Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

this round's on the house | NC-17 | Jared/Jensen

Title: this round's on the house
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Chad, Danneel
Rating: NC-17
Length: 4,600ish words
Summary: AU. Jared’s a bartender. Jensen's a customer. And it's closing time.
Disclaimer: These versions of Jared and Jensen don't even exist, so I can promise this isn't true. No harm is meant.
Warnings: Chad
Author’s Note: Written for salt_burn_porn for the prompt of 'six inch heels'. Also inspired by a few choice word prompts played in a Words with Friends game with wendy. She'll know the ones I mean. Big thanks to memphis86 for cheering me on through this whole fic, as I wrote it in record time. This porn's for you!

It had been a long night, and Jared was feeling it. His back ached, his feet hurt and he had at least four different kinds of alcohol spilled on his shirt.

Which was all pretty typical for a Saturday night. At least his tip jar was stuffed full and business had been good, and it wasn’t much longer before he could close up. There were only a couple patrons left in the bar and they were regulars, so he gave them the nod, letting them know they had a few minutes to finish off their drinks. Chad was wiping down the last booth and carrying dirty mugs to the kitchen, and Jared had cut Katie loose for the night about ten minutes earlier. Right as the swinging door to the kitchen closed, he heard the unmistakable sound of glass breaking and he cringed. Fucking Chad. If he hadn’t known the guy probably couldn’t get a job anywhere else, he’d have fired his ass a year ago.

Jared had his back to the bar, straightening the liquor bottles, giving the back bar a good wipe down when he heard the front door open, edge of it striking the bell hanging above. Without turning, he called over his shoulder to the new arrival, "Last call was twenty minutes ago, sorry."

The voice that replied is rough and deep, with a twang that makes Jared think of sweaty nights and sun-drenched days growing up. "'sokay, not really that thirsty, anyway. Maybe some water, though?"

Jared felt something hot run through him, sudden and hopeful. He turned, and couldn’t help but smile. It was the guy.

He'd been in earlier, and Jared had noticed him. And by noticed him, Jared meant he'd ogled his ass from as many angles as humanly possible, run his eyes over the guy's entire body in a way illegal in several states south of the Mason Dixon. Of course, he'd also noticed the utterly hot and stacked redhead on his arm, teetering around on six inch heels. He'd hated her on sight, purely on principle. The guy had come up to the bar soon after their arrival, ordered a Cosmo and a Sam Adams, a rather pained look on his face.

“Rough night?” Jared had asked as he mixed the Cosmo, smirking over at the girl laughing uproariously with a couple of guys near the pool table.

“God, you have no idea.” The guy had looked at him, shaking his head, and Jared was utterly taken in by his face, by the strong jaw line covered in stubble, beautiful mouth turned up in a wry smile.

“Guess I better get these drinks real quick-like before your girl starts making new friends.” Jared grinned, always walking a careful line ‘til he was sure a customer could take his ribbing.

The guy had snorted as he took the glass and the bottle in hand. “Not my girl and believe me, I wouldn’t mind. I’d thank them.” He’d arched an eyebrow, given Jared what could only be cataloged as a once-over and turned from the bar.

And Jared had yanked himself a cold bottle of water from the fridge and drained half of it in one go off that single look. When he lowered his gaze again and was wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, the guy was watching him. And not in a casual way, but in a ‘I would like to have you for dinner’ way.

Of course, the bar had gotten busy and Jared had only managed a few more check-ins with the guy, serving him more beer, some shots and a few of the girliest drinks Jared had ever mixed. The high laughter of his female companion, as Jared had come to refer to her, got louder and louder and then he heard a loud thump, some swearing, and saw a small crowd across the bar clump together.

Jared didn’t like for things to get out of hand in his bar, and didn’t employ a bouncer because none had applied that were bigger than him. He took care of problems himself. He’d hopped up and swung over the bar, covered the room in a few quick strides to see what the commotion was.

