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dive deep and swim far (the north shore remix) | R | Jared/Jensen

Title: dive deep and swim far (the north shore remix)
Author: __tiana__
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Katie
Rating: R for language and sexual situations
Length: 6,400ish words
Summary: AU. Summer lovin’, it happened so fast. (Or not.) Jared’s a swimmer and a surfer, Jensen’s a bartender and an incorrigible playboy. The North Shore of Kauai is the setting where they meet, and set a bumpy course to love.
Disclaimer: This is an AU, so clearly these particular versions of Jared and Jensen don’t even exist. No harm is meant.
Author’s Note: This is for the j2_remix and is a remix of the hot and awesome fic A sizable problem by beckaandzac. At the end of her fic, she tacked on what she calls a ridiculous epilogue about the boys in Hawaii. I call this epilogue the prompt for my remix. Check out the epilogue after reading this! (So sorry my fic was late, beckaandzac! I hope you enjoy it! ♥) Title from Emerson.

The first time Jensen spotted him, he was down by the shore, just standing there staring into the ocean, hands on narrow hips. Jensen took the chance to drink the guy in from head to toe, and it was a long, long drink. He was over six feet tall, lean and tan, hair shaggy and wild around his head, brown but bleached out from the sun. He was not from around here, which wasn't so unusual, since Hanalei was a really popular spot for tourists from the mainland. But this guy stood out from the masses, and Jensen couldn't stop watching from the corner of his eye even as he pulled drafts and shook up fruity cocktails for the people wandering up to the beachside bar.

There was a rush, a group from Arizona who wanted to tell him how beautiful it was here, as if he didn't know, and ask for his recommendations on the best nightspots and snorkeling and so on. Jensen normally didn't mind this kind of thing, it pretty much came with the territory, but when the crowd moved away, umbrellas bobbing in their colorful glasses, he cursed softly to himself.

The guy was gone.

Two days later, Jensen spilled an entire pitcher of Mai Tais when he turned and found that same guy perched on a seat at the end of the bar.

"Oh, shit!" Jensen jumped back, a splash of the cool liquid soaking through his t-shirt. He saw the guy half-stand up, reaching to help, but it was too late. The liquid splatted to the floor, getting Jensen's feet sopping wet in the process.

Mystery guy sat back down, face bemused, and Jensen shook his head at his own incredible smoothness. Nice first impression, he thought.

"Hey, uh. Is this a bad time?" The voice was playful and deep and shit, he knew that accent. A wave of homesickness hit him from nowhere, unexpected and sharp.

He laughed as he bent over to retrieve the pitcher, tried to cover his reaction by turning to chuck the now-empty pitcher into the wash sink. "Nah, man. I'm gonna go with the sun got in my eyes as the excuse for that one."

The guy turned a little on the stool and squinted at the currently overcast skies. "Bold choice."

"Always. So, what can I get you?" As if on cue, raindrops started splattering to the ground, and Jensen knew from experience it would last all of five minutes, but the tourists on the beach scattered like leaves, scrambling for cover. Unfortunately, the bar offered some of the nearest cover and soon he had his hands full. He jerked his chin at the guy, asked him again and managed to slide over a bottle of water before turning to his other new arrivals.

The storm passed, and everyone headed off to the beach to see the rainbow now arching overhead. Jensen leaned on the bar on his elbows, taking in the view. It was probably one of the prettiest places on earth, but he was having a hard time appreciating it, since Mr. Tall Dark and Fucking Hot had slipped away once again in the melee and Jensen was left still wanting to know more.

Jensen kept his eyes peeled the next two days with no luck and finally had to resolve himself to the guy being yet another tourist who had probably gone home now. The bitch of it was he never even got his name, much less anything else. Katie rolled her eyes as he bemoaned this fact to her over a quiet afternoon at the bar.

She was leaning on the bar, back to the beach, shaking her head. "You and your beach boy toys. So one of 'em got away, no big." She swept a long, tanned arm across the expanse of pale sand and crystal blue water behind them. "Sorry, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea, Jensen."

