Tiana (__tiana__) wrote,

fic: chemical reaction | Jared/Jensen | NC-17

Title: chemical reaction
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3,100ish words
Summary: College!AU. Jensen is the grad student teaching assistant for Jared's Organic Chem class. When he asks Jensen for some one-on-one tutoring, things go much better than he could have imagined.
Disclaimer: No harm is meant by this fiction.
Author’s Note: Written for salt_burn_porn for the prompt study break.

Jared was a glutton for punishment. It was the only real explanation. Sure, he needed to study for his Organic Chem final, too, but the situation he’d put himself in had no real explanation beyond the glutton for punishment thing.

He heard a soft noise, a throat being cleared, and snapped out of his drifting non-Chemistry-related thoughts.

“Having any luck with that next problem, Jared?” The voice was tinged with amusement, since Jared had been staring into space for the last minute or so, instead of working out the product to the chemical reaction on his practice exam.

Jared felt himself turn red, and yanked his pencil out of his mouth. “Uh, no. I mean, I was thinking - and - I’ll just work on it now.” He ducked his head and read the problem, but he could feel Jensen watching him now. Jensen, the most gorgeous teaching assistant in the entire university, and he was here, helping Jared study for Organic Chem. It didn’t make sense on the face of it, and the fact that he’d agreed when Jared stammered out that he needed help still baffled him.

“If it helps, think about the hard-soft acid base theory. It will help you decide the best reaction for these two compounds.” Jensen tapped the diagrams with the end of his pencil.

“Hard-soft acid base theory. Right. Hard-soft...” His voice trailed off and he really wished Jensen hadn’t said the word hard just then. It only reminded him of his little problem. Well, his not-so-little problem, thankfully hidden by the table between them.

He started writing, then stopped, hesitating over the proper combinations. Jared ran his hand through his hair with his free hand, knowing it was already crazy and sticking up. He glanced at his coffee cup, sadly empty.

“You know what?” Jensen’s voice cut into his thoughts again. “Let’s take a break.”

Jared’s head snapped up. “A break?”

“Yeah, we’ve been at this for, what, almost two hours now? A break would be good.” Jensen stood up, stretching his arms for the ceiling, and Jared’s not-so-little problem got a lot bigger when Jensen’s t-shirt jerked up, exposing pale, muscled skin.

“What was that?”

Oh, shit. Jared blinked up at Jensen, realizing he must must have made a sound of some kind, likely a whimper. “Oh, uh. Nothing. Break sounds good.” Jared made no move to stand up, realizing his hard-on was going to be more than obvious in his sweatpants if he did. He pushed back a little from the table to make a show of joining in the break, but didn’t dare risk getting up.

Jensen walked around the table, stood next to Jared, leaning on the table edge with his butt. “You okay there, sport? Kinda flushed.” He crossed his arms on his chest and Jared’s gaze locked onto the way that made his biceps become more pronounced, and wow, this was a stupid idea. He was going to completely embarrass himself in front of Jensen.

“Oh sure, I’m good. Working hard and all. Lots of exams soon.” And now he sounded like a monosyllabic moron. How attractive.

“Yeah, yeah. End of the semester is hard. Hard, hard time of the year.” The tone of Jensen’s voice was shifting, gone lower, more playful. When Jared glanced up to meet his eyes, the green was intense, focused on his face, and then that gaze drifted lower and Jared nearly yelped. He jerked a little in his seat, felt his face go redder.

“You know, I don’t usually help students in O Chem one-on-one to study for exams. Too many people want that, and I can’t spare the time for such a big class. Professor Smith frowns on it, actually.”

“Yeah, I was surprised you said yes.” Jared thought it was unusually hot in his dorm room. He wished he could get up to open the window. He squirmed, not sure where this conversation was going.

“You know, you might be surprised the things I’d say yes to if you asked, Jared.”

Jared’s entire body went hot in a moment, his eyes flicked up to lock on Jensen’s. Surely he heard that wrong. It was a fevered fantasy. A waking dream. A complete and utter delusion brought on by too many hormones, too much coffee and too little sleep.

Except. Except Jensen was watching him, the look in his eyes warm and wanting. “I told myself to wait ‘til you’re out of my class, but I’m pretty sure I can’t. I shouldn’t be doing this at all.”

