Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

Welcome to the Genesis | NC-17 | Jared/Jensen

Title: Welcome to the Genesis
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen, implied Katie/Genevieve
Rating: NC-17 for language, sexual situations
Length: 4000ish words
Summary: Space!AU. Jensen is the new doctor on the Genesis. Jared is an Engineer, and does not date crew members. Can Jensen find the loophole to get what he wants?
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for salt_burn_porn for the prompt once bitten, twice shy.

“Don’t even bother. He doesn’t date crew.” Genevieve barely looked up from her screen, interrupting Jensen mid-question.

“I was just asking who -”

“Yeah, you were just asking. Sure.” She lifted her eyes to meet Jensen’s, smirking. “His name’s Jared, and he doesn’t. date. crew.”

“But is he -” Jensen was still watching the guy - Jared - crossing the cargo area, watching the way his back muscles shifted under his shirt as he lugged a massive engine part on his shoulder like it weighed nothing.

“Yeah, he walks your side of the street. Too bad you’re crew. Welcome to the Genesis.” Genevieve tapped a few more spots on her touchpad before folding it and tucking it away. She slapped Jensen on the back, and headed towards the flight deck.

Jensen spluttered a little before shaking his head and getting to work. He had shit to do before they took off, and time to think about Jared, the hot mechanic, when they were off the planet.

It was Jensen’s first job on an interstellar class ship, so he shouldn’t have been thinking with his dick, he knew that, but Jared was about as close to a wet dream walking as Jensen had ever seen. He kept seeing him, mostly in the mess, and always surrounded by tons of people. Guy was popular and friendly, had a booming laugh that echoed, and a wild grin that did things to Jensen. Jensen took to ever so casually wandering down the halls on C Level, where most of the guts of the Genesis were. He had no real reason to be there and if asked, just said he was just wanting to know more about the ship. He kept the part to himself about trying to locate Jared Padalecki, Engineer 2nd class, in a secluded room and blow him until he gave up his stupid rule about crew members. That was need to know information, and only he and Jared needed to know.

It turned out that it was Jared that came to him, well. He came to medical and Jensen was on duty, but still. He was there.

“Shit, Doc, I did it again. Got a little too close to a circulator and - who are you?” Jared paused midstream, looking at Jensen with a look of (adorable) confusion on his face. “You’re not Doc.”

Jensen jerked to his feet, knocking his knee against his desk, and trying to play it off. “Well, no. I mean, yes, I am a doctor, but I’m not Doctor Beaver, if that’s what has you confused. They brought me on at Omega-3. He’s still here, just we share the hours now and - “ Jensen took a deep breath, bit his bottom lip to stop the ramble, and held his hand out. “I’m Doctor Ackles. Jensen Ackles. And you are?” God, he was such a tool.

“Engineer Jared Padalecki, and I’ll have to pass on the shake.” Jared had a white rag wrapped around one hand and the other was holding tightly. He lifted them up, eyebrows raised and Jensen jerked his hand back.

“Oh shit, I mean, sorry. Come in, let me see what you’ve done.”

“Cut my hand on a circulator, like a dumbass.” Jared turned and hopped up on the exam table like he’d definitely been here before. There was a little smile on his face now, which only flustered Jensen further.

Jensen rolled up a small table and gestured to it, even as he reached out and pulled Jared’s right hand towards the surface. Jared’s skin was warm and smooth, and his left hand brushed Jensen’s arm as he let it drop to rest on his own thigh. Jensen fought off a shiver, especially when he really took in Jared’s outfit. His jumpsuit was folded down to his waist, only a white t-shirt underneath. His muscles were threatening the integrity of that shirt, and Jensen was really hoping his labcoat would hide the effect it was having on him. He cleared his throat and tried to focus on the business at hand. Jared’s hand was lying palm up on table, but still clenched around the rag. “You can let go now, I’ve got it.”

Jared’s fingers slowly unfolded, and damn, his hands were huge, and strong, and Jensen was a doctor, damn it. He lifted the rag very slowly, easing it off the wound, still sticky with blood. Luckily, it was a fresh cut, he could see. “Ah, not too bad. I can fuse that right up.” Jensen glanced up at Jared with a smile on his face and met a steady gaze, almost unreadable.