Jensen groaned, thunking his head down on the bar, ignoring the fact that something sticky was still there, and now therefore on his forehead. "If I had a fucking nickel for every time you've said that..."

"If you had a nickel for every boy you've ogled from this here bar...well, you probably wouldn't need this job, dude." Katie laughed, then slapped him sharply on the shoulder. "Ho shit, hotness at six o'clock. He's coming this way. Since you’re in mourning, this one's mine."

Jensen stayed where he was, too frustrated to even lift his head up. It was true that he was a bit of a flirt, but that guy...He'd had Jensen's insides doing somersaults and they'd barely exchanged ten words. That had to mean something, right?

"Hi there, you look hot." Katie paused, and Jensen rolled his eyes since she couldn't see him. "Can I get you something to drink?"

The laugh was soft and deep, and Jensen felt a shock run down his spine. "Yeah, uh. How 'bout one of those sweet, fruity ones? He spilled something all over himself earlier this week that looked pretty good.”

Jensen twitched, stood straight up, knocked a cup of straws into the air when he did. He resisted the urge to hide under the bar, but felt the flush of embarrassment fill his cheeks. “Uh, oh. Hey, uh. You –“

Katie snorted, slapped Jensen on the shoulder. “Yeah, good luck with that sentence.” She turned and looked over at the guy, smirked. “I question your choices, sir, but I’ll leave you with the second best bartender on Hanalei.” She winked, whipped her blonde ponytail hard enough to whack Jensen with it, and moved down the bar to help another customer.

Jensen stood there for a moment, his usual lines completely eluding him, while the guy smiled at him, teeth white in his tanned face, and shit, he had these dimples. He was so fucked.

“So. You take drink orders with hand signals or something?” He cocked his head slightly, dimples still on display.

Jensen laughed softly. “Uh, right. One Mai Tai coming right up.” He fought off the incredible urge to just smack himself in the face. He finally had this ridiculous specimen of a man in front of him, and he decided to just be all business with him. He was freaking out. Hot guys did not affect him like this. He saw hundreds of them a week, and picked up his share. He’d been told often enough how hot he was, even had a few people offer to pay for a turn. (He declined, for the record, though living on Kauai certainly wasn't cheap.) But this guy. Something about him felt important. Like Jensen couldn’t just be the asshole he sometimes was. He had to be better.

He spent the entire time he mixed the drink with his back to the guy, brain working way too hard. Jensen could feel the guy’s eyes on his back, felt himself begin to sweat.

Finally he turned and poured the drink, pushed it toward him.

“Don’t I get one of those umbrellas? I want the whole experience.”

Jensen swallowed hard, grabbed a nearby umbrella and dropped it in the drink. “There ya go.” Jensen watched while he sucked on the straw, and the guy's eyes never left his.

"That's pretty good, man. Thanks." He put it down, reached across and said, "I'm Jared, by the way."

Trying not to react to how long and incredible Jared's fingers were, how big his hand was, Jensen took it. "Jensen, nice to meet ya. You're not from around here." He paused, then barreled forward. "I'd know."

Jared smiled, eyebrows lifting slightly. "Do I stick out that much?"

"No, it's just that I know the guys around here, and you're new. Definitely." Jensen felt his normal swagger come back to him in spurts, and leaned on the bar, bringing their faces closer. The guy - Jared - was just as gorgeous up close and Jensen licked his lips as he thought about leaning just a little closer and -

"Wow, so you know the guys around here, do you?" Jared was definitely looking amused, maybe a little scandalized, but mostly amused.

Jensen snorted a laugh. "I work at a bar, you know. Guys like bars."

Jared played with the umbrella in his drink, fingers looking impossibly large next to it. "Yeah, but somehow I get the feeling you don't just mean you pour them beers." He cut a look up at him through his eyelashes.

Jensen smiled, kind of slow and interested. "What are you implying, Jared?"

There was something young and fresh in Jared's face right then, and it woke a sort of prurient interest in Jensen that he didn't examine too closely.

