Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

Rode Hard and Put Up Wet | NC-17 | Jared/Jensen

Title: Rode Hard and Put Up Wet
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Length: 5780ish words
Summary: AU. Jensen was not all that interested in taking a vacation at the Dixie Dude Ranch until he saw the riding instructor.
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this act of fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for salt_burn_porn in reply to wendy's prompt 'vacation.'

Jensen had not been looking forward to a week at a dude ranch, of all things. Embarrassing, and undoubtedly lame. But he'd promised Danneel, and you didn't go back on promises made to Danneel, even if made while drunk.

Well, okay. The truth was, that had been his position until approximately forty-five seconds after arriving on the grounds of the Dixie Dude Ranch. Because that moment, not at all coincidentally, was the moment he laid eyes on the man he would come to know as Jared, but who at the time was a wet dream who barely seemed real. Jensen had actually come to a complete stop and heard Danneel swear as she ran smack into his back.

"What the hell, Jensen?" She slapped his back lightly as she stepped around him, shifting her bag onto her shoulder. "Why did you stop - holy shit."


"He's - "


"Wow." Danneel paused. "Dibs if he's straight."

"Dibs if he's not."

"Duh." She slapped his hand in their time-honored way of sealing a promise and broke into a nice, wide smile. Like a shark.

Now? Jensen loved dude ranches. This one in particular.

Another much less attractive man (because really, all others paled), interrupted their seedy deal-making with a friendly, "Welcome to Dixie Dude Ranch, folks. Step right into the main house and we'll give you your room assignments and the nickel tour." He gestured his flannel-clad arm towards the door to a rustic log house, welcoming them with a big smile.

Jensen followed the small crowd into the house, but spared a long, slow glance over his shoulder at the man - the built like a house, shoulders out to there man - soaping up a horse down by the stables. He was soaking wet, some combination of sweat and water, it really didn't matter. It made his gray t-shirt cling to him like a second skin as he rubbed down the horse, arms flexing and bulging. It was like porn. No, it was porn. The man was porn.

"Jensen!" Danneel's voice was loud enough to startle him and he jerked his gaze away. He cut a quick look back at the object of his ogling and received a fingertip salute off the brim of his straw cowboy hat and a small smile. Jensen felt every inch of his dick in that moment, blood crashing into it. He opened his mouth just slightly, mouth dry as the dirt around his feet. He didn't move 'til Danneel dragged him bodily, and he swore he could feel the gaze of that man on him as he stumbled up the porch steps and into the house.

Jensen hated vacations with a schedule. This one had a 'suggested' list of activities, and some that seemed much more mandated than suggested. The staff who would be leading them through these activities was lined up at the front of the room. All he wanted to do during the orientation was ask who that man was washing the horse and what activity on the list put him in close contact with him. He just couldn't figure out quite how to couch that in semi-acceptable terms.

Jensen sighed heavily, and Danneel elbowed him. Hard. Girl's elbows were like daggers. He choked down a yelp and scowled at her. "What?" He hissed.

"Stop sighing. You're being a bitch. Which is confusing, since it's your dick that's making you act that way."


“...and if you’re a beginner, never swung your leg over a horse, maybe a little shy of ‘em, we’ve got Jared. He’s busy at the stable, but will give any greenhorns here a riding lesson at 2:00.”

Jensen sat straight up. That was the guy. Jared. He could call him Jared in his fantasies now instead of Tall, Dark and Soapy. “Mm, Jared.” He rolled the name around his tongue and smiled.

“You did not just. God, you’re embarrassing.” Danneel shook her head and Jensen looked at her.

“Excuse me, I need to go sign up for my beginning lessons, Miss Harris.” He got to his feet, winking. “With Jared.”

She grabbed his arm and whispered at him, still kind of hissing. “You’ve been riding horses since you were eight years old, you dick.”

“Danni!” Jensen looked around, but everyone was talking amongst themselves, talking to the staff, getting signed up for activities. He sighed. “You can sign up, too, you know.” He didn’t like playing fair, but he did it, anyway. She had less experience than Jensen did on horses, but was no beginner. Still, if he could fib, so could she.

Her eyes glinted. “No, no. I think Intermediate is for me. Besides, I don’t want to slip and fall in a puddle of your drool, you big loser.”

