Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

Lost and Found | NC-17 | Jared/Jensen

Title: Lost and Found
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 for language, sexual situations
Length: 4000ish words
Summary: AU. (Werewolf) Jared ran off from Millersville to attend college, leaving the pack and his future mate, Jensen, behind. Now that he's back four years later, can he convince Jensen to give him a chance?
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for spn_j2_xmas for silverraven. My first attempt at werewolf AU and it was fun. I was so glad she asked for it as one of her prompts! Also, I kind of forgot to post here in my journal, too, when I posted this last week on the comm. Whoops!

Jared was getting desperate and he wasn’t sure that was a good look on him. And looking good was important. Especially tonight.

“Okay, stop. You’re making me nervous and I’m not the one putting myself out there for possible cruel and embarrassing rejection.” Katie rolled her eyes, took a drink of her beer.

“Why would you say that?” Jared choked on his own beer, eyes widening.

“What?” Katie’s gaze wandered Nellie’s lazily before drifting back to Jared.

“About the rejection and the humiliation and - you’re trying to jinx me!”

“First of all, I said possible rejection. So, you know, there’s hope for the other thing.” She put her bottle down and faced Jared straight on, and he could have sworn her blue eyes went slitted when she continued. “And second, I’m truly fucking not trying to jinx you. Because if this goes the way you hope, I will no longer have to sit and listen to you moan about your true love and your destiny and your lonely dick.” With a huge huff, Katie sat back, drained her beer and slammed the bottle down on the table.

Jared frowned, shoved a hand through his already messy hair. He muttered under his breath.“Never said my dick was lonely.”

“Oh, you might as well have. It’s only had your hand for company for too damn long,” Katie snapped.

“I sometimes dislike you. A lot.” Jared felt like a wounded puppy, and probably looked like one, but he couldn’t help it.

“And I sometimes wish I wasn’t so damn hot. We all have crosses to bear, sweetcheeks. Now. Go get your man.” She got to her feet and leaned over, pressing a quick kiss to Jared’s flushed cheek, whispering to him before she moved back. “He’d be stupid not to say yes. I’ll get out of here unless you want a witness?” She winked, flipping her blonde hair out of her face before heading for the door.

Jared shook his head, and tried to smile at her, but he was too damn nervous and he felt like throwing up a little. His beer was empty so his excuse to go up to the bar was readymade. Trying - and likely failing - to act casual, Jared stood up, and started to slowly stroll toward the bar. And promptly tripped over a chair leg and instead careened wildly toward the bar in an attempt not to fall.

He heard a few snickers and comments with his name mixed in, and once again questioned his decision to return to his hometown after college. As he made it to the banged up wooden bar without further incident, he came face-to-face with the very reason he’d made that possibly life-altering decision.

“Can I help you?” Jensen Ackles gave him a quick look as he slid a beer onto the bar for the guy next to him.

This was it. This was the big moment. Jared could declare his intentions. Find out if Jensen felt their mate-bond the way he did. Did Jensen get all quivery in his legs when Jared walked by? Did he have wet dreams on full moons - and okay, most other nights - just thinking about what it would be like to finally have him? Did he contemplate rubbing Jared’s belly in wolf form?

“Another Molson, please? Um, Jensen?” He knew his face was turning red, and he just barely resisted the urge to smack himself in the forehead.

If Katie had been standing there witnessing this, he would never hear the end of it. Never in all his life.

“Yep.” Jensen reached under the counter, popped off the top and slid the bottle across. “Got a tab?”

“Yes, I - yes.” Jared took the bottle, the cool glass soothing against his flushed skin.

Jensen flicked him another look this time, more pointed. Jared could have sworn his nostrils flared for just a moment. “Anything else?”

Was that question loaded? Jared didn’t know, but he did know Jensen was looking at him now in a way that made his pants feel a little tight. Before he could answer, Jensen looked to another customer and the moment snapped.

“No, that’s it.Thanks.”

“You got it, Jared.” Jensen didn’t look at him, but Jared had ears. He heard his own name come out of those delicious lips just fine. Jensen did remember him. He did know who he was, four years and thirty pounds of muscle later. Jensen was helping other customers now, but there seemed to be some awareness of Jared that wasn’t there before, and it gave Jared boldness. A new well of courage.

