Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

Second Star to the Right | R | Jared/Jensen [part 1 of 2, complete]

Title: Second Star to the Right
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Katie, Danneel
Rating: R for language, sexual situations
Length: 10000ish words
Summary: Peter Pan AU. Lost Boy Jensen, formerly Tootles, left Neverland ten years ago to finally grow up. Peter Pan had been killed by Hook, or so they all thought, and he saw no point in staying. Not long after a shocking visit from Tinker Bell, a stranger named Jared walks through the door of Neverland Candy and Coffee, and changes everything.
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this act of fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for j2_everafter. This fic would not have happened without the brainstorming, the encouragement and the pure amazingness that is deirdre_c! Thank you! Huge, huge thanks to ignited for making awesome art for the fic - all on a very short deadline and without even having the fic draft in hand. ♥! And as always, thank you to the mods for running this challenge. I have really loved it!


Go look at the other graphic at ignited's art post and tell her how awesome it is!

Life was good. Jensen loved his life. He’d lived more than one lifetime, after all, so he knew how to compare. And this one, though lacking in danger and adventure and near-death experiences, was a good one. And it definitely helped if he didn’t think too much on that previous life, on the one thing he truly missed the most about it. There were things that could not be changed, regardless of wishing for it with all your heart.

Or so he thought.

It was a Tuesday, and Tuesdays were usually quite boring at Neverland Candy and Coffee. But this one was about to change everything. Jensen was leaning on his elbows on the counter, nose firmly poked into his book when the bell over the back door chimed. Standing up straighter, he put a finger on the page and smiled. When Danni pushed through the door from the backroom, he flipped the book over and sidled over to the espresso machine to start brewing her latte.

She shuffled behind the candy counter, shoving her purse down into the lockbox and closing it. Lifting a hand in greeting, she put her head down on the counter.

Jensen called over as he set out her mug, "Good morning!"

She nodded against the formica. Her voice was muffled when she replied. "Hey, boss. Don't understand how you're so awake."

Jensen gestured at the black coffee mug by his hand. "Six of those will do the same to you, I promise." He criss-crossed his heart with a nod.

"Six?" She blinked, and Jensen grinned as he worked the espresso machine. Pulling all the levers and making steam go up was his favorite thing about it. Like running a steam engine from the time period he was actually born into. He made sure not to mention that little bit of information. He doubted he could convince anyone he was 117, no matter how hard he tried.

"There's a good reason I opened a coffee shop, Danni." There was also a very specific reason the tiny shop included candy, but no one needed to know that reason.

Danni shoved herself up into a mostly standing position, and made her way to Jensen's area. "Look at your hair today. Can I - " She leaned a little, hand extended.

Jensen tamped another shot and locked it in before leaning forward, and letting Danni run her fingers over the ridge of hair he’d made that morning through the application of copious hair gel. Right as he did, a spark of light caught the corner of his eye. By the time he looked, it was gone.

“You look a bit like a skunk, Jensen.” She kind of laughed, head shaking.

“I know, right? It’s the coolest.” He angled his head, catching his reflection in the espresso machine. The white tips on his fauxhawk were even more awesome than he’d expected. "It's just too bad it's going to wash out."

“You are truly a strange, strange boy.” Danni kept shaking her head as Jensen slid her nonfat latte across the counter.

It was then that Jensen saw the light again. Only this time it was moving. He frowned, straightening up and looking towards it. He answered her, distracted. 'Yeah, thanks. I always was the oddest one."

She sipped at the latte, moaning her appreciation and giving him a thumbs up as she crossed the shop and went back to the register to set it up for the day. When she slipped into the back to start bringing out trays of candy for the glass display case, Jensen spun around in a circle, trying to find the light.

Because, despite there being ten years between the last time he'd seen it and now, he had a feeling deep in his gut that he knew that little spark of light.

"Tink? Is that you?" He waited, watched. Nothing happened, and right as Jensen decided he should probably cut himself off at five cups of coffee to start the day, a shot of light buzzed by his face so closely, so fast, it ruffled his near-immovable hair.