"Uh." Jared ducked down a moment, took a drink. "Do you - I mean...you like..." He was going pink under his tan and Jensen nearly climbed over the bar. He felt his normal boldness rally to the forefront again at the sight of Jared fumbling his words.

He lowered his voice, made sure they couldn't be overheard. "You wanna know if I fuck guys?"

Jensen's reply was somewhat ill-timed, as he ended up with Mai Tai sprayed all over his shirt and Jared going red and choking across from him. But Jared was nodding even as he tried to find his oxygen.

Jensen passed him a napkin, letting their hands graze each other for a moment, felt a shot of warmth go right through him. "The answer is: yeah, I do." He looked around, then leaned in a bit more with the pretense of wiping the bar in front of Jared for anyone watching. "Though I really prefer it if they fuck me."

When it seemed that Jared might need a moment or two to regain his cool, Jensen stepped down the bar to serve a couple waiting, mixing them a few margaritas. He knew Jared was watching without even checking, and he made sure to shake his ass just a little extra as he worked. A few sputtering coughs from the far end of the bar were all the answer he needed to the question of Jared's interest.

"You're really smooth." Jensen's hand was trailing down Jared's bare chest, eyes following the path it made underneath the t-shirt. “And warm.” He nodded, agreeing with himself.

“And you’re wasted, dude.” Jared’s hand came to hold his wrist, then pulled his arm away, which made Jensen frown. “I mean, I’d be flattered if I didn’t think you were drunk enough to make out with that coat rack over there right now.”

Shit, Jensen thought. This was not the plan for the night. He was supposed to meet up with Jared at The Shore, and seduce him with his silky smooth dirty talk and wily ways. Instead, he’d gotten there, found no Jared and then, disappointed, had run into his old buddy Chris, who treated drinking as a competitive sport.

Unfortunately, Jensen was winning.

And just when he was about to take the world championship for drunkest fucking guy on the planet, in walked Jared in a t-shirt and shorts, hair damp around the edges and not at all drunk. Tall and hot, but not drunk. Jensen had, unfortunately, been making the acquaintance of a visitor from California, named Brett or Brad or something like that. It hadn’t looked good, he knew that.

And now Jared was pushing him away, face stony. “Sorry, man, but I gotta be up early. Coach is expecting me. I should probably just call it a night.”

“No, no, that’s a bad idea. Bad, awful.” Jensen nodded, then shook his head, then just stood there, not sure which head movement was right, and honestly, making himself a little sick.

“Yeah, I think maybe this is a bad idea, actually.” Jared looked sad in his face, and Jensen reached up to touch it.

“It’s not. I’m just - Chris bought me stuff and I drank it and I thought you ditched me, but you were - and shit.” It took all he had to make his eyes work, the scene in front of him going slowly in and out of focus. His brain hooked on a word he hadn’t expected. “What coach?”

Jared was sipping his beer, leaning against the wall, and looking at Jensen. And not in the way Jensen hoped for at all. “Swim coach. I’m technically in training, but I’m taking it a little easy. Shouldn’t be drinking this, actually.” He held up the mug, and Jensen nodded.

“But you - I - I don’t want you to leave.” It was getting sad, this drunkenness. Taking a turn towards desperation, which was not a good look on him.

Jared shook his head. “You know what, I’m gonna go.”

Jensen felt an awful lurch in his stomach, and it wasn’t the tequila shots. Or at least, it wasn’t only the tequila shots.

“But. Well, why don’t I get you home first?” Jared stopped, looked at him again. “You’re in no condition to get there yourself. Where’s your friend Chris, anyway?”

And oh, that tone of voice Jensen knew. Even wasted, he knew what jealousy sounded like, and Jared’s voice was thick with it. He stepped closer, put himself just inches away from Jared. “He’s not that kind of friend.” His voice went steady as he could make it, eyes locking on Jared’s.

“Oh.” Jared’s mouth formed the single syllable, and then stayed a little open. He was staring down at Jensen, eyes traveling a circuit from mouth to eyes and back again.

“What kind of friend is he?” Jared’s voice had gone low, kind of soft.

Jensen shifted closer, put the palm of his hand on the wall next to Jared’s face. Leaning in, he breathed out, “Not this kind.”