“Not gonna call me a stupid fucking kid who should know better than to get his hand so close to a moving engine part?”

“Uh, no?” Jensen turned to get a sanitizing wipe and ran it quickly around the two inch slice on the edge of Jared’s palm, removing the blood from the rest of his hand as he did. It took a moment to realize he was holding Jared’s hand.

“Then I like you better than Doc Beaver already.” Jared had his head cocked to the side a little, something assessing in those pretty hazel eyes. He seemed about to say something else, but then pressed his lips together and just nodded.

“Uh, thank you. Though I have to say, I’ve witnessed his bedside manner, and it would be hard to be more gruff. He’s a great doctor, though.”

“Definitely. That old man has had his hands on almost every part of me. I’m what you might call accident-prone. Clumsy as fuck, is what he says.”

“Almost every part, huh?” Jensen fought off a flush at the impossible mental image he’d just given himself. He kept his head down, checking the fuser to make sure it was ready.

“Man’s gotta have some secrets. Besides, he’s not my type.” Jared’s voice had gone a bit playful, so Jensen chanced another look up. “Never liked beards.” Jared was gesturing around his chin, and smiling.

“Duly noted.” Jensen hurried on before he could stick his foot in his mouth. “Okay, I guess you know this, but this will sting a little. Take a breath.”

Jared did and Jensen watched his chest move with it. He lined the fuser nozzle up with the end of the cut, activating it and hovering it steadily over the length of the cut. The skin closed quickly and cleanly, only a pink line remaining.

“And done.” Jensen laid down the fuser, and reached for a bandage, covering the scar.

“Damn, barely felt it. You’re good.”

Jensen smiled. “Keep it wrapped for the rest of the day. If it gets red or swollen, come see me.” He looked at Jared, and realized only as he finished speaking how that sounded.

Jared hopped down with a smirk, nearly bumping into Jensen. “If anything gets swollen, come see you. Got it, thanks Doc..” He tipped a two-fingered salute off his brow and made for the door.

“Uh, you’re welcome, Jared.”

You’re welcome? Fucking idiot. Jensen watched that delicious broad back leave his workspace and started cleaning up. That was flirting, right? Jensen had been flirted with plenty, and that seemed like flirting. And he comes back with ‘you’re welcome’. Shit.

Now when Jensen saw Jared in the mess, he got that same little salute and a grin, but they still didn’t sit together or chat, and Jared sure as hell didn’t let Jensen do any of the things to him that Jensen fantasized about in his room at night.

“Jensen. Jensen.”

“What?” Jensen was watching Jared leave the mess, Cassidy could wait.

“You’re like a dog with a bone. I’ve told you, Cortese told you, and probably every other drooling idiot in this room could tell you. He doesn’t date crew.”

“Maybe I could change his mind.” Jared was gone now, so Jensen swiveled his glance back to Cassidy. He’d met her on his second day when he needed supplies, and she gave him directions. He liked her, she was blunt and capable and sharp as a tack. When he learned that she also seemed to know everything about everyone on board, he realized he’d made a good friend.

“Doubt it. I mean, you’re fucking pretty as shit, but he’s had that rule for like two years.” Cassidy also had a mouth on her like a sailor of old. “I’d fuck you if I went for dick, but Jared’s strict, man.”

“Wow, thanks.” Jensen rolled his eyes. “Is this the part where I tell you I’d have sex with you if I liked girls, and then admire your gorgeous rack?”

Cassidy straightened up, preening a little. “Well, if you must. It is an impressive set, as you know. I mean, you have eyes. I’d rather Cortese noticed, though. No hard feelings.”

“None taken.” Jensen put his chin on his hand. “Surely someone as gorgeous as him hasn’t gone without for two years. That’s ridiculous.”

She snorted. “Never said he was a monk. We stop the ship periodically, you know. On planets full of thousands of men who are not part of this crew?”

“Fuck.” Jensen felt a jealous burn at the idea of it.


The next planet visit was Gamma-7, and while Jensen was excited to see a new planet and explore for the two days they’d be in port, he also realized that Jared was probably going to find some willing guy, like most of the crew did, and satisfy the urges that Jensen wanted to satisfy. It made him feel crazy and possessive, which was beyond sad. He’d had one real conversation with the guy, he had no right.