“Alright, what’s going on? Break it up, break it up.” Jared pulled a few people out of the way, shouldered through the others and found himself looking down at the redhead on her ass on the floor with the hot guy crouched next to her.

“Shit, Danni, you okay?”

Jared had cleared his throat, hands on hips, and inquired. “There a problem? Is she okay?”

The guy looked over at Jared’s feet first, and then let his eyes take the slowest path up Jared’s body anyone’s ever had. By the time his eyes met Jared’s, there was heat banked there, smoldering. “Um, what?”

Jared gestured at the girl. “What happened?”

“Shit goddamn, I fell off my fucking shoes.” She had quite a mouth on her, Jared noted. He fought back a laugh, figuring she could have really hurt herself.

Finally, they established that Jensen, that’s what the girl called him, could get her home. She limped out of there, hanging on Jensen’s arm and Jensen had shot him an apologetic look over his shoulder as she cursed and stumbled.

And that had been that.

Until now.

“You’re back.” Jared was surprised, to say the least.

“I am. Had some...unfinished business.” He cocked his head at Jared. His eyes were maybe green, definitely intense.

“That right?” Jared idly polished the taps, straightened the cocktail shakers.

“Yeah.” Jensen sat down at the bar, elbows up on it, fingers laced in front of him on the scarred up wood. “So, you’re closing soon, I take it?” He looked around quickly at the almost empty bar, conveniently glossing over this unfinished business he’d mentioned. Jared was suitably intrigued.

“Pretty soon. But it’s up to me, really. My bar, my rules.” Jared winked a little, enjoyed the appraising look from Jensen. He pulled two bottles of water from the fridge and set one down in front of Jensen and cracked the top off his, leaving it on the bar for the moment.

“Your bar, huh? Awesome.” Jensen looked around again, more closely this time. The bar had a dark wood interior, a nearly new pool table, and it was pretty clean. It was a classy fucking joint, if Jared did say so himself. For a bar. “I always thought it would be fucking cool to have my own bar. Figured I could drink for free and stay up late listening to music and never deal with the mornings.”

Jared chuckled. “Yeah, that’s what I figured, too. Some of it’s true. And there are other...perks.” He chewed on his bottom lip, let his gaze flick from Jensen’s face and down, then back up. He didn’t miss the answering look.

Jensen sipped some water, flipped the lid between his fingers. It was quiet, low music filtering out over the bar’s sound system. Otherwise known as Jared’s iPod and some kickass speakers.

“So, how’s your friend?”

Jensen snorted. “Still drunk and bitching up a storm. I think she sprained her ankle, but she said she’ll wait and see what it looks like tomorrow. I’m guessing purple and disgusting. I left her at home to sleep it off.”

Jared pursed his lips, shrugged. Talk about mixed messages. This guy was here giving Jared these heated looks while a beautiful girl was at his house. He tipped the bottle up and started to drink.

“She’s my roommate, by the way.”

Jared finished his drink, eyes on Jensen the whole time. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” Jensen paused, fiddled with the label on his bottle, eyes not straying from Jared’s face. “We’re really compatible.” He started ticking off on his fingers. “We both love football, Mexican food, old movies, dick, playing golf...”

Jared choked on his current swallow of water, rolling his hand. “Wait, what was that?”

“What? Playing golf? Yeah, I know it’s kind of an old fogey thing, but I’ve been playing for years and she - “ Jensen was grinning and Jared was starting to sweat. Well, sweat more.

“No, before that.”

“Old movies?”

“After that.”

Jensen licked his lips then and it should have been ridiculous and cliché, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t because Jared’s dick really liked it, and he really liked the promise therein.

He didn’t look away, just yelled over Jensen’s shoulder. “Closing up, guys, get the fuck out!” His group of regulars muttered, but he heard shuffling and shifting and movement, so he figured it was working.

Jared waved at them as they moved past the bar, and Jensen, for his part, just sat there, looking like a wet dream. His face was slightly flushed, hair damp around his temples. Jared, now that he knew he really could, absolutely could not stop looking.