He sat down at the bar.

Jensen did not talk to him, though. In fact, despite the earlier possible signals, he seemed angry at Jared for being there. Jared ordered another beer and then another, and watched Jensen work. Casually. Well, he tried, but the more he drank, the more he thought that maybe his casual glances were transitioning into outright ogling.

His eyes were resting on Jensen’s firm ass as he bent over to retrieve a bottle of liquor and apparently his reflexes were slipping because Jensen turned and caught him right then.

And glared at him. There might have even been a growl. His wolf didn’t have the sense to take it as a warning sign, and mostly just got really turned on by the show of aggression. Jared smiled at Jensen, boldness following alcohol and got further narrowed eyes in return. Then Jensen turned to a customer at the end of the bar and Jared was ignored.

Jared hated being ignored.

So, he waited. He sipped at more beer, taking it slow. A few people from high school recognized him, so he chatted with them, all the while keeping an eye on Jensen. Closing time was approaching and he was talking to Jensen. He’d wasted too many years already.

The longer he sat there, the angrier Jensen seemed to get. His actions got sharper and harder, god help him, Jared did not have the sense to be scared of angering a more experienced wolf. Jensen had stayed with the pack instead of going out of state to college. He had hunted, and run free in the forest as a wolf hundreds of times when Jared was nose deep in books and trying to ignore his hunger. Jared was done ignoring that hunger. He was going to feast.

Jensen threw an empty beer bottle in the bin behind his bar so hard it shattered.

Looked like Jared was going to have to work a little harder for his dinner.

By the time Nellie’s was due to close, Jared was buzzing and frustrated. Jensen really did seem pissed off at him, and Jared needed Jensen to like him. No, not just to like him, but to want him. To love him, even. But wanting him would be a great start.

“You ‘bout done? Closing up soon.” Jensen was standing in front of him, arms crossed on his chest and therefore Jared was staring at the way his biceps bulged and not really listening. “Yeah, guess you are done.” The bottle sitting in front of Jared was whisked away and then he snapped out of it as Jensen turned to leave. Before he could wonder if this was a good idea, his hand snapped out and grabbed Jensen’s forearm.

This time, there was definitely a growl low in Jensen’s throat. Jared felt heat coursing through him, his body reacting to it.

Jensen pulled his arm, but Jared tightened the grip, and Jared was strong.

“What the hell, dude? Let me the fuck go.”

“Jared. Not dude.”

“Okay, fucking Jared, let me go.”

“Can I talk to you? Please?” Jared loosened his grip, and locked eyes with Jensen. The green was clear and direct and any doubts Jared still had that this was the one were erased by the heat in that gaze. “Jensen. Please.”

Pursing his lips, Jensen nodded. Jared let him go. “Not here, though.” Jensen snapped. “You know where I live?”

“Still in the house on Dawson?”

Jensen stared at him some more, clearly trying to read him. “Yeah. Be there in twenty minutes and we’ll talk.”

The word came out like something sour and bitter, and Jared couldn’t be sure why. Of course, that’s why they needed to talk.

Twenty five minutes later, Jared was sitting on the stoop of Jensen’s house when the headlights of his truck swooped into the drive. Jensen got out a moment later, slamming the door. Jared could see him heave a sigh and then come up the sidewalk, sliding past Jared without a word to unlock the door. He stood there with it open. “Well, come on if you’re coming.”

Popping to his feet, Jared wiped sweaty palms on the thighs of his jeans and quickly came in and shut the door behind him. Jensen had gone straight to his fridge and had a beer out already. He looked at Jared and smirked a little. “You want another or did you have enough when you spent the whole night stalking my bar?”

“Wasn’t stalking.” Jared muttered, but then stopped. “I was…hanging around. And no, I’m good.”

Jensen shrugged, and shut the fridge, leaned against the counter. “Okay, so you’re here. Talk.”

Glancing around the tidy, spare kitchen, Jensen grimaced. Not the best place for declarations of …well, love. Or at least the promise of love. “Could we go in the living room?”