He saw her gaze lock on a tall drink of water across the room. Lean and blonde, which was actually her type. The guy was not being too shy about checking her out, either. Jensen just barely kept himself from fistpump of victory. He might be gay as the day is long, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know Danni was hot like fire. No need to make the competition more difficult. As he made his way to the sign-up sheet with Jared’s name on it, and met Mrs. Kensington, who was seventy years old, if a day, signing up too, he thought he was probably the clear leader in the race for Jared’s affections.

Two o’clock could not come fast enough. He’d showered, unpacked, eaten a nice hearty lunch, chatted with a few of his fellow dude ranchers and had roughly twenty three different fantasies about Jared, most of them involving classy phrases like “Ride ‘em, cowboy” and “Is that a cattle prod in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” And lots and lots of naked, wet skin. He hadn’t even seen the parts of Jared he was imagining, but Jensen had a vivid imagination.

He also had virtually no shame, so when he sauntered up to the corral with Mrs. Kensington, and two twin girls named Ashley and Bashley or something rhyming like that, maybe ten years old, he just grinned.

Jared, who had been hefting a saddle over a large padded sawhorse, hesitated when Jensen arrived, eyes widening slightly. He covered the reaction quickly with a wide smile and after putting the saddle down, and leaning over (which was nice) to fasten the cinch strap quickly and firmly, he stood up to greet them.

“So, these are my beginners, eh?” He was looking straight at Jensen, who was dressed in the same broken-in jeans and boots he wore when he visited his grandfather’s ranch. Jensen knew full well he didn’t look the least bit like a beginner.

It made him smile wider. “That’s us.”

They did introductions, and Jensen made damn sure to extend his hand for a shake, desperate to make some kind of contact. Jared’s grip was every bit as firm as he’d hoped, fingers long, palms wide. It made him sweat.

“Now, I want to start us off with just getting used to the saddle, okay? We’ll get to Miss Molly before too long.” He gestured over his shoulder at a fairly disinterested bay mare, grazing in a nearby pasture. The horse looked like she’d barely consider a trot, calm and serene. Jensen could see Danni already circling the nearby corral at a trot, her new instructor watching. Very closely.

“Ashlyn, you ready?” She nodded shyly, and her blonde ponytail bobbed as Jared showed her how to put her foot in the stirrup and swing over. While she got settled, he put his hand on the horn, and gave a quick tour of the parts of the saddle, explained how to sit, how to hold the reins and so on. Jensen stopped listening, having learned all this at Ashley’s age, and just focused on Jared. On the way he filled out his flannel shirt, how his forearms gleamed with sweat where they showed past rolled-up sleeves. At the slow and calm way he spoke, the way his hair curled damp around his neck, at his temple. Jensen wanted to knock his cowboy hat off and drag his hands through that brown hair, get it tangled in his fingers and just -

“Uh, Jensen? Right?”

“Huh, what?” Jensen jerked his eyes from his study of Jared’s neck to the eyes of the man in question.

“You ready for your turn?” Jared gestured at the empty saddle and smirked. “I can help ya, if you want.”

“Think I can just make it up, thanks to Mrs. K’s good demo.” He winked at the sweet little lady and swung up on the saddle. His feet touched the ground, for god’s sake.

“You do that like maybe you’ve done it before.” Jared had his hand resting on the pommel, squinting at Jensen, amusement in his eyes.

“Naw, you’re just a kickass - sorry, girls - awesome teacher, that’s all.”

The twins giggled at Jensen’s language and he winked at them, which sent them into even higher-pitched giggles. Jared shook his head, and turned towards the gate of the corral. “Y’all ready to meet Miss Molly?”

They were, and the gentle mare Jared led into the ring for the girls’ tentative pats and happy sighs was the mildest horse Jensen had ever met. Her ears barely twitched as they stood there, and Jared gave his lesson on how to handle a horse, where to walk, how to touch so as not to get kicked or spook her. Jensen couldn’t stop watching Jared’s hands, strong and tanned, stroking Molly’s neck the whole time.

