - ”

“Please, Mars. Think who you’re talking to. Secret glances, completely fake nonchalant conversations about him? You were mooning. I also know you well enough to know you are the most stubborn girl in all of California. Possibly in the entire Pacific time zone. So, when he came to me, I let a bit of info slip his way.”

“You did set me up!”

“You can thank me later. Now, if you don’t mind, Jackie is waiting and the girl does not like to wait.”

“Wallace, don’t you dare...” Veronica’s mouth hangs open as she hears the dial tone suddenly.

Logan’s voice comes from the living room. “Showtime, Veronica!”

You can say that again.

Head still reeling from the recent revelations, Veronica checks herself over in the mirror and sighs. She yanks her hair out of a ponytail and brushes it before she stops abruptly. She tosses the hairbrush back on the table in exasperation with herself and flicks the light back off as she heads to the living room.

The room is dark, lit only by the TV. Familiar music blares from the TV and she sees the introductory words scrolling by. Memories of watching all of the Star Wars movies, but especially Empire Strikes Back, with her Dad are good ones. He never understood why she was drawn to the movie where everything went wrong more than the other two. Later events in her young life made it all make a lot more sense. Veronica can survive the bad stuff. Nowadays, it’s the simple, happy times that always throw her off.

Veronica registers Logan, finally. He has his sock feet up on the table and his arms stretched across the back of the couch. When his eyes land on hers, she feels it. Somewhere down low. She covers her reaction with a remark.



Veronica hesitates, the safety of the armchair calling to her. Truth be told, while she will not let any of the men in her life live this down, she is kind of excited. The fact that Logan knows her well enough to realize it would take planning of this magnitude to slip through her defenses makes her feel a little bit warm inside.

So, when she drops down next to Logan on the couch, her hip brushing his, it’s Logan’s turn to be surprised. His hand drops to her shoulder almost immediately and when she doesn’t duck out from under it, he hides a smile and leaves his hand resting there.

It’s only minutes into the movie that Veronica starts giggling to herself when Leia appears onscreen in her all white Hoth outfit.


“I dressed in that exact costume for Halloween when I was 11. Braids and all.”

“Don’t tease, Veronica.” Logan groans, his hand tightening on her shoulder.

She sits up, turns to look at him. “I’m not.” Veronica smiles devilishly as she takes in Logan’s expression. “Oh my god. You had a THING for Princess Leia, didn’t you? A little pre-pubescent crush. Am I right?”

“Absolutely. You still have the outfit?” Logan is unabashed.

Veronica opens her mouth. “I was 11!”

“So it would be a little snug. I can live with that. In fact, I wholeheartedly support that.”

Veronica shakes her head, pursing her lips. Behind her, she hears Han and Leia argue.

I’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee.

That can be arranged. You could use a good kiss!

Veronica’s eyes drop to Logan’s mouth on the word kiss and it is really all the encouragement he needs. His hand, which had dropped to her back when she sat up, exerts a gentle pressure and Veronica finds herself leaning closer to him. He sits forward and they meet somewhere in the middle, lips pressing together. What starts off as a gentle, tentative kiss escalates quickly.

Logan’s fingertips dig into Veronica’s back as she tilts her head and opens her mouth to him. Their tongues meet instantly, stroking deeper, eliciting a low sound of pleasure from Logan. Veronica’s heart races into her throat as she angles into a better position. Logan’s other hand goes into her hair as she slides one leg clumsily across his lap. When the kiss breaks with a gasp, Veronica is straddling his lap, breathing rapidly. The fingers of her right hand spread across Logan’s neck, her little finger resting on his collarbone. His pulse races beneath her hand. His eyes are focused on hers, face lit by the white light coming off the TV screen.

His tongue darts out to wet his bottom lip. “Is this a date now, Veronica?”

She narrows her eyes, squeezing her legs around his. The way he says her name, low and slow, has always made her heart pound. “Maybe.”

Both of his hands grasp her hips, sliding up her back and under her shirt until they find her bare skin. It’s supple and warm under his fingers, but Logan senses that he better let Veronica make the next move.

It is not without some surprise on his part when she actually does. Veronica tips forward, lips finding the side of Logan’s neck. As her mouth moves across his skin, kissing and nipping lightly, his hands move further up her back. The very tips of Logan’s fingers drag across the underside of her breasts, causing Veronica to suddenly pull away from his neck and resume kissing him. Somewhere between her mouth finding his and his tongue finding hers, Logan unlatches her bra and takes both breasts in his hands. Cupping the soft skin against his rougher palm, he lets his thumbs slide over her nipples gently. Then a little firmer. Veronica makes a small whimper sound into his mouth, pulling back from the kiss. Logan’s hands stay where they are as Veronica fumbles with her shirt and bra for a minute before yanking them over her head. Her hair escapes the neckline of her shirt and flows back onto her shoulders like cornsilk.