Jared was going to black out. Right here. Right now. Jensen was hitting on him. Jensen. Hitting on him.

He found the nerve to reply. “Is it better if I - if I make the first move?” Jared’s voice went a little rougher than he planned, but it seemed to have a good effect on Jensen, who uncrossed his arms and licked his bottom lip, tugging it into his mouth for a moment.

“Yeah. Uh. Well, no, it’s still against policy, but god yes. I swear you don’t have to, Jared. I can just walk out of here, and it won’t hurt your grade.” Jensen was watching him, a little wary.

Jared shoved his chair back from the table and wrapped a hand around Jensen’s wrist, satisfied at the way his fingers encircled it. He tugged it, and Jensen came quickly, willingly, standing between Jared’s knees, the table behind him.

“You sure, Jared?”

He smiled, confidence building. “I can’t believe you have to ask.” Jared’s other hand trailed down, and cupped the bulge in his pants. “You think this has anything to do with hard-soft acid base theory? Hell, you think I even needed study help?”

Jensen barked a quick laugh. “Well, well. You’re a bit more devious than I gave you credit for.” He stepped closer, and then moved quickly to straddle Jared on the chair, putting instant and delicious pressure on his hard dick. “I like it.” He rocked closer, and Jared groaned.

Fuck.” Jared grabbed onto Jensen’s ass with two hands, feeling how firm before he ground him forward, increasing the pressure. “You’ve been driving me nuts the entire semester, man.”

“You know what that means?” Jensen’s mouth was hovering over his, his hips rocking forward, hands on the chair back. “Means we could have been doing this for months.” He closed the distance, lips soft and sure against Jared’s. The kiss went from chaste to filthy in seconds, Jensen’s tongue pressing for entrance. Jared opened wide for him, pulling him closer by the ass, swallowing the soft moan from Jensen in their kiss. Their tongues brushed, twisted, and it was sending thrills down Jared’s spine, flushing his skin from the neck on down. Jensen bit into his bottom lip, sharp and unexpected, and Jared pulled back a fraction, eyes opening, finding Jensen’s.

He wasn’t sure he’d ever had anyone look at him quite like that. Like they wanted to eat him up, swallow him whole. He gulped, felt that Jensen’s hands had shifted to his shoulders, fingers digging into worn cotton. The seams of his t-shirt strained as Jensen twisted them in his hands, as he pressed on Jared’s shoulders, lifted his hips up, his thighs straining alongside Jared’s. He pushed his hips back down, hard, grinding over his cock and Jared gasped.

“Jesus.” He clutched at Jensen’s sides, felt his hot breath break across his cheek.

“You like that?” Jensen did it again, and Jared moaned, clutched.

“Fuck yes. Keep - oh god - keep doing that. Please.” Jared had lost the ability to filter himself, didn’t care if he sounded desperate or needy at this point. He just wanted to Jensen to keep riding his dick like that, the only thing better being if he was actually riding his dick.

“You’d like that, would you?” Jensen’s mouth was hot against Jared’s ear, and Jared must have muttered that last thought aloud. His voice went whispery and low. “That can be arranged.”

It didn’t make any sense whatsoever. They were in Jared’s messy dorm room, overhead lights blaring down on them, study materials and empty coffee cups strewn around. It was the least sexy locale in the world, and yet Jared was moments away from coming in his pants, and it was all because of Jensen. Jensen, who he had been drooling over for four months, but the reality was even better than the fantasy, truth be told.

“You wanna fuck me, Jared? Wanna split me open on that big dick of yours? You know how much I want that? How many times I’ve thought about it?” Jensen’s pace was unrelenting, words and hips moving in time.

Jared’s brain went totally blank, all circuits overloaded. “Yes, yes. God.” He wasn’t even making sense, but it didn’t stop Jensen. “Keep going,” he whispered.

“I’d go back to my office after class, Jared. And I’d pull out my dick and start rubbing it, just thinking about you. Spread my legs and imagine you between them. See that pretty pink mouth of yours slick and wet, sliding down my cock. Sucking me so hard, I’d see stars when I came. Paint you with it, slick and sticky.” Jensen’s thumb ran across Jared’s cheekbone, followed by his mouth. “You like that, too? Like the idea of sucking me off, knees on the floor, my hands in your hair?” He dropped these words into Jared’s ear, teeth nipping at the lobe.