“Why are you here, Jared?” Jensen ignored his question in favor of crossing his arms on his chest again, and presenting a rather intimidating front. Of course, Jared was 6’4” of lean muscle, so he wasn’t afraid. Well, not too afraid.

“Here in this house or here in Millersville?”

“Whichever. Both.”

“You.” Wow, Jared had planned to ease into that a little smoother, but maybe dancing around the question was just a waste of time. It didn’t seem like Jensen was going to stand for a lot of chat.

If possible, Jensen got more tense after Jared’s statement. “What the hell does that mean?”

“Jensen. You know already.” Jared put down the beer and took a few steps closer, keeping a few feet between them.

“The only thing I know is that the whelp who was meant to be my mate decided to fuck off out of state to get away from me and his pack and everything else that wasn’t good enough for him. So yeah. I know that.” Jensen had uncrossed his arms, fists by his side and Jared could see the blood pulsing in his neck. Could feel the anger -.and even stronger, the hurt.

“I was a kid. I was a stupid headstrong 17-year-old kid. I thought – I didn’t want someone to be forced to take me. I wanted to be chosen. To be…cared for.”

“Great. Good for you. Are we done now with our little chat?” Jensen bristled. If he’d been in wolf form, his ruff would have been standing on end.

“I’m far from done with you, Jensen.” He stepped closer, gaze gentled, head dipped.

“Back off, Jared. I’m not playing.” Jensen flexed his fists, tendons and veins popping under the skin of his arms.

“And I’ve never been more serious.” Jared came to a stop with a foot between them. Not touching Jensen but close enough to scent him, to hear the call of mine mine mine thrumming in time with his heartbeat.

Jensen tipped his head back, met Jared’s eyes. “You think it’s that simple? Just disappear for four years with a fuck you to the whole pack and now you show up and I’m supposed to - what? What exactly do you want from me?”

This was slowly spiralling out of control, and Jared was at the edge of his control just from being in the same room with Jensen. He had never felt anything like it. He’d had a few boyfriends, a few girlfriends in college. Tried everything in order to figure out what he wanted without the distractions of the pack.

Turned out he’d left what he wanted behind in this house on Dawson.

His voice pitched low and soft, soothing a wild creature. “I want everything from you, Jensen.” He paused, watched Jensen’s eyes widen and then focus on him, laser sharp. “And I want to give you everything. You feel it, don’t you? You do.” Jared put his hand on Jensen’s chest, felt the way his heart was racing, felt his own gallop to match.

Swallowing hard, Jensen broke their gaze and looked away. A muscle in his jaw, flickered, tightened. He exhaled, and then looked back to Jared. The heat in his eyes now had Jared dry in the mouth. “Of course I feel it, you idiot. I’ve been feeling it for years, and you took that away. Now I’m supposed to trust you?”

Jared couldn’t even remember being nervous to talk to Jensen now. He was intoxicated by him, drunk on the way he made him feel, blood running hot. He only had one goal now, and Jensen was it.

He leaned in, inhaled deeply the scent of his mate. Because that’s what Jensen was now. It was just a matter of formalities at this point. Jared pressed his mouth to the throbbing pulse in Jensen’s neck, heard him exhale a swear. He moved his mouth up, lips soft and exploring. He snatched up Jensen’s earlobe in his teeth, nipped it. “Yes. I’m sorry. I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you. But you’re mine, Jensen. And I’m yours. You know it, your body knows it.” He slid one arm around a still unresponsive Jensen, hand stroking down his spine. He met Jensen’s eyes again, which were just barely human now. “Please forgive me?”

Jensen huffed a breath, tensed in Jared’s grip, pulled back from his wandering mouth. “Don’t see why I should. For all I know, you’ll take off again next week.”

“Took a job with Baxter Engineering downtown. Not going anywhere. I’ve got all I want right here.” Jared kissed Jensen’s neck again,feeling the heat of his blood, rubbing his nose along the warm skin. A feeling of contentment joined his raging lust and if this is what Jared ran away from four years ago, he agreed that he’d made a mistake. One he was here to fix.