Logan’s eyes trail down, sliding down her neck, across her collarbone and to her breasts. His look is long and thorough and builds a warm tension in Veronica’s stomach. Hands moving gently on her skin again, Logan smiles at her.

Veronica bites her bottom lip and starts to yank at Logan’s t-shirt. Her fingers brush the waistband of his pants and she pushes down onto his lap, drawing out a short moan from Logan.

“Logan?” Veronica’s hands slide up under his shirt and he finally lets go of her and cooperates by pulling it off. She trails a finger down the middle of his chest slowly before looking up at him.

“Yeah?” His voice is strangled, the evening already far surpassing any hopes he had. Logan figured getting Veronica to kiss him tonight would be an accomplishment. It seems he was aiming low.

“It’s a date.”

He grins wickedly at her as his hands tighten on her waist. Veronica seems to sense what is going to happen about a second too late to do anything about it. Which is how she ends up flat on her back with Logan above her on the couch. She gasps as the warm wet of his tongue slices across the sensitive skin of one breast. His hands are braced on either side of her ribcage as Veronica’s hands move up to grasp the armrest of the couch.

Way too fast. We are moving way tooooooooo...OOH. Just right.

Logan drags his teeth across her nipple one more time and Veronica actually arches off the couch into him. Kneeling between her legs, Logan is able to wrap his hands around her waist and hold her to his mouth. He teases her breasts one at a time for minutes on end until Veronica feels like she might come right out of her skin. Just when she can’t take it anymore, he places a soft kiss on the skin between her breasts and begins to trail downward, dropping one feathery kiss after another.

One of her hands comes down to slide through his hair, which is softer than she expected, softer than she remembered. She tugs it lightly and he lifts his eyes to hers, his mouth still on her stomach. The look he gives her makes her skin tighten, and sends a surge of warmth between her legs. Something about the moment makes Veronica feel like she is teetering on the edge of a decision. A big one.

Logan seems to sense it, too. He lifts his mouth from her skin and slides up her body, hands braced by her sides again. His lips brush hers when he talks. “There’s no rush, Veronica.” He presses a kiss to the side of her mouth and she wants to tell him to stop saying her name like that. It makes it impossible for her to think straight. “Call me crazy, but I’m hoping this is not just a date, but the first of many.”

“Crazy.” Veronica’s hands slide down over the muscles of Logan’s arms, her fingers re-learning him.


Veronica’s hands keep moving, from his arms to his back. Down columns of muscle until she reaches the waistband of his pants. She feels Logan jerk above her at the invitation she is offering. He meets her eyes, questioning. Her fingers slide under the waistband, teasing the skin there.

“Take it slow, Logan.” That he can take it at all is enough to make him hesitate.

“Veronica, I don’t expect you to...”

“I know.”

Slowly, carefully, Logan tugs off Veronica’s pants and underwear. She is laid bare beneath him and it’s all he can do to keep himself from coming in his pants at the sight. It’s the first time he’s seen her completely naked and Logan simply doesn’t trust himself to go too much further. The last thing he wants to do is derail this night right here and now.

When Logan’s mouth finds her clit, Veronica says his name. It’s a gasp, two syllables strangled by her breath catching in her throat. With fingers and tongue, he strokes her to the point of near climax, her body writhing below him. When he pauses, her eyes fly to his and he drives her right over the edge in the next second. Veronica inhales, exhales. Hard. Sharp. And over again. A breath caught in the waves cascading through her. When he brushes his fingers across her clit while she is still gasping, Veronica pushes her head back into the couch, arcing her body towards him, desperate to have him touch, not touch her again. Her skin so sensitive that when he breathes across it, she nearly comes again.

Before she can regain her equilibrium, the weight of Logan’s body is upon hers, his mouth crushing hers with a new intensity. Veronica wraps herself around him, legs around his clad waist, hands cupping his face.

Logan can tell when Veronica has begun channeling her arousal into power. She begins to take charge of him and he is more than happy to let her. Later, when her mouth is on him, he wants to bang his head against the armrest. She is carefully, slowly, deliciously killing him. What she lacks in experience, she more than makes up for in instinct and Logan nearly rips the fabric on the couch cushion he is clutching when she finally lets him come. Her name rolls off his tongue as he does and she presses the length of her warm, tight body over him, her mouth finding his in a heartbeat.

They are still tangled together on the couch, half-clothed, Veronica contemplating how her non-date turned into something else - something better - when she notices the movie is still running. She lifts her eyes to the screen and feels Logan turn to do the same.

Han is talking to Chewbacca when she manages to focus her eyes.

Save your strength. There'll be another time. The princess -- you have to take care of her. You hear me?

Han and Leia kiss onscreen. Veronica catches Logan’s eye, leans up to press a kiss to his mouth as the scene plays out behind them. He rolls her under him, mouth hard on hers again.

I love you.

I know.

Minutes later, the movie is once again forgotten.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! :)
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