And then he kissed Jared, soft and sweet and hot.

Or at least, that was the plan.

What actually happened, as far as Jensen could remember, was that he managed to lurch over to the nearby trashcan and puke his entire plate of hot wings and buckets of alcohol into it.

Then the world went mercifully black.

Jensen groaned, rolled over and smushed his face into the pillow. The sheets were soft and clean-smelling and...this was not his bed. He sat up suddenly, and then wondered if whoever owned this bed would be upset if he threw up all over it.

Not willing to take that chance, Jensen threw himself out of the bed and in the general direction of what he hoped was the bathroom. A few minutes later, he crawled back out, and dragged himself into the bed. He laid there, staring at a ceiling he didn’t recognize, and dredged through his foggy memories for answers. As his hand trailed over his stomach, he had the sinking realization that he was not wearing his own clothes anymore. The t-shirt on him was a little big, the sweatpants too long.

“Jared! Shit!” Jensen covered his face and cursed for a solid minute as he put the pieces together. He’d woken up in Jared’s bedroom. Alone. Not recently fucked. And really hungover. It was possible he’d also puked on Jared, so last night had really, really gone spectacularly awful. While he bemoaned how much he’d fucked up with a guy he really liked, he noticed a post-it note on the alarm clock and squinted bleary eyes at it before snatching it and holding it close enough to read.

Once he read the neat printing a few times, he figured out what it meant, and decided to just lie still until the world stopped its spinning. Then, Jensen could face the day, and the massive apology he needed to deliver. In person.

The air smelled like chlorine so strongly it made his nose burn. The few pieces of toast in his stomach shifted uneasily, and Jensen put a hand there in an effort to make them stay. There was the sound of water splashing rhythmically in the far lanes, so he made his way that direction. The girl at the front desk said Jared was here somewhere, and Jensen, despite his wishes to not be vertical right this minute, needed to find him. Apologize, attempt to repair what had just been getting started.

He was poking his head around the corner towards the locker room, when he heard a familiar voice from somewhere behind him.


Jensen took a deep breath, and turned, apology and explanation on the tip of his tongue. Instead, he managed to say, “Bzuhh?” and let his mouth hang open in a really unflattering way.

Because Jared was naked.

Okay, he wasn’t naked. He was as close to naked as you could get without actually being naked, though and Jensen was hungover, so he gave himself a pass. Jared was walking towards him, rubbing a tiny towel through his hair, and pretty much a walking wet dream. Literally, since he was still wet all over from the pool, water running down his bare chest, and dripping onto the tile floor. His teeny tiny black bathing suit rested so far below his hipbones Jensen could have traced them with a finger. And really kind of wanted to.

“Jensen?” Jared said it again, which meant Jensen had been staring. But really, once he reached the bathing suit, he’d pretty much lost higher function because this scrap of fabric was absolutely no match for the monster dick trapped inside it. Jensen could see what Jared was packing behind stretchy spandex and it made his mouth go abruptly dry.

Jared was close enough that Jensen had to lift his eyes, and he let his gaze shift slowly up his torso, smooth flat muscles begging for touch.

“Uh hey, Jared.” He shook his head in an attempt to put the words in his head back in order. “Listen, I’m - I’m sorry about last night. I was really hammered, and I didn’t mean for you to - to have to deal with me. And fuck, I’m embarrassed about how I acted.” Jensen rubbed a hand along the side of his neck, looking away across the huge swimming pool.

“Well, you did almost puke on me. Twice.” Jared looked less than pleased.

He grimaced, and swallowed. “I’m an asshole. I was - I thought you ditched me, and -“

“You’re telling me you were drowning your sorrows in tequila shots because I was late? I sent you a text, man.” Jared’s expression shifted to something a little more neutral.

Jensen’s eyes snapped open, wider than he meant to, and that did not feel good. “You did? Fucking - “ Jensen pulled his phone out, scrolled through. “Wow, I - I missed that somehow.”