He and Cassidy headed into a bar at the port the first night with a couple of other crew members, and of course Jared was there with some of the engineering crew. They were across the bar, standing around a game of Flux. It was the first time Jensen had seen Jared out of uniform, and the way every inch of fabric in his pants and t-shirt hugged him, made Jensen nearly walk into a table.

“Steady there, Ackles. Haven’t even had a drink yet.” Cassidy grabbed him by the arm and then followed his gaze with a sigh. “Not gonna happen, Doc.”


“No buts. Sit your ass down and I’ll get us a couple of Moonshots.”

More than a couple of Moonshots later, Jensen was bemoaning his bad luck to the table and Cassidy was indulging him, to a point.

“Listen. It’s not your fault. He got burned the last time he dated a crew member, and he’s just not doing it anymore. Happened before I joined the crew, but it was apparently fucking awkward as shit when it blew up and the other guy ended up changing ships and talking a lot of shit about Jared around the fleet, and it was just - it was bad.”

“I’m not that guy! Not an asshole.” Jensen turned his head to the side, leaving his cheek on the blessedly cool tabletop. “And he’s so hot, fuck. I want to -”

“Nooo, I do not want a play-by-play. Listen, Cortese is at the bar, you okay if I leave you here for a minute? Fucking man up and look around. Tons of hot dudes in here want your pretty mouth on ‘em.”

“You’re such a sweet talker. I love you, Cassidy.” He reached out and gently pawed at her arm.

“Ugh, a mushy drunk. Stay on your team, Ackles.” She pushed his arm to the table. “And don’t wander off.” Cassidy hopped off her stool and headed for the bar. Jensen watched her slide in between a stool and Cortese with a sly grin and a hand on her waist.

“Attagirl.” He blinked slowly and sat up, scanning the bar. He frowned, having lost sight of Jared, and then a commotion broke out near the gaming machines. He wasn’t too concerned until he saw a familiar head of messy brown hair in the middle of the group. Of course, Jared was more than capable of taking care of himself, but it looked like two guys were ganging up on him, so Jensen got to his feet, suddenly pissed, hands clenching into fists.

Jensen groaned, hand covering his eyes.

“Ah, Sleeping Beauty awakes.” The voice was familiar. Warm and deep and -

“Jared?” He went to sit up abruptly, but a hand on his chest pressed him back down, gently.

“Easy, Doc. I’m no medical professional, but I think when you get knocked out, you should take it slow.” Jared’s hand stayed on his chest a bit longer - and Jensen relaxed back onto the - where was he?

“Knocked out? When did - oh shit, the bar.” Jensen put his hand on his forehead. “What did I -?”

As Jared explained about Jensen launching himself into the fray and landing a few punches before getting knocked out when he crashed into a pole, Jensen looked around. They were in his exam room, back on the Genesis, which explained why it was so quiet. He was laying on his exam table, and Jared was - Jensen swallowed as he craned his head back to see Jared. Jared was sitting at the head of the table, legs dangling off the side and Jensen’s head was pillowed on his thigh.

He wished he’d been conscious when all of this happened. He interrupted the story. “How did I get here?”

Jared shrugged. “I, uh, I carried you.”

Jensen sat up, slowly this time. His head was gently spinning as he turned to face Jared. “You carried me.”

“You were unconscious and the port police were coming and I just figured, fuck, let’s get out of here. Couldn’t very well leave my knight in shining armor on the floor in a heap.” The smirk on his face meant Jensen had probably been less than impressive, but at least he was getting points for trying. “So, over the shoulder you went.”

Closing his eyes, Jensen tried and failed not to flush at the idea of being carried like a sack of potatoes onto the ship.

“Don’t worry, not a lot of crew around and Medical’s easy to sneak into from the loading deck.”

Jensen nodded, relieved. “Thanks. Uh, I mean, it’s my first interstellar assignment. I wouldn’t want to get shipped back already.”

“No, we wouldn’t want that.” Jared’s voice was warm, friendly and Jensen’s head was starting to clear a little. He looked at Jared and finally noticed the trickle of blood down his cheek.