Jensen could hear Danni in the kitchen and had a moment of panic. What if she walked out right now, and saw Jensen talking to a ball of light, and he had to explain that the ball of light was actually a very prickly (personality-wise, he assumed she was kind of soft) fairy buzzing his head like a low-flying plane? One of the first things Jensen learned when he came from Neverland to America was that you did not talk about things like fairies. Or flying by the power of pixie dust or crocodiles with clocks in their bellies or even pirates with hooks for hands. It all just ended badly, so Jensen told people he'd moved from California instead of a distant land not on any map. They seemed to take some of his differences in stride, though he still felt like maybe he would never quite fit in the way he did in Neverland.

But right now, he had a problem, and she was about five inches tall and more trouble than someone ten times her size. His excitement to know why she was here on the Mainland and especially here in his shop was overtaken by the need to keep her secret, but the excitement bubbled there nonetheless.

"Tink!" He whisper-shouted as she circled above his head, just out of reach, the merry sound of bells ringing leaving zero doubt that it was her."There is a human girl here. Come down, come down and talk to me." Jensen glanced over his shoulder at the kitchen door and before he could turn back around was bowled to the ground in a rush of noise and light. When he rattled his head back in order, there was a girl sitting cross-legged on his chest, smiling down at him, blue eyes winking in delight.

"Hah!" She laughed, the sound light and metallic like a bell. "I got you, Tootles! You should have seen your face!" Her blonde ponytail flipped as she threw her head back and laughed some more.

"Tink!" Jensen stared up at her, too many amazed words battling to get out of his mouth at once. He would realize in a moment that his first choice was a bad one. "You're huge!"

She also packed quite a punch at her new size, it turned out, which Jensen discovered in the seconds following. He clutched his nose as she got to her feet and turned her prodigious scowl down on him, arms crossed. "You're one to talk. Look at you! All big and ridiculous."

Checking his nose carefully to see if it was broken and feeling some relief, Jensen sat up on his elbows. "But Tink, I just grew up. You're a girl!" Jensen stared at her, up and down and up again. It never took more than a glance from the corner of his eye to see all of Tinker Bell before. "And ow, that hurt." He frowned a little at her.

"I've always been a girl!" She stomped her foot, and oh yes, this was Tink, no matter what size.

"You know - I mean, you're the size of a -" He flinched back as her eyes narrowed. "You're a human-sized girl."

"It's a disguise, silly Toot. People on the Mainland are far too interested in fairies. Want to put us in jars and build theme parks around us."

"Then why are you..?"

Of course, it was at that exact moment that the door to the kitchen swung open and Danni came through with a tray of bon bons. "Jensen, can you get the door to the cabinet so I can - oh, uh, hello?"

Tink ducked behind Jensen, and he had to grab her hand to pull her back out, whispering. "She can see you, Tink. You're big, remember?"

"Stop saying that!" She hissed in his ear, and up close, she smelled like grass and flowers and... Neverland. Jensen felt a pang of longing swell in him suddenly.

"Uh, Jensen?" Danni stood at the counter, a small frown on her face.

"Right, right. I'm - yes." Jensen came around the counter and slid the glass door open so she could put the tray in, avoiding her eyes for the moment. He took a deep breath. No avoiding the elephant in the room, so to speak. He shuddered briefly at what Tink would do if he referred to her as an elephant. "This is my...friend." He gestured at her, even as Tink smiled, and walked over. She tripped on her own feet and nearly crashed into the counter, straightening up with a fierce scowl.

He could hear her mutter, "Stupid long legs." She reached the counter and waved to Danni. “I’m Katie. I’m here to visit with my old friend, Toot - with Jensen.” She quickly cut a glance over her shoulder at Jensen and mouthed his name back at him with a questioning expression. He nodded.

“Right, Jensen.” Tink nodded, ponytail bobbing, and Danni looked between them, also nodding, very slowly.

“Uh, right. Okay, then.” Danni looked at the front door of the shop, where the closed sign was still hanging. “How’d you - I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Air ven - I mean, Jensen let me in. I surprised him!” Tink nodded.

“Oh - kay. I’m gonna get some more candy. And drink this because I’m not awake yet.” Danni took her latte with her, throwing quizzical glances over her shoulder as she went. When the door closed behind her, they both fell into action.

Jensen turned to her, “Now your name’s Katie? What is going on?”

“I needed a name. Apparently calling yourself Tinker Bell is cause for humor. So I picked that one. Your friend is very strange, Tootles.”