“I do, you know I do.”

Jensen glanced over his shoulder. “That door locked? Wouldn’t want to get interrupted. Roommate gone?”

“Yeah, god. He - he’s at his girlfriend’s. It’s locked. It - I didn’t want anyone else in here but you.” Jared’s dick was almost sore from the rough ride it was getting, trapped in the confines of his pants. He could feel it was dripping precome, sliding against his belly.

“I don’t want anyone else in here but you.” Jensen dropped his hips again, slid up Jared’s dick, pressing it against his stomach. “Wanna see you, Jared. Can I?”

Jared reached down and pushed at the waistband of his sweats, shoving them and his boxers below his balls, putting his cock on display, hard and flushed. Jensen’s gaze shifted downwards, and he smiled.

“Damn, you’re a big boy, aren’t you? I knew it. Knew you’d be hung like that. Thought about it, fucking myself with my own hand, tried to figure out how you’d feel. How this would feel.” Jensen’s hand, wet with spit, closed on Jared’s dick, and squeezed. Jared bucked his hips up into it, breath caught.

Jensen’s thumb pressed up under the crown, his grip tight. “How do you wanna come, Jared? Like this?” He stroked, once, twice, and Jared saw stars. “You want my mouth on you?” Jensen dipped down, brushed the tip of his tongue against the head of Jared’s cock. He then kissed Jared, thrusting his tongue in deep and slow. “Wanna be in me?” The rock of his hips was slow and sinuous this time, Jensen’s hand riding up his erection at the same time.

“How the fuck - how’m I supposed to pick, Jen? You’re making me fucking lose my mind.” Jared pressed one hand against the bulge in Jensen’s jeans, felt how rock hard he was, too. It was good and satisfying to know he wasn’t the only one this hard. “I want - I want -“ The thing is he wanted to do things to Jensen, not just the other way around. His fantasies had been very detailed.

“You can have it, Jared. You can have it.

His fingers flew to Jensen’s jeans, unsnapping and unzipping and yanking them out of the way, tugging them and his underwear down enough to release his dick. “This, I want this.” He dragged his hand up Jensen’s shaft, feeling how hot it was. It was a beautiful dick, firm and long, and Jared chuckled to himself.

“What’s so funny?” Jensen’s voice was strung tight, his hips still pushing.

“Figures even your dick is pretty.” Jared leaned forward for a kiss, breathing hard, sucking on Jensen’s bottom lip, on the mouth he’d been fantasizing about every Tuesday and Thursday morning and most of the nights in between. Jared tightened his hands around Jensen’s waist and lifted, urging Jensen up and back. Jensen made a noise, a protest, but Jared murmured into his mouth. “Hop up. C’mon.” Jensen seemed to finally get the idea that Jared wasn’t leaving, but was urging him onto the table, so Jensen scooted up and back, perching on the edge of it. Jared yanked and pulled, shoving Jensen’s shoes off, yanking his jeans and underwear off, turning them inside and chucking them over his shoulder.

Jared put a hand across Jensen’s stomach, shoved at the fabric of his t-shirt. “Off. This, too.” Which is how Jared reached a moment in his life he never would have seen coming. He sat back in his chair, hand still stroking Jensen’s dick, his own throbbing. He had a fully naked Jensen Ackles in front of him, warm and real and let’s not forget naked. Jared looked up at Jensen, who had fallen quiet in the last few moments, but his face told the story. Twin spots of color raced down his cheeks, flushing his neck, pinking his chest.

Jensen’s eyes were half-shut, body bucking into the constant pull on his cock. Jared let his eyes trail from Jensen’s face down his body to his own hand moving, stroking. He knew what he wanted.

Then, Jared took his hand away, putting it on Jensen’s thigh. Put his other hand on the other thigh and then he pushed them wide apart. That seemed to snap Jensen back into his talkative self. “Gonna fuck me, Jared? Gonna just plow into me right here? I’d let you, you know. You could - oh, shit -“

Jared’s licked a broad stripe up the side of Jensen’s cock, leaving his hands on his thighs. The hard shaft rubbed against his face, leaving a wet streak along his skin. He sucked along the side, tasting the skin, clean sweat on his tongue before he closed his mouth over the head and sucked. Hard.