“Shit, you’re bleeding.” Jensen gestured to his cheek and Jared reached up.

“Yeah, some asshole landed a lucky one.”

Jensen got down from the table and made his way to his station. First things first, he gave himself a quick scan and a booster, clearing his head substantially. Feeling slightly more human, he rolled his small tray over to the exam table.

“This feels familiar.” Jared smiled, and then grimaced, as the skin on his cheek pulled and another trickle of blood rolled down.

“Something tells me I’ll have you on my exam table pretty regularly.” The words were barely out when Jensen heard how they sounded. And decided he didn’t care. What did he have to lose? “Now, hold still and let me see how bad it is.”

Stepping up to the table, Jensen realized he was standing between Jared’s legs and smiled to himself. He carefully put his hands on Jared’s face and angled the right cheek into the light.

“Will I live, Doc? Is my modeling career over?” Jared was trying not to smile, but his eyes were playful.

“Think I can just save your pretty face, if you hold fucking still.”Jensen tightened his grip on Jared’s face and met his eyes steadily. Heat. There was definite heat there.

“Yes, sir.”

Hiding a quick shiver, Jensen worked quickly, cleaning the wound and using his finest line fuser to seal up the cut. “Scar should fade. Just come back tomorrow and let me see it. Can’t do much about the bruising.”

Jared nodded, minutely.

“You can talk again.” Jensen let his hands fall and they ended up resting on Jared’s thighs. He didn’t move them.

For the first time, Jensen felt like he had Jared on the off foot. He looked a little flustered, in fact.

“Um, thanks, Doc.”

“Jensen. Call me Jensen.”

“Listen, Jensen. You’re - “ Jared swallowed, hard. His hands were on the exam table outside his hips and Jensen could see the fingers shifting.

“Jared.” Jensen leaned forward, stopping right before his lips touched Jared’s. He felt a puff of warm air, an exhale, and then he brushed his lips over Jared’s mouth. The lightest touch, and he wanted more.

Jared pulled back, but his eyes were dark and deep and Jensen tracked his tongue as it traced his lips. Leaning forward, Jensen tried to get another kiss, a real one, and Jared leaned further back, hands coming up to rest on Jensen’s chest.

“I can’t.”

Glancing down Jared’s body, muscles outlined in dark fabric, Jensen smirked. “I doubt that.”

“Jesus, what happened to shy Doctor Ackles?” Jared was breathing hard, and it was a good look on him.

“Shy Doctor Ackles got tired of waiting.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to - but I - I don’t date crew, Jensen. I -”

“Who said anything about dating? I want you to fuck me. Do you fuck crew?” Jensen moved in closer to Jared, felt the warmth of his thighs against Jensen’s waist.

Jared’s mouth opened, and shut. He blinked once and when he looked at Jensen again, the look was molten enough that Jensen was a little worried his spine had melted.

“Damn. Think you found the loophole.”

Jensen might have slightly underestimated how fast someone Jared’s size could move when properly motivated. He found himself up against the wall of his exam room seconds later with 6’4” of solid, highly motivated muscle holding him there. Jared’s mouth was hot and wet on his neck, biting and sucking his way down to the junction of his shoulder even as his hands scooped under Jensen’s ass and fucking lifted him in the air before shoving him back against the wall.

Having no other choice, he wrapped his legs around Jared’s hips, and held on for the ride. Jared ground into him, the hard line of his dick right up against Jensen’s. It took a second for Jensen to realize he was going to get fucked right here in the exam room if he didn’t do something.

“Wait, wait.” Jensen grabbed Jared by the hair and yanked him up to meet his eyes. Jared was gorgeous, turned on and flushed. “Fuck.” Instead of saying what he wanted to say, Jensen kissed him. It was intensely hot, lips and tongues pushing against each other, and Jensen decided he could always sanitize the exam room later. No big deal.

Jared jerked against him again, big dick trying to fuck him right through his clothes. Yanking on his thick hair, Jensen broke the kiss again. “Less clothes, Jared. Come on.”

