Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

My Love is Like to Ice, and I to Fire | R | Jared/Jensen

Title: My Love is Like to Ice, and I to Fire
Author: __tiana__
Artist: dephigravity
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Katie, Danneel, Aldis, and more.
Rating: R
Length: 25,100 words
Warnings: Minor character death
Disclaimer: This is purely an act of fiction and no harm is meant.

Summary: In a world where superheroes exist, Jensen and Jared possess opposite abilities: Jensen controls ice, and Jared fire. Their first meeting results in Jensen's accidental near-death, so imagine his dismay a few years later when Jared joins his team. Team Alpha includes heroes with powers ranging from electrokinesis to teleportation. Jensen will have to face his painful past, his opposite-powered teammate, and his unexpected feelings for Jared, codename Phoenix, in that order. When a crew of villains sends the team into a tailspin, will this be a turning point for Jared and Jensen, or the end of all they've begun to build?

Author's Note: Written for spn_j2_bigbang. Complete notes in the Epilogue & Notes post!

AMAZING master art post by dephigravity

| Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Epilogue & Notes |

Download: PDF with art (thanks to lostt1!)
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