“So, you’re not good with technology and an asshole? I’ve hit the lottery, haven’t I?” Jared’s words were a little harsh, but when Jensen looked up, he saw the spark in Jared’s eyes, and felt a little flicker of hope re-kindle.

“And you didn’t even get to smell my morning breath yet. It gets worse.” Jensen smirked at him, felt the warmth of the smile returned to him. “Seriously, I can do better.”

“That so?” Jared was drying off his chest now with the little towel and that was not actually fair while Jensen was, y’know, breathing.

“I’m sorry, but shit, you’re a swimmer? You’re kind of killing me here, Jared.” Jensen rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes.

The laugh was loud and it echoed off the high ceilings and the water, and Jensen was checking the area for another trashcan as his brain vibrated in his skull. Thankfully, Jared stopped and put his hand on Jensen’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m a swimmer. I’m training here for the summer.”

“Oh, so. So, you’re here all summer?” Jensen’s brain worked hard on that concept.

“Yes. Which means there’s plenty of time for you to show me how much better you can do.” Jared’s tone was non-committal, as if he couldn’t decide if he wanted to flirt or be pissed off.

“Mind if I try to show you tonight?” He tried to look flirtatious, but he was afraid he really just looked nauseated, because well, he was really close to tossing his cookies.

Jared shook his head, smiling a little. “You know what? I think maybe you need to take it easy tonight, Jensen. And I need to focus on training. Let’s just see how it goes, okay?”

Jensen wanted to argue, but he had to admit, Jared was right about him needing to sleep it off first, and feel human again.

But if Jared thought this one screw-up meant Jensen was going to stop trying or that Jared was going to get to write him off? Well, he had another think coming, that was for sure.

“You, my friend, are obsessed. It’s not pretty, I’m not gonna lie.” Katie flipped her ponytail over her shoulder as she dried glasses and slid them into the rack above the bar.

“I am not obsessed. I’m...determined. Focused.” Jensen watched Jared catch a wave and resisted the urge to cheer aloud. He rode it all the way in, hopping off at the shoreline. He reached down to grab his board, and glanced toward the bar. As much as Jensen knew he shouldn’t do it, he somehow found himself waving.

Jared grinned, and threw him a short wave back before heading back into the water.

“Ugh, disgusting. Why don’t you just blow him kisses while you’re at it? I’m gonna lose my lunch over here.”

“Green is not a good color on you, Katie.” He looked over at her, and she stuck her tongue out, hands too full to deliver her normal middle finger response. “I cannot help it if my friend and I are...friendly.” He sighed, the word ‘friend’ wounding him a little. As much as he enjoyed Jared’s friendship, he wanted more.

Katie flopped down next to him at the bar, chin on her hands. “So, he’s still keeping you at arm’s length, eh?” Her voice dropped, playfulness gone for a moment. As much shit as she gave, Katie was probably the best friend Jensen had in Kauai. He thought for a moment of the group of friends he’d left back in Texas when he’d taken off after college to ‘find himself.’ A sharp pang of homesickness swept through him.

He shrugged. “Yeah. He’s - he’s really focused on his training actually. And I think he doesn’t quite...trust me.” Jensen tried not to show how that fact hurt him, but Katie had known him for over a year now, and seen him with dozens of guys and she wasn’t fooled.

“He’ll come around. You’re a good guy, Jensen. Underneath that pretty asshole exterior.” She hopped up to help a customer before he could reply, and he shifted his gaze back out to the water, sparkling blue against the clear sky and the pale sand. And there was Jared, black wetsuit covering him from foot to neck, riding out another wave on his board. This time when Jared hopped off into the low water, he waved first.

Jensen grinned, and even Katie’s gagging noises couldn’t ruin this day.

“I’m not a strong swimmer, dude.” Jensen crossed his arms on his chest, and looked down at Jared. He was hanging on the edge of the pool, hair slicked back and a wicked grin on his face.

Three weeks of hanging out, Jensen showing him the sights of the North Shore, casual beers and long hours of conversation about things like long Texas nights and pro ball. Three weeks and Jared was still mostly treating him like a brother, that initial spark faded to something warm and comfortable.

