Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

that's what I do | PG-13 | Jared/Jensen

Title: that's what I do
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Length: 890 words
Summary: AU. Jensen's been kidnapped, and rescue comes in the form of a tall stranger.
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this act of fiction.
Author’s Note: For my mini-ficletathon in honor of Jared's birthday, I took prompts from my f-list. The prompt from calijirl5150 is the title of the fic and a quote from Eliot on Leverage.

Jensen was terrified. He couldn’t see anything, could only hear thumps and grunts and yelps of pain. He struggled in his ropes, the coarse fibers chafing his wrists even further, the skin raw. He’d heard a voice, but didn’t recognize it. And then a fight had broken out, from what he could tell. There had been five guys in the room with him, or so he thought, based on the times they took the blindfold off and the voices he’d started to recognize during the four days he’d been held captive.

He hadn’t given up the information they wanted, and his father hadn’t sent the ransom, and time was running out. Jensen was freaking out, but trying not to show it. He strained to hear what was happening. There was less commotion now, maybe just two guys fighting now. Where did the other guys go, he wondered?

A few minutes later, he heard nothing. Well, almost nothing. There was breathing, a brief moan of pain quickly silenced by an impact. Suddenly, there were hands on the gag in his mouth, pulling it out. Huge hands, but surprisingly gentle as they tugged it down around his neck. Those same fingers were tucked under the blindfold, lifting it off.

“Jensen Ackles?” The voice was unfamiliar, and it was so bright suddenly, Jensen couldn’t fully open his eyes. He squinted and angled his face away, blinking rapidly.


“Don’t sound too sure.” The voice was faintly amused, and who was this guy?

He wanted to be annoyed, but he was too relieved. If this guy didn’t know it was definitely him, he wasn’t one of the abductors, most likely. Jensen’s shoulders slumped, his breathing slowing down, heart not racing so fast.

“Your Dad hired me and my team to get you out of here and take down Kitteridge. You’re okay now. Safe.” A hand landed on his shoulder, heavy and warm. Jensen kind of wanted to cry, but he held it in.

He looked up, eyes finally starting to adjust. And he kept looking up, craning his neck back. There was a mountain of a man in front of him. Tall, broad-shouldered, built like a Mack truck. Long, messy hair fell in his eyes, and when he pushed it back and it was possible Jensen whimpered a little. This guy was the best thing Jensen had seen in a long, long time.

“Not to be ungrateful, but you gonna untie me anytime soon...?”

“Oh, shit. I mean, yeah. I’m Jared, by the way.” Jared knelt down at his side, and he was so close. So close. Jensen pulled on the ropes a little behind his back, twitched at the careful touch to his fingers. “Hold still.” A knife appeared from nowhere, opening with a quick snick and disappeared out of Jensen’s sight, so he held very still until he felt the ropes give way suddenly. He tried to move, but his shoulders screamed in protest and he must have made a noise because suddenly Jared was looking up at him from his kneeling position.

“Don’t move yet, your muscles are all over-extended. Just give it a minute.” Jared stood up and moved behind him, and then holy god, started to rub Jensen’s shoulders carefully with those big hands. Jensen’s moans switched from pained to pornographic in a breath.

“You’re - wow, the dossier pics didn’t really do you justice, man.” Jared stopped the rubbing, inhaling sharply. “Sorry, that was unprofessional.”

“Dude, you just saved my life. You could get away with more.”

Jared’s hands tightened on his shoulders, and then released abruptly. His next words came from much closer to Jensen’s ear, breath hot against his skin. “How much more?”

“Help me get the fuck out of here and you can find out.” Jensen’s legs were jelly, and he had to take a lot of Jared’s assistance to get to his feet. He was weak, and exhausted and had taken a few punches, and was still coming down off his near-death experience, but having Jared hold him up, pressed along Jared’s muscled body, t-shirt damp with sweat ,made a lot of that fade into the background.

When he was finally upright and had his arm wrapped around Jared’s shoulder, he leaned in and whispered. “Jared?”

Jared turned his head to answer, and Jensen kissed him, quick and hard.

Jared nodded, and kissed him back, and this one took a little longer to break up. He pulled away with some obvious reluctance, tapping his ear. “Team’s on its way, we should head out before any backup shows.” He bit at Jensen's bottom lip, pulling the skin gently between his teeth, as he stole another kiss.

Jensen leaned into it, clutched Jared's arm. He wasn't sure if he was wobbling because of the trauma or the kiss at this point.

It took until that moment for Jensen to even remember all those guys who had been guarding him and smacking him around. He looked around, noticed the five guys sprawled out unconscious around his chair, and his eyes went wide.

“What the - did you do this?” Jensen knows the answer, but he’s still having trouble processing.

Jared glanced around at the men, and shrugged, adjusting so that Jensen could lean on him again, and headed towards the door with a smile. “Yeah, man.” He winked, and god, he was hot. “That’s what I do.”

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