It was time to actually get on the horse, and Jensen politely waited his turn, leaning against the rail as first Ashlyn, then Kaitlyn (he finally figured it out) and Mrs. K. took laps around, Jared leading them the whole time. The girls beamed as they went, their pale pink hats bobbing along. Mrs. K had an equally fine time, laughing girlishly at whatever Jared was saying to her as they walked.

And Jensen, meanwhile, watched Jared’s ass. Shame, he had none. But shit, his jeans were worn in all the right places and the boots and well, damn. Jensen was Texas, born and bred, and he had a cowboy kink a mile wide. He just never expected to have it filled quite this well when he agreed to Danneel’s wish to go to a dude ranch this summer. She was the one looking for a cowboy, and he was just hoping to get some good riding in.

He still was.

Jensen chewed his bottom lip, taking in every inch of Jared, broad shoulders to long legs. Yeah, that was a ride he’d like.

It was finally Jensen’s turn to ride, and since he figured he wasn’t really fooling Jared with the beginner act, he swung up smoothly, settling in, and taking the reins. With all kinds of sweet and believable sincerity, Jared told the rest of the class they could head on inside for some lemonade and relaxing before dinner, and that they’d all done real, real good today. The women all turned a faint pink, apparently equally helpless against Jared’s charms and went away smiling.

When Jared turned back to him, looking up to meet his eyes, his smile went a little smaller, more direct. “You’re not a beginner.” It wasn’t even a question.

No sense in pussyfooting around. He was only here for five days. “Nope.” Jensen didn’t break eye contact, but he nudged Miss Molly into motion with a squeeze and clicking noise. She walked forward and Jared walked alongside, hand on her neck. Keeping up appearances.

“Mind telling me why you wanted to spend the whole afternoon learning how to ride a horse when you already knew how?” Jared cut a look back at him with one eye and Jensen shrugged. He didn’t have a lot to lose here. If Jared didn’t go that way, Jensen could easily switch to a different class. It wasn’t that big a deal to just admit that he -

“Wanted to - “ He stopped, the words catching. Jared had turned, was walking backwards now. Watching him. His face wasn’t that easy to read, the sun behind him, casting his features in shadow.

Jared stopped Miss Molly, shook his head. “Think the cinch strap is slipping. Hold up.” He leaned over, flipped up the fender, one hand on Molly’s flank.

Frowning, Jensen shifted in the saddle, felt the leather soft and easy beneath him. “That’s funny, I don’t feel -” His air cut off abruptly, because Jared’s other hand had just landed on his thigh, and moved decidedly north.

“You were saying?” Jared’s fingers teased along the inseam of Jensen’s jeans even as his other hand fiddled with the strap. Which Jensen knew wasn’t loose.

Jensen had never ridden a horse with a hard-on before. It wasn’t all that comfortable, nor was the fact that his jeans were constricting his bloodflow even as Jared’s hand clenched and released, dropping away from his knee with a pat. He stared at Jared, at the red flush splotching his cheeks, at the way his eyes seemed to tip up with something dark as he smiled.

Struck mute, Jensen just looked for another minute at this walking wet dream in front of him. Finally getting his wits about him, he shifted in the saddle, one hand attempting to adjust the bulge in his jeans. Jared watched him do that, a smirk pulling up the side of his mouth. Jensen clutched the horn, leaned down a little. “Know how to ride, Jared. I’m real good at it.”

“Are you now?” Jared licked his bottom lip, slow and easy. “I’d like to see that.”

Jensen pushed his hat up, wiped the back of his hand across his forehead before setting it back on his head. The sun was hot on his back, but the only heat he was feeling was the one coming off Jared in waves.

“Show ya, then. Later.”

Jared grinned at him, and it was doing all kinds of things to Jensen. "It's a deal." Jared’s hand rested on Molly’s flank, eyes dropping to Jensen’s ass as he nodded. "Got a good seat. Natural rider. You look real comfortable like that. Bet you could handle a much more challenging ride.”

It was all horse talk, and yet it wasn’t. “Been told. God-given talent, I guess.” He shifted in the saddle, put Molly into motion again. Brought her up to the water trough and swung down. Felt Jared’s eyes the whole way.

“See ya later, teach.”

Jared just tipped that little salute off the brim of his hat again and Jensen was sure he walked a little more bowlegged than normal as he made for his room and a nice, cold shower.