Letting him slide down the wall to his feet, Jared grabbed for Jensen’s pants, undoing them quickly, jerking the fabric down. Getting with the program, Jensen yanked at Jared’s shirt, getting it up and over his head, and finally getting a look at the ripped body hiding under there. He exhaled, swearing under his breath. Jared’s hair was a mess around his head, his solid chest heaving under Jensen’s heated gaze. It was one of his fantasies come to life.

“Been wanting you since I first saw you, damn it. You’re fucking me up, Jensen. I had rules, goddamn.”

“Fuck the rules, and more to the point, fuck me.” Jensen worked his own shirt off and kicked his way out of the rest of his clothes, leaving him in just his underwear.

Jared had him on his ass on the exam table before could blink, underwear down and his mouth sliding hot and tight down his cock. Jensen threw his head back and groaned, pounding one fist on the table. “Shit, shit. That’s - “ He was wound up tight, and thought he might come from just a few more seconds of that ridiculous suction. “Don’t - get up - I want you to fuck it out of me. Come on.”

“You’re one bossy little cockslut, aren’t you?” Jared loomed over him, and his eyes were dark, wilder than before and he needed to fuck Jensen, now. Now now now.

“Yes, yes. I am.” Jensen shoved at Jared’s pants, finally getting his dick out, and oh thank the gods and the stars, the man was proportional. He stroked him, and Jared nearly fell on him, catching himself on the edge of the table. Jensen fumbled in the drawer under the exam table, found a condom and slid it on Jared in a rush. Lube came next and Jared opened him up with a furious efficiency, working him like a man who was goddamn good with his hands. Jensen fell back on his hands, lifted his legs up around Jared’s hips, moaning when Jared hooked his hips with his slick hands and yanked him to the edge, ass nearly hanging off.

“That good? You good?” Jared kissed him, softer than before, opening up his mouth with the same careful attention. He stopped long enough to ask again, right against Jensen’s lips and when Jensen nodded, Jared’s lifted Jensen’s legs up over his elbows and drove his dick home in one long, steady push. Jensen couldn’t breathe. He was too full of cock to find air in his lungs. And then when he was sure there was no way he could get further fucked, Jared leaned down over him, bending him nearly double and drove just that little more in.

“Oh gods, and stars. Yes.” It was all Jensen could get out before Jared started fucking him in earnest. Long, serious strokes, all the way in and almost all the way out each time. Speeding up each time until Jensen felt his body jerking every time their skin met. He wasn’t going to be able to walk tomorrow, and it was going to be worth every fucking minute.

It had been enough that Jared was an amazing fuck with a gorgeous dick, but he also had the filthiest mouth Jensen had ever encountered. He had Jensen so bent up, he could get his mouth right up to his ear, encouraging him, asking how he liked getting fucked by this big dick, was he going to come now, did he want to lick Jared’s dick clean after, wanna flip over and get fucked on his hands and knees?

Finally, it was too much and Jensen came all over himself, spraying come on his belly, on Jared’s chest, and clenching all around Jared as he powered himself into his own orgasm. When Jared stopped shifting inside Jensen and pulled out, Jensen felt like a ragdoll, legs gone limp.

Jared stood up straight, hands still on Jensen’s thighs, fingers moving absently. He didn’t say anything for a second, catching his breath, sweat running down his chest, dampening the hair around his ears. Jensen looked up at him, satisfied and yet still horny. He could look at Jared all day and never stop getting hot over him, he realized. Especially not, with Jensen’s come drying on his abs like it was now.

Jensen sat up on his hands, not embarrassed to be naked as he let his eyes roam Jared’s body. “You sure you don’t date crew?”

Jared half-grinned. “Pretty sure. Maybe we could try fucking and making out and you know, doing stuff together instead.” He moved his hands higher, lightly holding Jensen’s hips. His eyes had gone soft, tender.

“Like going to dinner and watching movies and playing Flux and stuff? Just the two of us?”

“Yeah. We could try that. If you want.” Jared smiled, something hopeful there.

Jensen smiled back, leaning up for a kiss. “You’re on.” He winced. “Now help me to my quarters. My legs don’t work.”

With a laugh that boomed, Jared slung Jensen over his shoulder, ignoring Jensen's yelp, and turned for the door.

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