Jensen had learned the same thing about the name Tootles, but he didn’t see it necessary to inform Tinker Bell. He’d forgotten just how talking to Tink always made his head throb. Some things never changed. “Not that I’m not happy to see you, Tink, and find out how you are disguised and your new name and all that stuff, but what’s going on? Why are you here, after ten years?”

She spun around, hands clapping together and face lighting up. Jensen just hoped Danni didn’t hear the jangle of bells she gave off when she did. “Because, Tootles, I have the most wonderful news. Wonderful and terrible and wonderful again!”

“What is it?”

She leaned forward, hands clasped together and a smile wide as Neverland on her face. “Peter is alive!”

Jensen felt all the air go out of him in a rush, and his world tilted wildly on its axis. He sat down abruptly on a nearby stool, and his voice was a whisper when he finally found it. “What?

“Alive!” Tink spun in a circle, ringing out clear as a bell. “Are you so tall you cannot hear me at your altitude? Alive. Peter. Is. Alive. Hook lied to us all.”

“How do you - wait, what’s the terrible part?” Jensen clutched the stool, thoughts running a mile a minute. Peter? Alive? How was that - he’d left Neverland ten years ago because Peter was dead.

She hopped up on the counter, legs swinging. Her voice was hushed when she answered. “Because, Tootles. He’s alive, but he doesn’t know who he is. He’s here on the Mainland and I can’t find him. And Hook, oh Hook, the dastardly man. He’s taken Peter’s memory!” Tink nodded, scowling.

“How do you know all this?”

“I heard it with my own ears, silly boy. Hook said - “

“You went to Neverland? You swore you would never go back when Peter was killed.” Jensen felt oddly betrayed. He missed Neverland terribly sometimes, and knowing Tink could go back whenever she wanted hurt to hear.

Tink continued, obviously annoyed at being interrupted. “I heard rumors, so of course I had to know. I heard him talking to that Smee and he laughed when he said Peter’s memory was locked away somewhere we would never find. He laughed at us, Tootles. Laughed at how sad we all were, thinking our Peter was gone.” Her blue eyes went icy cold, wounded in a singular way only a fairy could be.

The old anger at Hook, buried under years of sorrow, welled back up in the wound left when Peter was slain. They’d never found his body, but Hook had left Peter’s dagger, his hat, and even his beloved pipes on the edge of the Neverwood and that was all they needed to know. It had been the saddest day in all his years.

Danni chose that moment to return, so Tink - or Katie as he was trying to remember to call her - and they had to change the conversation. As soon as the shop closed that afternoon, he and Tink huddled over a table there and tried to think of all the places Hook might hide Peter’s memory. The list was long, and most of it in Neverland, so Tink zipped off into the night sky as soon as they finished, to begin the hunt.

Jensen spent four hours the next morning writing in his composition book, strategies and ideas and elaborate schemes and plans of how he and Tink could search for Peter. He had diagrams and schedules and barely looked up for anything. Danni had to physically shake him more than once to get drink orders made. The bell over the door to the shop rang, and Jensen didn’t even look up, so engrossed in making a grid of the city, counting quadrants and chewing on his pen.

“Good afternoon, sir!”

“Hey, wow. You’ve got a ton of candy.” The voice was playful and deep and warm. It caught Jensen’s ear, and he casually glanced up - and promptly wiped out an entire stack of coffee mugs.

The man talking to Danni heard the commotion and turned more fully towards Jensen. There was no amount of distance or time that could prevent Jensen from knowing that face.

He felt himself smile, wide and amazed. His voice was softer than usual when he spoke. "Peter?"

It was Peter. He was ten years older, tall and broad and a man, but it was Peter, no doubt about it. What kind of Lost Boy would Jensen be if he didn't recognize his fearless leader, his friend, his Pan?

"Excuse me?" The man looked at him, face clouded with confusion. Jensen felt everything in him jerk to a stop. The eyes were Peter’s, his hair was the same brown, like the honey they used to snatch from the bees on the hill. It ached to look at him in a secret deep place in Jensen where he was still Tootles and this face had held all possibility.

"You're Peter. Don't you..." Jensen felt his heart sink at the blank look. He swallowed his words. "Um, you look just like someone I used to know."

The man laughed a little as he came a bit closer. Jensen stood up straighter, tried to straighten the mess he had made. Even his laugh was the same, though deeper. "Really? I have a twin somewhere? That’s awesome. But yeah, sorry man, I’m not Peter.”