The rest of the afternoon and evening passed painfully slow. Jensen wasn’t a fan of small talk as it was, and having to make nice with his fellow guests when all he wanted to do was track down Jared was akin to torture. And Danneel was no help at all, taken as she was with Alex, who she talked of incessantly and who she was meeting at the campfire that night.

When they all sat down to dinner, Jared showed up. He’d obviously showered after finishing up in the stables, fresh shirt, hair still damp. No hat, which meant Jensen got a real good look at his face, at the hair he wanted to grab onto. When Jared took one of the few empty seats at the table, Jensen was frustrated at how far away he was. Jensen wasn’t even friendly, he didn’t know why he was fucking surrounded by these other people when he just wanted to talk to Jared.

Okay, he wanted more than that, but talking was a good start. He caught Jared’s eye, nodded a greeting and got one in return. And then Jensen’s second favorite thing to do with his mouth took all of his attention.


He moaned as he took his first bite, and Danni shoved at him playfully, lowered her voice so only the adults at their end could hear her. “There he goes. Jensen and ribs. It’s positively pornographic.”

“Shut up, I just like good ribs, can you blame me?”

“I can’t. I can blame you for being obscene while you do it, though.”

Jensen ignored her in favor of the ribs, biting and sucking and licking his way through an entire rack. When he pulled his thumb from his mouth, getting the last drop of sauce, his eyes met Jared’s. Jared, at the other end of the table, flushed and staring. Jensen went back for one long, last suck on his thumb and the rib in his hand before dropping it to his plate and pushing back.

Mission fully accomplished, he guessed. His belly was full, and Jared was hooked. It was all he really wanted at the moment.

As they all got up from dinner, and Dennis, one of the organizers, announced that the campfire would be in full swing within the hour, Jensen felt a hand on his back, warm and firm. The words were whispered, almost in passing, a soft nudge of shoulder as he went.

“Hay loft, an hour.”

Jensen opened his mouth to respond, but by the time he could, Jared was gone, disappearing into the yard with the other hands. Turned out Jared was one of the people lighting up the big campfire - more like a bonfire - that was a nightly tradition on the Dixie. There were honest to God singalongs and probably marshmallow roasting.

Jensen was definitely glad he had other plans. He made his lame excuses to a knowing Danneel, and went back to his room to wash up and jerk off. He was fit to bursting from the one firm touch from Jared and came after a handful of strokes, groaning as he did. Leaning against the wall of his room, he let his dick go soft in his hand before carefully tucking it back in his jeans.

Forty-five minutes at the most since he and Jared brushed by each other at the dinner table, but Jensen was on his way out the side door of the lodge, strolling slow and casual toward the barn. As he hoped, everyone was busy at the campfire, oblivious to him as he slipped into the shadows of the barn and found the ladder to the loft.

He had his hands on the rung in front of him and his foot lifted to take a step when he was covered head to toe with warmth. Jared pressed into his back, breath hot and fast against his neck. Huge hands wrapped around his on the ladder, even as teeth nipped at his neck. “You came.”

“I plan to.” He felt the sheer power of the man behind him, huge and overwhelming. Jared rocked hard into his ass, and Jensen flashed back to his cattle prod line, eyes widening.

“Shit, Jensen. Shit. Get up there. Git.” Jared released his hands and Jensen took the first step, a little shaky from the onslaught and the promise and the fierceness from Jared. The gentle man from the ring was being slowly replaced, and Jensen wanted more. Jensen took a few steps up the ladder, felt Jared’s hands trailing down his sides, his hips, thumbs pressing hard into his ass, heat coming right through denim.

“Goddamn, that’s good. Come on.” Jared started up the ladder behind him, crowding him the whole way up.

Jensen barely made it off the ladder before Jared tackled him back into the hay pile near the top. It was sharp and prickly, and Jensen wandered for just a moment how that was going to feel on bare skin. He shoved the thought aside as Jared leaned over him, hands on either side of his head. The bonfire was really going now, throwing weird orange light up into the opening at the end of the hay loft. It caught the expression on Jared’s face, and it was intense. And intent, all focused on Jensen.