“I’m Jared.” He held out his hand.

“I know. I asked around.” Jensen took it, and he didn’t let go. “Jensen.”

“I know. I pay attention.” They were still there, hands clenched when a voice interrupted.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake - thought we were closed, man. I just finished up back there.”

“Chad, go home.” Jared let go of Jensen’s hand, grabbed the bar rag and chucked it over his shoulder into the sink. “I got this.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice, boss man.” Chad walked by, pulling his apron off as he went toward the front. “By the way, if you notice any beer mugs missing, I’m pretty sure Katie broke some earlier.”


“Sweet!” Chad scurried out the front door and Jared finally moved from behind the bar, going to the door. He pulled the shade down over the glass, moved to pull the curtains over the front window. When his hand was on the deadbolt, he cut a look over his shoulder, found that Jensen’s eyes were firmly planted on his ass. They lifted, but there was reluctance in the action.

“You stayin’?” Jared asked the question, and he knew how loaded it was.

“Hell yes.” Jensen turned on the bar stool, feet still resting on the lowest rung, knees in different time zones.

Jared flicked the lock.

He walked over, hand rubbing across his mouth. Jensen was watching. Time to cut to the chase. “You came back to what - talk to me? Seduce me? Fuck me? What exactly was the plan?” Jared walked closer, stopping just about a foot away, enjoying the way Jensen had to look up now, exposing the long line of his neck.

Jensen shifted on the stool, put his back against the bar. He reached out and hooked his right index finger in Jared’s belt loop and yanked. Jared stumbled forward, catching himself on the bar with his hands, one on either side of Jensen.

“All of the above.” Jensen tugged a little, brought Jared in between his knees, mouth gone wicked. “Is it working?”

Shit, yeah, it was working, Jared thought. He pressed in, felt the stretch of Jensen’s thighs around his hips. “You always this forward?”

“Depends.” Jensen didn’t move, but Jared could see his chest rising and falling quickly, could see the flush of pink skin appearing above his shirt collar. “Do you like it?”

Jared leaned in, mouth touching the skin of that tempting neck. Brushing his lips along the hot skin, he could hear Jensen swallow, could feel the shift of muscle against his mouth. He skidded his hands across the bar, bringing the two of them even closer together, felt Jensen’s fingers grab onto his hips, clutching worn denim.

“I like you.” It sounded so normal, so vanilla, but Jared was not having vanilla thoughts. “I was watching you earlier, Jensen. Hoping you weren’t with that girl.”

Jensen made a noise, because Jared had just licked his neck, then gone back over the same skin and sucked on it until it prickled red.

He continued, pressing his mouth in a path over the tender skin, tasting. “I wanted you over here, wanted you sucking my dick behind the bar, wanted to bend you over it and fuck you into next week. So, yeah. I like that you’re back. I like that you came back. I like that you want...this.”

Jensen had moaned softly halfway through Jared’s words, muttered ‘fuck’ under his breath. His fingers were in Jared’s jeans, fumbling the button undone, the zipper down. Jared ducked his head to look, watched Jensen’s agile fingers push into his boxers, jerked when fingers wrapped loosely around Jared’s dick. He was hard, had been hard almost since Jensen sat down at the bar and looked up at him through dark lashes.

“Oh, goddamn.” Jared kissed Jensen’s neck, ground his dick into Jensen’s hand, begging for motion with a roll of his hips.

“I lied earlier, Jared. I lied, I’m sorry.” Jensen was caught between Jared and the bar, two immovable objects, but he clenched his knees tight around Jared, his words low and urgent.

Jared paused, breath catching. “What? What are you - "

“Didn’t come back to fuck you.” Jensen stroked him once, firmly. “Came back to get fucked.”

Jared reached down and grabbed Jensen’s wrist, squeezing what was probably painfully hard. “Jesus, don’t touch me when you say shit like that or this is gonna be over way too soon.” His whole body was flooded with heat, he could feel the sweat slipping down his spine. “You have no idea - oh god, stand up.”