You are. You are and you don't know it. Jensen stuck out his hand, smiled, desperate to keep Peter here. "I'm Jensen!"

The hand that took his was warm and big, and Jensen didn’t want to let go.

“Jared.” He grinned up at Jensen’s head. “Your hair is killer. You look like a skunk!” Jared’s grin was wide and infectious.

Jensen was irrationally pleased that Peter - that this man calling himself Jared who was most certainly Peter - saw and liked it. Everyone else seemed to think looking like a skunk was silly. “Thanks, that was exactly what I was going for.” He reached up and brushed his own hand over the ridge, smiling.

Jared just stood there, nodding, and looking around. “This store is really cool. Had a delivery next door and just had to come up in here.” The walls were filled with bins of candy in every color of the rainbow, and Jensen had to bite his tongue to keep from telling Jared that it was for him. That the candy was his way of keeping Peter right here around him. Peter ate candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even if Jensen preferred his coffee, he knew he’d always have a candy shop, too.

Jared wandered off, but not too far - the shop was not that big honestly, and started asking questions about some of the sweets. This was more Danni’s area, so Jensen let her handle it, ignoring her curious glances. He was going to be answering some questions when Jared left, he could tell. So caught up in looking, chin on hands, a giddy feeling dancing in him like fireflies, Jensen forgot everything else, taking in this grown-up Peter.

For a boy who never wanted to grow up, it really suited him. He was broad in the shoulders, taller than Jensen by quite a bit. His hair was longer than Jensen ever remembered Peter’s, his body bigger in every way. It was fascinating. Jensen had ten years to get used to the idea of growing up after so long as a boy. He was trying to absorb all of Peter’s changes in a few minutes. The bag slung across his chest finally clicked with what Jared had said.

“Oh, you’re a bike messenger!” Jensen slapped a hand over his mouth as Jared turned, surprised at the outburst.

“Yeah!” The bag of candy in Jared’s hand was getting more and more full as he went bin to bin, and it was making Jensen beyond happy.

“Sorry, I always thought that would be fun. Zipping all around town. You like it?”

Jared set the bag on the candy counter and fiddled briefly with the bag strap. "It’s the best. Especially when I catch a good hill on the route. Get going so fast, it’s almost like flying."

Wistful thoughts of flying, the times Tink would sprinkle them all with pixie dust and let them go high in the air, filled Jensen. He nodded, a smile spreading across his face.

"Oh damn, I'm late! Thanks for the candy!" Peter - no, Jared - made a beeline for the door after paying, and Jensen's shoulders slumped. He'd found Peter. And yet Peter was still lost.

“Holy shit, Jensen, what was that?” Danni was staring at him from her spot. “You were flirting with him. You never flirt with anyone. I didn’t even know if you - well, I finally know what team you're on, that's for damn sure. Your tongue just about rolled out on the floor when you saw him."

“What? I wasn’t flirting with him.” Jensen paused, looked thoughtfully out the window. “Was I? I just-” How could he explain? How could Jensen possibly explain that for more than one hundred years, he’d known Peter, that they had spent a century long childhood together? He loved Peter, he was his favorite person in the Mainland and elsewhere, too.

“He really is just like someone I used to know.”

“What, like an old boyfriend? Because da-amn, that guy?” Danni gestured toward the door. “That guy was fucking hot.”

Jensen’s brow furrowed. Peter was beautiful and smart and wonderful and reckless and the most fun of anyone ever. Was he also hot? It wasn't that Jensen didn't notice such things. He thought there were girls that were beautiful and boys that were handsome, and when he came to the Mainland and started to grow up, Jensen found it difficult. He'd been ten years old for a century. Changing every year was a new experience for him. He'd been kissed in high school. There had been Stacy and Helen and a boy named Ethan. He'd also been teased because he was not quite the same as they were. He was both way too mature, and way too young, and mostly unable to quite fit.

The only person who ever made him feel like he belonged was Peter. He loved his fellow Lost Boys, but they came and went, and he stayed. He and Peter. To him, it made sense, and when Peter was gone from Neverland, Jensen saw no reason to stay.

He jerked himself out of his thoughts abruptly, realizing he had just let Peter leave the shop.

"I'll be right back!" He called to Danni, and then darted out the front door, looking both ways. He had seen Peter's bike out front while they talked. Bright green with black handles.