“Gonna kiss you, Jensen.”

Jensen didn’t wait. He grabbed Jared by the neck and yanked him down, opening his legs to catch Jared’s body in the vee of his thighs as their mouths met. Jared tasted good, sweet and hot, and he made the best hard sound when Jensen pressed his mouth open instantly, tongue plunging deep. Jared was hard against him, in every sense of the word, muscles flexed tight, dick riding his hip in a sharp rhythm. It was all Jensen could do not to come in his jeans from the sheer force of it. He broke the kiss, overheated already, gasping for air. He tipped his head back, and Jared’s mouth found the underside of his jaw, biting and kissing and sucking even as Jared’s hands worked at his jeans. It was all Jensen’s brain could do to realize what was even happening before he felt the air on his dick for a moment before Jared was stroking him, hard and purposeful.

Jerking into every stroke, Jensen groaned, swore. “Fucking hell, your goddamn hands. Gonna make me come like that.”

“No, ‘m not.”

Jared pulled out of his grip suddenly, and Jensen was half-sitting up to see why as Jared’s mouth slid slow and perfect right down his cock. He popped his hips hard, earning himself a solid forearm across them.

Jared pulled off, sucking the head hard as he did, pressing a light kiss to the end before he looked up at Jensen. “Gonna make you come like this.

And fuck if he wasn’t right. Jared knew his way around sucking cock, and it was all Jensen could do to just ride out the wave of heat pulsing through him, centered around his dick and sending ripples out into his body. Jared would suck fast, up and down, up and down, and then slow it up, increasing the pressure until Jensen’s eyes threatened to roll back in his head. Taking a breath, Jared would work his hand over Jensen’s spit-covered dick as he took quick sucks and nips at the soft skin around it, as he licked across Jensen’s balls with a wicked gleam in his eye. Dipping lower, he nudged Jensen’s thighs around his shoulders, and lifted his ass off the ground, dragged his tongue as far back as he could in the confines of Jensen’s jeans.

Huffing a breath, Jared pulled back, scooted back on his knees and tugged at Jensen’s boots, taking them off and tossing them over his shoulder one by one. Without even pausing, he yanked at Jensen’s jeans and his boxers, getting them off and shoving them aside. He looked around for a minute, eyes apparently more adjusted than Jensen’s and then got to his feet. “Be right back. Get that shirt off.” Jared grinned as he said it, so Jensen complied. Not that he got off on being ordered around or anything.

Jensen was lying there bare-assed in a pile of hay, dick hard as anything, so he started to complain about Jared leaving until he saw Jared return with a blanket, which he threw down on the hay next to Jensen, spreading it pretty well as he did.

Jensen looked over at the blanket and then back to Jared and felt his breath catch in his throat. Jared was undressing. No, he was stripping. Belt buckle hanging open, zipper of his jeans going down slow.

“Fucking tease.”

Jared grinned at him. “You complaining?”

“Got unfinished business down here.” Jensen’s hand stroked his own cock slowly, eyes closing for a moment. He was on the edge, hanging there. Watching.

“Be right there. All in good time.” Jared winked as he pushed his jeans lower, and promptly blew all of Jensen’s fuses at once. That was a good cock, is what that was. Jared left his jeans just hanging on his hips as he pulled his t-shirt up and over his head.

Thank god for the light from the fire, because the view was goddamn amazing. Jared was cut from head to toe, arms thick with muscle, abs ridged, waist narrow. And his dick was as big as the rest of him.

Jensen was going to be thanking Danneel for dragging him on this vacation for the rest of his natural life.

“Fuck, Jared. Get the fuck down here.” Eloquent, no. Effective, yes. Removing his jeans all the way, getting his boots and socks off, Jared knelt back down, spreading the blanket better. Jensen went to shift onto it, but Jared had other ideas. He rolled Jensen face first on the blanket and snatched his hips up in two hands, mouth going immediately to Jensen’s bare ass, teeth catching flesh between them. Jensen scrambled to his knees, hands grasping the blanket, as Jared’s tongue pulled slow and easy up the crack of his ass, pausing to press right against his hole. Jensen jerked and whined at the hot and wet sensation, at the way Jared returned to that spot again and again, tongue working its way in while his huge hands held Jensen open and vulnerable.