He was fighting everything he had not to yank Jensen up, manhandle him into position and take what he wanted. Jared could, and he knew he could, but god, he was trying to stay in control. A little bit of control.

Jensen pushed him back, stood up from the stool, and went straight for his own jeans. He looked down for a moment and then back up at Jared. His fingers were hesitant. “Couldn’t stop thinking about you. Built like you are, wanted you to - " He hesitated, and Jared knew a size kink when he’d triggered one.

He said fuck it to the control, and grabbed Jensen by the shoulders, spinning him around and shoving him against the bar. Jared slammed into his back, covering him chest to knees with his own body. Reaching around, he ran his hands down Jensen’s arms, feeling the musculature, the sweat. He reached Jensen’s hands, pushed his fingers between Jensen’s and laced them tight. He whispered into Jensen’s ear right as he ground his hips forward, shoved his dick against the back of Jensen’s jeans, nudging the crease.

“You like that, don’t you? Want me to hold you here and fuck you raw?” Jared couldn’t believe the filth coming from his own mouth. He always liked to talk during sex, usually a little dirty, but Jensen was bringing out something else in him, a whole new level of desire, a near craving, something that could easily bloom into addiction.

He could hear Jensen breathing, feel him trembling against his skin, and oh god, it was thrilling. His words were choked, low and hard. “God, yes. God, Jared. Please.

Jared squeezed Jensen’s fingers as he withdrew them. “Don’t move your hands. Flat on the bar.”

Jensen’s fingers splayed out wide, palms pressed to the bar. His hips rocked back into Jared’s and Jared groaned, praying he could hold on. He worked his hands between Jensen and the bar. Tugged and yanked at Jensen’s jeans ‘til they were undone and he could press one broad hand to the damp cotton underneath, grinding his heel against Jensen’s erection just to hear him whimper and his breath catch.

“That for me?” Jared smiled, rubbed again, an almost teasing motion.

“Shit, yes.”

“Good.” Jared moved away, got ahold of Jensen’s jeans and briefs and pulled them halfway down Jensen’s thighs. Pushed his t-shirt higher so Jared could see a nice stretch of bare skin between rumpled clothes. He ran his hand down Jensen’s back, fingers following the groove of his spine, down his ass, and startled when he felt slickness. Felt Jensen start, too, when he plunged his middle finger all the way in, the way eased already.

Jared’s couldn’t breathe for how hot this was. “You did this before you came? Slicked yourself up, spread yourself open?” The visual images flashing before his were making him crazy: Jensen’s face screwed up as he rode his own hand, as he spread lube on a dildo, fucking himself, wanting Jared to be there doing it.

“Yeah, yeah. Thinking about you. Hoping.” Jensen was panting, a wanton thing now. He pushed back against Jared’s finger. “Come on, come on. You can do better than that.”

Grinning a wide, white grin, Jared nodded. “Yeah. I can.” He withdrew the finger, added two more and drove back in, and Jensen moaned, up on his elbows on the bar. Jared pressed his other hand to Jensen’s lower back, and spent a minute driving Jensen to distraction, thrilling at how easy this was, how the way was already paved for these fingers, for his cock.

He pulled his hand out, wiping some of the slick on Jensen’s skin as he dug a condom out of his wallet, threw the wallet on the floor, pulling his own jeans lower and out of the way as he rolled it on. Jared ran his own hand over the condom, dragged his fingers over Jensen’s hole to collect some lube and spread it around his dick. He held still for a moment, a smile on his face. To think he’d been tired and ready to go home not half an hour ago.

Jensen had gone still, waiting. Maybe holding his breath. He looked over his shoulder, then, eyes bright. “Jared. Come on.” He pushed his ass back, and the head of Jared’s cock brushed his entrance. Jared grabbed onto the bar edge with one hand, took his dick in the other. He nudged at Jensen’s hole, blunt head pressing. Jared loved this part of sex, of fucking. Loved the first penetration. Loved watching his dick slide slow and steady inwards, all heat and tightness, slick and warm inside another person. It was intimate and powerful and goddamn hot. He wanted it to last.