“I’m still pissed at you.” Jensen was nearly shaking, Jared could feel it all over.

“I know.”

“Really pissed. Chase you down in the woods and teach you a lesson pissed.”

Jared grinned. “Sounds fun. I’m a bit stronger than I was when I left, you know. Wolf is too.”

“Jackass.” Jensen snapped at him. “Just got you got an education and a fuckload of new muscles doesn’t mean you can take me on a hunt. You need a good lesson.”

“Jensen?” Jared pressed in closer, pulling Jensen’s body against his, all of that delicious tight body rubbing against him in all good ways. “I know you’re legitimately mad, but your threats are making me fucking crazy. You can teach me every lesson in the book. Just say yes.”

Jared rubbed against him, showing Jensen how hard he was, and finally, finally, Jensen touched him. He put one hand on Jared’s hip and grabbed his neck with the other. The hand on the neck pulled him down that few inches to meet his eyes, forehead to forehead. Jensen was breathing harder, sharp and rapid. “You listen to me. We do this, we do it all the way. I’m not here to scratch an itch for you. You talk pretty, but I’m not fucking around. I’ve waited for you, Jared – and I hated myself for it.” He paused, eyes hard on Jared’s, before flicking down to Jared’s mouth.

When he continued, his voice had gone low and rough, more vulnerable than Jared had yet heard. “You better not make me regret this.” Jensen’s hand on his neck tightened, thumb slipping to his neck. He tipped Jared’s head just so and then he kissed him.

The kiss made Jared feel like the luckiest - and stupidest - man on the planet. He had fought tooth and nail against predestined mates. He’d railed against tradition and blood and the ways of his pack. And his rebellion had cost him knowing what it felt like to kiss his mate. To find the other part of him, out in the world. The lucky part came in Jared was going to spend the rest of his days being kissed by this man, and Jensen was damn good at it.

Jensen’s kiss was jammed with aggression, lips against Jared’s, tongue pressing for entrance. Jared opened his mouth on a groan, and their tongues met, Jared’s caught on a suddenly sharp canine tooth. The low rumble coming from Jensen’s chest had Jared answering him in kind, and shoving him hard against the kitchen counter as the kiss escalated. They broke apart, and Jensen panted into his face, “Bed. Now.”

Jared had no arguments, and when Jensen pulled him along a darkened corridor towards his room, he came quickly. His wolf rejoiced inside him, the call of blood and mate and home making it sing. He felt a fool for denying this huge part of himself the thing it always wanted. Jared started clawing at Jensen’s clothes, a man possessed.

“I can’t be patient, Jensen. Can we - ?” Jared was breaking out in a sweat. He needed this.

“Hurry it the fuck along? Yes.” Jensen was on him then, faster than he thought a man could be, but then again, he was just learning abou Jensen, and it was becoming obvious that Jensen’s wolf lived near the surface, giving him a sharp edge, a dangerous side.

Jared had never been more turned on in his entire life.

They had each other naked in a matter of minutes, only the light of the moon through the window showing them the way. Jensen’s body was all smooth planes and lines, shadows and valleys. And barely pent up aggression, as he shoved Jared to the bed on his belly, leaning over him instantly, pressing his entire warm body along Jared’s back. Jared whimpered, something he’d never done except in wolf form, and he started to better understand the mate-bond. Jensen’s wolf was talking to his, but not with words.

Jensen, on the other hand, was a talker. “We can take it slow next time, yeah? I have to, Jared. Okay? Need to feel you on my knot, tight and hot and mine.”

“Holy shit. Yes.” Jared had hit the mate jackpot. Everything Jensen said sounded like heaven to Jared, and he wriggled under him, trying to make it happen. Jensen nuzzled into the back of Jared’s neck, even as his hand slid between Jared’s cheeks, rubbing and testing his readiness.

“Jesus, you’re already wet. You’re mine, you hear me? You only get wet for me, from now on.” Jensen pressed fierce kisses to the back of Jared’s neck.

“Gonna be my turn when you’re done, you know. Gonna fuck you through this mattress.” And Jared would. God, he loved their mutual bonding. Alpha to alpha, nothing quite like two wolves coming at each other, battling for top. His father thought it could be disastrous, but Jared was feeling quite confident it was going to work out.

