Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

Wincon and Wendy. :)

I got a little behind on the Ask Me (Almost) Anything meme, so I shifted a few questions forward a couple of days. It's been a really, truly terrible week for me in RL, so I needed to take a breather from everything.

But onto happier things:

January 10: Wheeeen will wendy see me again? :)

First, I would like nothing more than to be able to see Wendy ALL THE TIME. Since we live 1000 miles apart, it does not happen. There are quite a few fangirls I wish I could see all the time, but they are scattered all over the stupid country and so I cannot. Boo.

But my plan, and I can only say I am very very hopeful it will work out, is to see my dear wendy at Wincon this October! I missed last year's, and what I really missed about it was all the lovely friends I've made over the years in fandom. I missed you guys a LOT. So, this year - Orlando! October! BE there! And I will try to be there also! ♥

And dang it, Wendy, if I don't make it this year, clear the couch and/or guest room. I'm coming to Dallas! ♥

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