But Jensen was burning up with need. He hadn’t hit on a single guy in three weeks. It was to the point that his co-workers were running a betting pool to see how long he could keep it up. No one seemed to take his feelings for Jared seriously, especially Jared himself. He’d heard about Jensen’s reputation as a flirt and a playboy, and had told Jensen so, voice sad but firm as he insisted they just be friends.

But Jensen was not deterrred. He may have lacked the focus or desire to get a ‘real job’ after college, but when he set his mind to something he wanted, he was hard to stop. That being said, the closest they’d gotten to a date-like situation since that first infamous night was when they both had a few too many margaritas and ended up trading body shots with half of Jensen’s friends and Jared’s swim teammates. It was when they were faced with licking salt from each other that things went weird and awkward, and Jared had looked confused and frustrated when he’d stumbled away.

“But you can swim?” Jared’s legs were kicking behind him lazily, long and tan under the clear water. It was empty in the pool area, all the other swimmers gone home already. They were supposed to catch a movie tonight, but when Jensen got to the pool, Jared was still doing laps in the backstroke, and Jensen ended up watching poolside. Mesmerized by the rhythmic shift of muscle and the grace with which he cut through the water.

Finally, Jared had seen him and swum to the edge. “Yeah, I can swim. I tried out to be a lifeguard when I first got here, but I couldn’t pull off the ocean swimming test. But making cocktails and conversation was always something I could do, so I switched careers.” He threw up air quotes around ‘career’, as he knew full well this was a job, and not the one his parents had spent four years paying for college for him to do.

Jared nodded. “Good to know.” Without any warning, his hand snaked out and grabbed Jensen’s ankle, and before Jensen knew what was happening, he was underwater and flailing around. When he surfaced, the first thing he heard was Jared laughing, loud and clear.

“Asshole!” Jensen floundered a bit more, glad he had only been wearing a t-shirt and shorts. His flip-flops were now floating on the surface near him, so he grabbed one and flung it in Jared’s direction, who ducked and laughed some more as it flew onto the pool deck. “What’d you do that for?”

Jared with his stupid tan shoulders, wide as the sky, shrugged. “Felt like it.” There was something glinting in Jared’s eyes that made Jensen flash back to the day they met, to the first time they really talked. Before he fucked it all up. Jensen let himself think for just a moment that Jared was reconsidering.

Jared swam over, and Jensen lost focus for a moment, nearly going under. He felt strong hands under his arms and then the wall of the pool against his back as Jared maneuvered him there. He lifted up, hooked his elbows on the tile edge.

“There? Is that better?”

“Well, it was better before I was soaking wet, but yeah, I guess.”

“Good.” Jared was right in front of him, hands moving through the water, keeping him within reach. There was a smile stealing across his face, and Jensen felt his body go on alert. In a smooth movement, Jared cut through the water, and ended up next to Jensen, mimicking his position, hanging on the edge. “So, I talked to that girl Katie today when you weren’t there.”

Jensen had been making a supply run earlier today. And Katie, that sneak, had not mentioned that Jared had come by. He narrowed his eyes, no telling what Katie might have said about him. What stories she could have told. “Whatever she said, don’t believe her. She’s - she’s - just don’t.”

“Is that right?” Jared bumped his elbow against Jensen’s, and it sent a little shot of warmth through him. “Well, she told me that you really liked me. Really. That you hadn’t talked to or looked at another guy in three weeks. Which is apparently about two weeks, six days and 23 ½ hours longer than you’d ever gone before without picking one up.”

Jensen’s mouth fell open, and he turned sharply to Jared. “I was only kidding before. She’s like a sister to me. Totally trustworthy!”

“No, you said I shouldn’t believe her. Oh well, I really thought - well, I thought maybe I’d been too hasty in my decision about you. That maybe we could try to - nah, it doesn’t matter. Thanks for letting me know about that Katie, man. I totally bought it!” Jared made to push away from the wall, and Jensen clamped his hand on his arm.

He felt the urgency under the humor, felt the moment he’d wanted for weeks finally slotting into place. “Jared, please.”