Jensen murmured against his sweaty skin, low and rumbling. “Gonna have to learn to walk again first.” His fingers slid into Jared, two pushing deep and Jared bucked against him, hands digging into the sheets. Jensen balanced on his other arm, and Jared turned and bit into his bicep, savoring the taste of Jensen’s skin against his lips, the feel of the muscle twitching.

Jensen answered by adding a third finger and Jared pushed against him, only wanting more. “Come on, come on. Fuck me, Jensen. Fuck me.

Jensen shifted back onto his knees, and Jared rose to his hands and knees, turning to look back at Jensen with nothing but heat. Stroking his impressive dick, pausing to circle the knot that seemed to be growing with every touch, Jensen met his gaze with an intensity that made Jared nearly come right then. Grabbing for his own neglected dick, Jared squeezed gently at the base and held on, trying to control himself.

“Don’t you even think about coming until I’m inside you.”

“Then stop sitting around and do it. Years, Jensen. Years I’ve been - you’ve been waiting. Please.” Jared pressed his ass back towards Jensen, felt the slide of his hard dick along his crease and nearly cried with relief when Jensen rubbed it there, pressing the head against his hole with deliberate force. Jared figured on a bit more teasing, so wasn’t quite prepared when Jensen’s dick pushed into him, halfway in on the first stroke. He nearly howled, the intrusion so sudden.

The sound of Jensen swearing, the feel of his body coming forward to rest on Jared’s again, all made Jared’s arms start to shake. Jensen slid his arms under Jared, wrapped his hands around his shoulders and started thrusting further in, the pressure building as his knot approached and bumped against Jared’s hole.

Jensen’s mouth was up against Jared’s ear now, wet and hot. “You ready for my knot? You want that shoved deep in you, locking you up with me?”

Every square inch of Jared’s brain was focused on how it felt to have Jensen inside him, how hot and full he felt and he wanted more. More, more, more. Which was what he said in answer, and seemed to be enough.

The next thrust had Jared buckle down to his forearms, panting hard as Jensen ground against him, pulling out a little and back in again. He felt the knot, felt how wide it was and let his head fall down, neck exposed. It was apparently the sign Jensen needed it, as his teeth sank into the back of Jared’s neck, where the ruff would be in wolf form, and he gave a forceful thrust that drove his knot all way into Jared.

Despite the teeth in the skin of his neck, Jared lifted his head and cried out. Jensen’s knot was forcing him wide open and he’d never felt anything like it. And then Jensen kept thrusting, pulling the knot nearly out of him and then shoving back in again. He felt completely under Jensen’s control, and even as his wolf fought that, it also rejoiced in the bond. Jensen released his neck, tongue pressing soft, wet kisses and wrapped his arms around Jared’s chest, thrusting evenly even as Jared pushed back against him in time. His right arm drifted down to take Jared’s dick in hand, stroking it firmly, and Jared knew it would be a matter of seconds before he came.

“Gonna come soon, gonna be tied to me for awhile. You ready?” Jensen sounded strung out, raw, and Jared felt it, too.

He was ready. “Ready to be tied to you for a long time.”

“You’re a sap, you know that?” Jensen groaned, pressed his forehead into the space between Jared’s shoulder blades and his thrusts went short and hard right as Jared felt the first sensation of him coming, felt the answering call in his body as he bucked and came too. Exhaling harsh breath against Jared’s neck, Jensen pulled him to the side, and they curled there on the bed as Jensen kept pulsing gently against him, the knot holding firm.

“Yeah, but I’m your sap, so get used to it.” Jared could almost feel Jensen smile behind him, all aggression drained from them. “Christ, you weren’t kidding about my legs. You’re stuck with me until I can walk again. Maybe a bit longer.”

Jensen’s grip on him tightened, a soft kiss pressed to the tender skin of his neck. “Think I can live with that.”

As Jared drifted to sleep, warm and sore and satisfied, he realized moving back to Millersville after college was turning out to be the best decision of his life, after all.

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