"Tink!" Jensen looked back at Danni, realized she was watching him through the glass window. He waved with a quick smile and darted to the side, near the alley where she couldn’t see him. Trying to act casual to the passersby, he yanked his phone out of his pocket and pretended to be making a call as he “Tink! Code Red!”

He could almost hear the air splitting as she came zooming down from above, a spark of light that nearly blinded him as she appeared in front of him. “Code Red? Are you sure?”

"That way! On a green bike. I talked to him in my shop. It’s Peter.” He pointed the direction Peter had gone. “Trust me. He thinks his name is Jared, but I'd know him anywhere - can you -”

"The breath you waste, Tootles!" And without another word, she vanished up into the sky, a blink, a wink and gone.

Jensen slumped against the edge of the building, phone still in hand and waited, wondering how his life could have turned upside down so fast.

The next morning Jensen was on cup number four of his favorite morning blend when Danni came in. He had plans for much more coffee, having tossed and turned half the night thinking about Peter, and what would happen next. Tink had found him, and followed him through town that afternoon, reporting back that Peter was just as fearless and wonderful in this world as the other. He had not imagined that her light burned brighter, that her bells rang clearer. He had smiled and laughed right along with her. She knew where he lived now, where he worked, and now they just had to keep puzzling about his memory and where it could be. He’d stayed up wondering, trying to add to the list, and never really slept much. Starting Danni’s latte, he poured himself cup number five and blinked himself awake with the day.

Jensen was busy making drinks for two customers when the bell rang and Jared came in. His smile when he waved to Jensen made him smile back. Moving quickly, Jared bought another big bag of candy, and was munching on it as he darted back out to his bike. He tipped a salute off his brow to Jensen through the window as he threw a leg over the bike and pedaled off. It all happened in a few minutes, and Jensen smiled for an hour.Not only was Peter alive, and grown up, and living her, he was actually in Jensen’s life. Maybe to stay.

Jared came to the shop every day for the rest of the week, always right around the same time. When he had enough time to chat, Jensen found out that the lawyers next door always had packages coming in and out and Jared took the time between the in and the out to grab candy fuel for the day.

When Saturday came, Jensen spent most of the day looking out the window with one eye, waiting for Jared. It finally occurred to him that the lawyers might not be working this weekend or that Jared might actually have days off. He deflated slightly as he realized Jared had no reason to come to Neverland after all.

Jensen was most of the way through his book, chewing on the edge of his thumb, leaning on the counter in his normal spot when the bell over the door rang.

"Hey, Jared!" Danni's voice carried easily to Jensen, and he snapped his head up quickly.

Jared greeted Danni, but didn't take his normal bag and start filling it with candy. Instead, he walked the few steps over to the coffee bar and dropped onto a stool in front of Jensen with a wide grin. "Hi, Jensen."

"Oh, hey. Yeah. I didn't expect you - uh, what's up?" Trying - and failing, he was pretty sure, based on ten lifetimes of experience - to play it cool, Jensen grinned like an idiot at Jared, closing up his book and tossing it on the back counter.

"I hear you make some fine, fine coffee in this here shop. I'm here to try it." Jared nodded, eyes darting around the equipment and then back to Jensen. Jared had been in and out so quickly each day this week, that Jensen hadn't had nearly enough time to just look at him. It was remarkable to see the changes in someone he was so used to never changing. Little lines at the edge of his eyes when he grinned, hands twice the size he remembered, he was pretty sure.

"Cool. Uh, what do you like?"

Shrugging, Jared looked up at the menu and then back at Jensen. "Dunno. You pick."

"Wait. Do you mean - you've never had coffee? Ever?" Jensen stared for a moment, the very idea of it shocking him to the core. The first time he'd tried coffee after moving to the Mainland, it had made his blood sing with happiness. He loved it, with a deep, abiding passion.

"Nope! I always just wake up, like, ready to go, so I never saw the point."

Mind reeling at the idea of not waking up with coffee, Jensen did remember that Peter had always risen with the sun, while he had always burrowed deeper into his bed. So, once again - this was Peter. "Wow. Okay. Well, you like sweet things."

Jared leaned up on his elbows a moment, bringing his face closer, as if to tell a secret. "I love sweet things." He sat back down, and waited for Jensen to continue.

"Right, uh." Jensen grabbed a mug. "I'll - how about a Peppermint Mocha? It's got coffee, milk, chocolate and peppermint flavor."