Jared shifted around in front of Jensen, sloshing water up Jensen’s shirt and onto his neck. He put one hand on either side of Jensen on the pool deck and looked at him dead in the eyes. Jensen felt the breath go out of him in a rush, the intensity of Jared’s eyes pinning him in place.

“Tell me the truth, Jensen. I can’t figure you out. Which guy are you? The different fling every night of the week guy or the one I’ve gotten to know? The one who reminds me of home, who makes me laugh, who makes me...” Jared paused, ran his gaze from Jensen’s eyes down his face, his neck and lower. He was flushing, the red spreading up his bare chest.

Mouth gone dry, heart beating a steady rhythm against his chest, Jensen wet his lips. “Truthfully, Jared I’m both those guys.” He went on quickly, trying to prevent Jared’s face from falling. “I mean, the first guy? That’s been me for over a year, but I’m trying, man. I can’t do much about my past, or make promises, but I’m trying here, and it’s all for you.” Jensen was pretty sure that was the sappiest thing he’d ever said to anyone, ever. He felt kind of dizzy.

He braced himself for more discussion, for more debate over what the next step might be, for plans and negotiations. What he didn’t brace himself for was what actually happened next.

Jared tasted like chlorine and his lips were cool against Jensen’s, pressing tentatively at first. It took Jensen all of two seconds to get with the program, to loop his arms around Jared’s neck and yank him into a deeper kiss. He wanted to feel Jared, feel every impossible inch of his body pressed against his. He ignored the sudden splash of water between them as he closed the distance, as Jared seemed to agree with Jensen’s plan. Jensen pressed Jared’s mouth open with his lips, touched his tongue to Jared’s and wondered how he’d managed to wait so long for this.

He felt the sharp dig of concrete into his back as Jared pinned him to the wall, and tried not to whimper when he felt the hard proof of Jared’s interest against his stomach. Jared was only wearing his swimsuit, and it didn’t take much for Jensen to find his way under the stretchy fabric with one hand, and close his fingers around Jared’s sizeable cock.

“Fuck. How do you even contain that in this skimpy little suit?” Jensen was breathing hard all of a sudden, warm despite the cool of the water. He had his mouth against Jared’s cheek, his jaw, his earlobe, tasting and licking.

Whining a little in his throat, Jared shifted against him, thrusting awkwardly into Jensen’s hand. “It’s not easy, but we all have our burdens to bear.” The undercurrent of wicked playfulness, of something dirty and hot, was unexpected and more than welcome. Jared grabbed Jensen’s chin, firm and sure, and pulled him back into a kiss, fucking into his mouth with his tongue as Jensen pulled more firmly on his hardening cock. It was a weird sensation, the water making it hard to get a firm grip, but he was making do the best he could.

“I’ve been wanting this, Jared. Wanting you. You knew that, though.”

Jared nodded, his breath hot on Jensen’s face as it came in bursts. “I didn’t - I don’t want to be a notch in your headboard, man.”

The quick flashes of visuals of Jared in his bed, of him stretched out naked and sweaty and letting Jensen slide down onto this thick, solid cock nearly made Jensen come in his shorts.

“You - you aren’t. Won’t be. I want more, Jared. Okay? I think you’re more than that.”

“You always get this sappy when you’ve got a dick in your hand?” Jared smirked at him, thrust hard into Jensen’s hand, the flush worked up his neck and into his face now.

“Wait ‘til you see how I act when I’ve got a dick in my ass. I recite fucking sonnets.” Jensen leaned forward and bit at Jared’s bottom lip, felt the tremors in Jared’s body as he tensed and came in the next few seconds.

“Fuck. That. That wasn’t fair.” Jared’s chest was moving hard against his, breath coming fast. He laughed. “Not fair at all.”

“Can I help it if the idea of me reciting poetry makes you hot? How would I know these things?” Jensen grinned, wide and happy. He felt a weight lift from him, felt the tide roll back in, bringing his confidence with it.

This was going to work.

