Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

Just A Spoonful of Sugar | R | Jared/Jensen [Part 2 of 2]

Title: Just A Spoonful of Sugar [2/2, COMPLETE]
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Danneel
Rating: R
Length: 11,100ish words
Summary: AU. When Jensen is suddenly left to take care of his sister's kids for the summer, he desperately needs help. Enter a stranger named Jared and his ability to make kids love him and turn Jensen's life upside down in the process.
Author’s Note: Written for j2_everafter and loosely based on the movie Mary Poppins. Thanks to the awesome mods for their hard work running this challenge!

Part One | Part Two

It was all Jared, with legs as tall as Mason on their own, could do to keep up with the little guy when he spotted the sign leading toward the elephant habitat.Collapse )

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