"Does it have whipped cream?"

"It can." Jensen smiled as he started to brew the espresso.

"Then, I'm sold. Extra everything." Jared gestured imperiously and Jensen laughed.

The drink came out sweeter than any he had ever made, thanks to Jared instructing him on how much chocolate syrup to squirt in, and daring him to make the whipped cream the highest peak he could.

"You won't even be able to taste the coffee, Jared." He shook his head, pushing the teetering concoction across the counter.

"Next time. This time - chocolate and whip!" He licked the cream and hummed happily, and Jensen found that his face was starting to hurt from smiling too much. "Oh my god, it's ridiculously good. You're a master, my friend."

When Jensen was just Tootles, the smallest Lost Boy, the one who missed out on adventures because he was too busy daydreaming or thinking up stories or wandering off into the wood, he had blushed at any praise. The other boys, especially the Twins, teased him about it, but it simply could not be helped. And when the kind words came from Peter? The blush was fierce indeed.

He may have grown to be six feet tall, to have an apartment, a store, an ability to take care of himself, but as his cheeks heated up, some things, it seemed, did not change.

Jared was telling a crazy story about a time he hitchhiked across the state just to see if he could, and how he ended up riding in a pickup with two dogs and a pig, when Tink appeared so suddenly at Jared's side that Jensen nearly panicked that she'd flown in, fairy-style. Luckily, Danni was busy with a couple of kids, so even if she had, it seemed no one had noticed.

"Hello!" She beamed at Jared, fully ignoring Jensen, which was just so typical of her old behavior, he had to laugh a little.

Jared seemed briefly startled, but recovered quickly, cutting a quick glance at Jensen. "Hello yourself!"

Taking a deep breath, with a serious feeling of dread, Jensen spoke up. "This is Katie. Katie, this is Jared. He's a new customer."

She smiled, sweet as sugar and put her hand out. Jared took it in his and gave it a quick peck on the back, sending her into giggles that sounded remarkably like wind chimes ringing. Jensen glared at her where Jared couldn't see him. When Jared leaned to take a sip of his frothy drink, she stuck out her tongue at Jensen.

Katie sat down, perching primly on the stool next to Jared, her blue sundress riding up terribly short. Feeling a little deflated as Jared turned towards her, Jensen sighed.

"It's so nice to meet you. Jensen never introduces me to such interesting, handsome men." She put her elbow on the counter, hand on her chin, and locked eyes on Jared's with a wink.

Jared laughed, clearly flattered by the attention, and said something in response about pretty girls, but Jensen had turned away, moving down the counter to see if his other two customers needed refills. He really hoped they did, because he needed to get away for a moment and figure out why he was so mad at Tink, She loved Peter, and she missed him, too. It was unfair of him to not let her talk to him, right? He exhaled as he washed out his milk pitcher in the sink behind the bar. He heard Jared laugh and pressed his mouth together tighter.

Grow up, Tootles, he muttered to himself, rolling his eyes at the irony. He’d spent a long time avoiding that very thing, but really thought he’d managed it.

“Jensen?” Jared’s voice broke into his thoughts, and he closed his eyes. He did not need to act like he was feeling. He had Peter again, he needed to accept that he would still have to share him.

“Yeah?” He glanced over his shoulder and Jared’s face was curious, a little confused.

Tink was narrowing her eyes at Jensen, and he looked away from her quickly. Fairies weren’t to be trifled with, he knew well enough. And she was now the biggest one he’d ever met, which likely only added to the risk.

“I was asking if you had a bike?” Jared gestured towards Tink. “Katie was asking if I wanted to ride through Evergreen Park with her, and I figured, the more the merrier, right?”

Jensen’s happiness returned in a rush. “Yep, I do have one. Not as fast as yours, but it works.” He ignored the laser beams Tink was clearly trying to shoot from her eyes. “That sounds great. When?”

“Tomorrow? Didn’t you say that you had Sundays off?”

Irrationally pleased that Jared remembered such a detail, Jensen nodded. He wiped his hands on a towel and came back over to the counter.

“So, we can meet at the south park entrance, at what, 10?” Jared looked excited at the idea, and the feeling was contagious.

“Cool.” Jensen agreed.

“Ten is good!” Tink piped up, looking between them, and Jensen turned away to hide his smile and make Jared another sugar-loaded latte.

Part Two
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