It was early. Beyond early. The only people up were surfers. And Jensen. Jensen was sitting on the sand, feeling the coolness of it penetrating his shorts. He had his bare feet in the sand, pushing the grains between his toes as he looked off in the distance, watching the glow of sunrise beginning. He heard Jared’s footsteps before he looked at him, felt the spray of a few drops of cold water hit him in the next moment. He finally cocked his head and looked up at his - his Jared. He didn’t really know what to call him, not when he was leaving. Jensen’s chest hurt, tight and sad.

In a few days, Jared would be getting on a plane, heading east, back to the mainland. Meets to enter, the swim world to dominate, apparently. Turned out Jared wasn’t just a swimmer. He was a nationally ranked swimmer, was likely in next year’s Summer Olympics. Jensen was bursting with pride, but also knew this meant Jared was fucking leaving, and that fact he could only hate.

They hadn’t talked about it much, and that maybe stung more than anything. Jensen’s eyes itched, contacts dry. He rubbed at them as Jared dropped his board and settled into the sand next to him.

“So.” Jared reached over his shoulder and tugged the zipper on his wetsuit down, peeling it off his neck and shoulders. He rubbed his hands together, looked over at Jensen. “I’m leaving pretty soon.”

“Yeah. I know.” Jensen was moping, but he just couldn’t get out of his funk. He’d told himself to just have a good time until Jared had to go, to not get all weird and maudlin, but he couldn’t seem to help it.

“Yeah.” Jared’s voice was soft. When Jensen glanced over, Jared had his knees pulled up, elbows resting on them, fingers fidgeting together. He was looking out at the ocean, and his face was so sad. It didn’t seem right to see that expression on Jared, on the boy who laughed and smiled so much.

It was quiet for a moment, the soft sound of waves and the calls of surfers to each other on the water between them. Jensen inhaled, and Jared started talking at the same time.

“I don’t want you to leave-"
“I want you to come with-"

“What?” Jensen didn’t quite catch what Jared said, but it sounded like. Like. “You want me to come with you?” He blinked, mind racing.

Jared’s face had gone kind of pale and nervous and he chewed on his bottom lip as he looked over at Jensen. “If you want to. I do. I mean, I want you to, if you do.”

Even though the sun was still minutes from breaking the horizon, Jensen felt warm all over. “It’s not the most eloquent offer ever, but I have to tell you -" He hopped up, and slid over, straddling Jared’s hips and facing him. “It’s the best one I’ve ever gotten.” He pressed a kiss to Jared’s mouth, tasted the ocean.

Jared’s expression was incredulous. “You’re - are you saying yes? You’d come back with me?” He opened and shut his mouth a few times when Jensen nodded. “You’d leave this place, and your job and friends and everything?”

Thinking it would be right to take the time to think it over, Jensen paused, ran all those things through his mind and then balanced them against Jared.

He nodded again. “Fuck yeah. I could visit this place and these friends. You I want all the time.”

The smile that broke across Jared’s face was dazzling. “Holy shit, Jensen. I was so worried. I didn’t know if - I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to be miserable my last few days when you said no, and - shit. This is - you are amazing.”

Jensen kissed him again. Because he could, and it wasn’t one of his last chances anymore.

He smiled against Jared’s mouth, tightened his knees around Jared’s hips. A very practical concern came to mind as he realized Jared was going to be traveling all over the country for meets. He frowned a little.

“What is it?”

Jared’s fingers pressed against his ribs, almost in a spot he was ticklish, and which he had kept secret until now. He shifted slightly before he answered. “Just thinking - what am I going to do for a job while you’re flying all over the place swimming your narrow little ass off?”

Grinning, Jared’s fingers shifted, found that spot and Jensen bit back a yelp. “I got that all figured out, man. Every swimmer needs a good towel boy.” He winked as Jensen shoved him to the ground, laughing.

“Good thing I love you, asshole.” Jensen snorted. “Towel boy, my ass.” It was that moment, when Jared went quiet and he replayed his own words that he realized what he’d said. “I - I was -"

“Don’t you dare take it back. Don’t you dare.”

He didn't.

Tags: jared/jensen, rps
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