“Been wanting to fuck this ass since I first saw it, Jensen. What d’you say?” His words were rough, low, and Jensen nodded before finding his own words.

“Goddamn, yes. Yes.”

He felt cool slick against his ass, and then one of Jared’s long fingers sliding in, and he exhaled. Jared kept driving that one finger relentlessly in and out, mouth pressing soft kisses to his ass, and dropping coarse promises in the cool evening air surrounding them. Jared’s other hand reached under and stroked Jensen’s cock, bringing it back to full hardness, slicking it up as he did. Jensen wasn’t sure what sensation to focus on, so he just tried to take it all in. It didn’t take long for two, then three fingers to be pushing and twisting into his ass, and only when he went to talk did Jensen realize he was biting the blanket, grunting into it.

“Oh my god, just fuck me. Fuck me. Want it.” Jensen inhaled sharply as Jared pushed all three fingers deep, holding him impaled there for a moment before pulling out abruptly with a squelch.

“You got no idea, Jensen. Got no idea how you look like this.” Jared’s hands stroked over Jensen’s ass, fingers tight on the skin, leaving trails of slick behind. He let go and Jensen shifted, waited for that big cock to finally push into him. And...nothing. In fact, Jared’s hands were gone, his mouth, the heat of him.

He heard a noise next to him and looked over to see Jared lying back on the blanket next to him. When he met Jared’s gaze, Jared smiled at him, wicked. Eyes trailing lower, Jensen watched Jared wrap a hand around his dick, saw that it had a condom, glistening with lube. Jared stroked, then stilled, pulling Jensen’s eyes back up to meet his look.

“Thought you were gonna show me how you ride, cowboy.”

Jensen had to grab his own dick to keep from coming. That should not have been that hot, but it was. God help him, it was. He laughed, short and amused. “Too damn right.”

Jensen shifted over, threw one leg across Jared like getting on a horse. Sort of. He dove forward, hands shoving into Jared’s hair, and kissed him, hard. Pulled Jared’s jaw open with his fingers, went in for more. It was the kind of kiss that almost hurt, mouths too wide, tongues too rough, and he loved it. He fucking loved it. He loved Jared’s hands clutching his hips so tight, the skin was pulling across his hipbones. He loved that when he rocked his hips low, bowing his back, his cock drew a sticky line on Jared’s abs.

He couldn’t wait any longer for what he came for. All these appetizers were fucking delicious, but he came for the main course. He reared back, jerking the kiss apart and rose up, thigh muscles tight, and watched as Jared reached down and held his cock steady. Looking at Jared, Jensen shifted until the head caught on his rim, and he felt that first stretch. He loved the first stretch. Liked how it hurt a little, how it made his muscles fight back, push out. He liked that moment when he got past the first ring of muscle, felt this tiny pop when a hot, hard dick finally entered him. Head tipped back for a moment, breath gone heavy in his chest, Jensen focused on how this felt, on how wide and thick Jared was as Jensen lowered himself down, slowly, slowly.

“Look at you, taking it. God.” Jared’s thumb of the hand wrapped around his dick was touching Jensen’s ass, his voice breathless.

Jensen rolled his hips a little, leaned forward, hands on Jared’s lower abs to steady himself. He wasn’t stopping. Not til it was all the way in.

Watching Jared’s face, the way Jared’s eyes were glued to the place they were joined made him flush with power. He smiled to himself as he felt Jared’s thumb right there at his entrance, about to pull away. Jensen shoved down the last few inches, felt Jared’s thumb pop through the rim, and he gasped, swore at the pulling sensation.

“Holy shit.” Jared pulled his hand free and Jensen bit hard into his bottom lip, focused on how full he was, how completely and utterly full he was of heat and hardness. He knew how this felt from the other side, too. That impossible heat, that need to push and come and rut.

But Jensen was in charge of this fuck. Hands still firmly planted on Jared’s abs, he lifted up, felt the way he pulled at Jared’s dick just enough, and then dropped back down.

Jared jerked underneath him, hands on Jensen’s thighs. “Yeah. Yeah. Like that, shit.”