With a sharp cry, Jensen bucked clear off the desk and halfway down Jared’s throat, and Jared relished the sudden intrusion, the way his mouth was full of Jensen. He needed to breathe, too, though, so he used one hand to nudge Jensen’s hip back to the table, and then slid back, letting his lips drag along the skin. He pushed his tongue up against the crown, wiggling it in there before plunging back down, taking Jensen in. He didn’t have much of a gag reflex and the sudden stream of obscenity flowing out of Jensen’s mouth seemed to indicate he approved.

His jaw was already aching a little, but Jared loved this too much to relent. He loved the control he had, loved the little aborted motions into his mouth Jensen’s hips tried to make. Loved pressing his hand deeper and harder into the flesh on his hips to hold him still. He loved the taste, the bitter, slick in his mouth, the smooth, hard flesh under his tongue.

But mostly he loved that this was Jensen, and it wasn’t a fantasy anymore. He jerked a little when Jensen’s hand caught in his hair, when it twisted tight. “Shit, Jared. Jared, Jared - I’m gonna - I can’t - “

He flicked his eyes up at Jensen, looking at him through his hair. Jared winked at him, then swallowed his cock, letting his throat muscles relax enough to take him all the way in, to feel the way his airflow constricted and it was so hot, knowing it was Jensen’s dick doing that and Jensen’s hands clenching in his hair and Jensen’s sharp cries as he started to come, pulsing hot and heavy down his throat. Jared’s eyes were watering, his breath cut short and he didn’t want to let go, but he finally did, when Jensen’s cock started to soften in his mouth, spurting weakly as he withdrew. He sucked on the head before he let go, hard enough to make Jensen whimper, a small sound, his hand convulsing in Jared’s hair. Jensen slumped back on his elbows when Jared finally let go, body sprawled across Jared’s study notes.

“Holy shit, Jared. I think you sucked my brain clean out of my dick.” He panted, muscles in his stomach and chest expanding and contracting rapidly, and Jared couldn’t keep his hands off that expanse of skin, running his fingers up Jensen’s stomach, as he rose to his feet. His mouth hurt, his throat felt scraped raw, but he was happy. He was smiling when he met Jensen’s eyes, and Jensen’s answering smile was electric.

“Good thing I didn’t actually need you for the study help then, huh?” Jared bit his bottom lip, eyes locked on Jensen’s mouth for a moment before kissing him, hoping Jensen could taste himself there. They started kissing lazily, Jensen rising off his elbows to meet him. It was a satisfied kiss, sloppy and wet, and Jared jerked into it when Jensen’s hand closed firmly on Jared’s throbbing dick, still hard and ready. It honestly didn’t take much after that, Jensen kissing him soundly as he jerked him off hard and fast, and Jared didn’t question how Jensen knew the right rhythm, how he held him just tight enough to make him see stars.

When Jared came, he bit hard into Jensen’s lip with a groan, and felt the warm stickiness spurting on his own stomach. He pushed closer, making sure it was spreading onto Jensen’s bare skin, wanting to mark him with it, too.

They didn’t move for a few moments, mouths still touching, but mostly just breathing, hot and labored.

“Wow.” Jared didn’t have a whole lot of other words left in his head at this point.

“Yeah, I - yeah.” Jensen pulled back a few inches, eyes finding Jared’s. “Please tell me you don’t need to study anymore tonight, Jared.”

“I only need two more things tonight, Jen.” He licked his lips, felt his own dick twitch with interest at the thoughts in his mind.

“Yeah?” Jensen’s mouth was sliding into a wicked, wicked smile.

“One, I need about fifteen minutes to recover and then two, the rest of the night for round two.” Jared spread his hand on Jensen’s back, let his fingers trail down to Jensen’s ass, parting with intent.

“Did I ever tell you that you’re my favorite student, Jared?” Jensen’s grin unfurled as his hand went to Jared’s dick. “Your work ethic is amazing.”

“Aw, teach. You’ll make me blush. Now, come on. Break’s just about over.” Jared grinned at Jensen, diving back in for more.

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