He pushed the head just past the first tight ring, felt it give a little, heard Jensen bite off a swear. His dick was being slowly encased, and Jared felt his eyes nearly roll back in his head. Jensen was just this side of too tight, not quite open enough. He pulled back a little, nearly withdrawing and then pushed in again, a bit further.

“Oh my god.” Jensen’s hands were still flat on the bar, fingers twitching. “You’re trying to fucking - shit - kill me, aren’t you?”

Jared didn’t answer, just pulled back and drove in again, further this time. He moved his hand off the bar, splayed it across the muscles gone tight in Jensen’s belly, tight against the flat plane of skin.

He looked, watched as he pulled out again, pushed much further back in this time, more than halfway. He and Jensen both moaned at the same time, hands clenching.

“Jared. Goddamn. You fucking me this century?”

“Can’t rush a good thing, man.” Jared leaned forward, bit gently into the muscle spanning between Jensen’s shoulder and neck where his shirt was yanked to the side. He murmured into the skin there, salty and sweet. “I’ll get you there.”

On the next breath, Jared pulled out ‘til the head of his cock was caught right in the entrance, and then he drove all the way home in one smooth, hard thrust. He heard the air push out of Jensen in one breath, a soft grunt.

“Remember, hands on the bar.” Jared bit at his ear, a sharp nip, and Jensen nodded.

And that’s when Jared made good on his promise. He took ahold of Jensen’s hips with both hands, bare skin slipping underneath his tight grip and he started fucking him. With intent. He could feel Jensen’s body jerk on every thrust, could hear the low moan, the push of Jensen’s hips back into his, increasing the impact.

The skin of Jensen’s ass was growing pink from the impact of Jared’s hips, from the denim striking him low where the curve met his thighs. and Jared shifted one hand, dragged his thumb across the soft, warm skin as he increased the pace of his thrusts. It was perfect, just enough drag to make it delicious, tight enough that Jared was sure he wasn’t going to make it too long. He relished the slap of skin on skin, the building pressure, the way he could hear Jensen breathing, hard and fast.

Fuck! Fuck me. That’s it, damn.” Jensen had stretched out, hooked his hands over the far side of the bar, knocking napkins and a cup of stirrers to the floor behind the bar, putting his body on display for Jared.

He leaned down, shoved the t-shirt up to Jensen’s neck, started peppering his back with kisses, little bites, pressing his face to the skin and sweat, as he fucked in harder and faster. He was sure he was bruising Jensen’s hipbones now, hitting them into the bar, and he didn’t seem to care. Harder, faster, and even harder was the mantra here.
Jared felt his orgasm like a physical thing growing, threatening. His thrusts were getting erratic, crazy. He wrapped one arm around Jensen’s chest, diagonally from side to shoulder and pulled, murmuring, “Come here."

Jensen let go of the bar and stood up at the urging of Jared’s am, back to Jared’s chest, impaled on Jared’s cock as he drove upwards now. He went in as deep as he could, deeper than he had yet, and came. Hard.

He saw stars, white flickers in his eyes as he came, pulsing and shooting, whole body coming to life in that moment. Jared took Jensen’s dick in hand, so hard and dripping with pre-come and started jerking it, even as he stayed inside Jensen, even as he held Jensen back against his chest.

Jensen’s head lolled back against his shoulder, face turned away slightly. He was biting his lips, probably had been for awhile if the way they were swollen and red was anything to go by.

“Come for me, Jensen. Let go.” Jared pressed a hot, open mouth to Jensen’s neck, hand moving in a faster and faster rhythm, smooth and firm. He pushed up into Jensen, still half-hard and that was all it took. Jensen shot off like a geyser, come on his own belly, Jared’s hand, the last few spurts on the bar.