The sweat coating Jared’s body was slick under Jensen’s palms, and he slipped a little on the next movement, but he got it going nonetheless. A rhythm that suited them both, based on the nonstop stream of filth coming from Jared, about Jensen’s tight ass and how hot he was and how good it felt to be inside him and on and on. Jensen was riding up high and dropping down low, skin slapping skin, thigh muscles burning from exertion. He was heating up inside and out, and he wanted to come, and make Jared come, but he didn’t want to stop either. It was just that damn good.

He felt Jared rising to meet him, felt Jared’s thighs helping support him, Jared’s hands wrapped around his thighs, and fuck. He lost it. He rode Jared hard, felt the way Jared’s fingers went tight on him, the way Jared’s words dissolved into grunts, and knew he was close.

“Oh god, oh god. Yeah, that’s it,” Jared curled up, shoved up hard and Jensen pushed down to meet him and watched the play of emotion across Jared’s face as he came, and came hard. Before Jensen could even think about moving. Jared’s hands grabbed the back of his thighs, lifting him off Jared’s dick and yanking him upward. And he realized in that moment how strong Jared was, manhandling him like that. Jensen fell forward, catching himself on his hands, missing the blanket and finding hay just as Jared’s mouth found his dick and he cried out. He hadn’t come yet, and he figured on a hand job, but this. Shit.

“Fuck my mouth, do it.” Jared’s words were raw and demanding, and Jensen really didn’t need to be told twice. He felt his dick slide over Jared’s tongue, brush against the ridges of the roof of his mouth and he pulled back and drove back in again. Jared’s hands on his ass were pushing him forward and he was as unrelenting as that pressure.

Jared made good on the earlier promise to make Jensen come in his mouth. It didn’t take long, his nerves were on fire. He rocked in and out a few more times and tensed, looking down between his arms to see Jared’s mouth hold him in as he came, shooting straight down Jared’s throat.

Jared sputtered a little, and Jensen pulled out, watched come trickle out of the sides of Jared’s mouth. “Oh god.” He shimmied down, leaned in and licked the salty sticky mess from Jared’s skin. Continued long after it was gone, pushing his tongue back into Jared’s slack mouth, finding more of his own taste there. Jared had his head cradled in both hands, the kiss gone smooth and almost gentle by the time it stopped.

Jensen was boneless, breathless, sated and nearly stupid with it. He shifted and slid and kind of fell into a heap next to Jared, arms touching, legs still tangled. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, his heart beating a steady tattoo against his ribcage.

“Well, damn.” Jared’s voice cut through the heavy breathing.


“I mean, damn.” The wonder in Jared’s voice did great things for Jensen’s ego.

“No, really. Agreed.” Jensen felt every inch of his body, and it was good.

They laid there side by side for several minutes before Jensen cleared his throat, and said, “So, not that I didn’t totally get off on the romp in the hay loft thing and all, but I think I got hay in some unforeseen places. I do have a room here at the ranch. Bed, walls, everything.”

“Yeah? Sounds fancy.” Jared was up on his elbow, looking down at him.

“Indoor plumbing, too. And a shower that I think could just about hold two.”

“You’ll spoil me. Show me this luxury, Jensen. I’m just a poor cowpoke who sleeps out on the open range.” Jared rolled towards him, hand running over Jensen's chest, face lit with humor.

“Oh, shut up.”

“No, seriously. I have to share a room in the bunkhouse with Chad. I’d rather sleep outside. And I’d much, much rather sleep with you.”

“So, it’s me, then outside, then some guy named Chad? It’s not the most auspicious list I’ve ever been at the top of, but I guess it’ll do.” Jensen got to his knees, started to look around for his clothes. Jared’s hand stroking light over his bare ass and down his thigh was what you might call distracting. He looked over his shoulder. “Oh, don't worry, I will go another round, but we’re doing it indoors.”



“Fair enough.” Jared nodded, but didn’t move.

Jensen got up, slapped at Jared’s hip. “Find your boots, cowboy. You haven’t seen all my tricks yet.”

“That right? What’s next?” Jared was up, had his jeans up to his waist, was hopping into his boots.

Jensen waited ‘til Jared had both boots on before he answered, pressed up close to that strong body, mouth against his.

“Next I fuck you with your boots on.”

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