He slumped against Jared at the end, tipped forward and caught himself with his hands on the edge of the bar as Jared slowly, gingerly pulled out. His dick was actually a little sore, he noticed as he pulled the condom off, tossed it in the trash behind the bar. Then he turned and looked at Jensen.

And his mouth went dry. Everywhere he could see skin, it was covered in little bites and hickeys. His ass was pink, and Jared reached out, ran his hands over the hot skin, felt Jensen twitch. Jared turned him around, could see the bruises blooming on his hips. There was come on his chest, his dick was flushed, and his whole body was covered in a sheen of sweat and Jared had never seen anything hotter in his life.

He figured it was only fair to tell the truth, after doing that to him. “You are the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” Jared moved in closer, smirked down at Jensen, who looked like the cat who got the canary, mouth turned up in a satisfied smile.

“Likewise.” Jensen’s hands dragged down Jared’s chest, pushed up under the fabric, fingers dragging down to lightly stroke Jared’s still super sensitive dick.

Jared curled away from the touch, flinching. He grinned. “Ow.” He paused, looked at Jensen’s bitten lips, at the pink splotches in his cheeks. “What now?”



“Your recovery time.” Jensen lifted his eyebrows. He looked down at himself, then down at Jared. “Still thinking I might want to fuck that ass, though. If you’re up for it?”

“I will be.” He paused. “Come home with me?” Jared touched his fingers to the hickey he’d left on Jensen’s neck when this first started. He pressed there, watched Jensen inhale.

“God, yes. But...I’m a fucking mess.” Jensen pulled at his underwear, his jeans, trying to adjust them up, get himself back together.

Jared stopped him. “Leave it. In fact, take ‘em off.” He nudged at the jeans, and Jensen frowned.

Jared reached for him, grabbed his ass with both hands, fingers dipping between and down, feeling the heat, the wet. He tugged Jensen closer, rubbed his dick against Jensen’s, skin catching as he did. He lowered his voice, though there was no one there to overhear. “I live upstairs.” He jerked his head toward the kitchen, where the backstairs were.

Eyes widening, mouth parting in a soft, happy laugh, Jensen pulled out of Jared’s grip and started stripping. And really, Jared couldn’t complain about the lack of contact with a floor show like this one.

“Come on, you too.” Jensen stopped halfway out of his shirt, and nodded at Jared, who was almost completely clothed, jeans pulled back up and just hanging open.

He corrected that in a hurry, leaving shoes and clothes in a heap by the bar as Jensen did the same. Now that he could see all of Jensen, Jared had a feeling his recovery time might just get a little shorter.

“Fuck, upstairs with you.” Jared smiled, hard. “And if I didn’t say it enough, I’m glad you came back, you goddamn hotass. Y’know, after you fuck me, we should probably get to know each other a little better, don’t you think?”

Jensen laughed, a low rasp. “Why wait? We can start now.” He turned and started backing towards the kitchen, and Jared wasted no time in following. “I grew up outside Dallas, brother and a sister. Went to UT, follow the Mavs and Longhorn football. I also like to suck dick like it’s going out of style and kiss until I can’t remember my name. Now you.” He pointed at Jared, finger gun style. Then he let one hand trail down to stroke his own dick and Jared’s eyes jerked lower.

They were through the kitchen now, and Jared was ignoring what a shit job Chad had done before he took off. The stairs were coming up behind Jensen as Jared stalked closer. Jared caught Jensen a few steps up the stairs, grabbed his hands and pressed them into the walls on either side.

“San Antonio, brother, sister, A&M and I love having my dick sucked.” He looked down at Jensen, at all of Jensen. Skimmed his eyes over the face he was already starting to memorize. Freckles across those flushed cheeks, and yeah, those eyes were green. Jared’s gaze shifted down, over broad shoulders and down, followed the trail of hair down his belly towards his dick, which seemed to be regaining some interest in the proceedings.

“And I can’t believe I haven’t kissed you yet.”

Jared nudged forward, caught Jensen’s mouth with his own, and kissed him then, hard and perfect, and well overdue.

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